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BREAKING: Joe Biden still wants people in Wisconsin to vote in person. "A convention with 10,000 people in an arena..is very different from having people walking into a polling booth…" Says he also supports using "some" mail-ballots. But refuses to support all-mail election.

— Colin Kalmbacher (@colinkalmbacher) April 2, 2020


What’s Biden’s reason for not supporting an all-mail in election?


Send that tweet to Biden, Bernie! He is not your friend!


Who could have guessed?


New Yorkers living in low-income areas of the city’s outer-boroughs are more likely to contract coronavirus, newly released Health Department data suggests.

The data, which compiles the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases by the ZIP codes of the patients, shows the viral outbreak has hit Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx and Staten Island far harder than Manhattan.

A map tabulating the data shows many low-income areas in the outer-boroughs are deep purple — a color category signifying a caseload of at least 306.

In Queens, immigrant-rich neighborhoods like Jackson Heights, Elmhurst and Corona are all deep purple, as are Southeastern parts of Brooklyn, like Brownsville, Flatbush and East New York. Parts of the South Bronx and central Staten Island are also deep purple.

Dr. Mitchell Katz, the CEO of the city’s hospital system, said people tend to live in more cramped environments in the city’s low-income areas, likely worsening the virus’ spread there.

“We know that in Queens, many families, because of poverty, live together in very close quarters,” Katz said. “So that while we are practicing as a city social distancing, you may have multiple families living together in a very small apartment. And so it’s easy to understand why there’s a lot of transmission.”



thanks low info voters