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More nonsense from the WaPost. https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/for-bernie-sanders-2016-gets-in-the-way-of-2020/2019/04/20/8746f8ac-621c-11e9-9412-daf3d2e67c6d_story.html?utm_term=.7d9f9636e150

For Bernie Sanders, 2016 gets in the way of 2020

And WaPost navel gazing on Mayor Pete. https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/buttigieg-has-been-the-surprise-of-the-democratic-field-where-does-he-go-next/2019/04/20/560485e6-62e1-11e9-bfad-36a7eb36cb60_story.html?utm_term=.fc3e94d2b491

Buttigieg has been the surprise of the Democratic field. Where does he go next?

South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg is on a trajectory that few people would have imagined when he formed his presidential exploratory committee. His poise and thoughtfulness have produced accolades on Twitter and cable TV that must make him blush at times. But his performance has made him the surprise factor in the Democratic nomination race.

What happens as the campaign moves ahead is the interesting question. History is an uncertain guide but still worth examining as Buttigieg tries to capitalize on the attention he has gotten. Is he a genuine breakthrough candidate whose rise to prominence shatters both barriers and expectations? Or is he like some candidates of the past who found a following within a segment of their party’s electorate — or the attention of the media — but could not move beyond it?


The Nation has a better article. https://www.thenation.com/article/the-democratic-primary-may-get-ugly-but-its-a-necessary-fight/

The final paragraph:

The party establishment wants it both ways. It wants and needs the growing energy of the progressive activists and can’t afford to alienate them. It also wants control and is terrified that Sanders might actually win the nomination. A Sanders candidacy, many believe, would scare off votes from the suburban middle class that Trump has alienated, turn off big-money donors, and lead Democrats to a catastrophic loss, like Goldwater in 1964. This mirrors the hysteria of the Republican establishment faced with Donald Trump’s much more scabrous candidacy in 2016. In both parties, the establishment is too disorganized to unite behind one candidate. In 2016, the traditional Republican money went mostly to the safest choice, Jeb Bush, whom Trump eviscerated. If much of the Democratic establishment decides to throw in with the safest face, Joe Biden, they are likely to suffer a similar outcome.


LTE in the Huntington, WV Dispatch critical of that Dan Balz opinion piece comparing Bernie to Trump. https://www.herald-dispatch.com/opinion/linda-childers-comparison-between-sanders-trump-off-base/article_b7ea865d-0f5d-5b66-bf0b-bd1720e7614c.html

After she picks Balz’s piece apart, she loses with this:

I know why people want Bernie Sanders to lead our nation: Everything he does and everything he says proves that he wants a better country for every one of its citizens. He’s well-informed and uses facts to create his policy positions. He doesn’t lie. He doesn’t demean or bully people. He wants to lift people up so they can live their best lives. He’s condent, but humble. He also doesn’t pretend that a President Bernie Sanders is all we need; his campaign slogan, “Not Me, Us,” means we all have to make this a better country. You believe he’s using the same “formula” as Trump? I don’t think so.

Beto is already losing staff. https://www.buzzfeednews.com/article/rubycramer/beto-orourke-becky-bond-campaign

A top adviser to Beto O’Rourke, Becky Bond, has split with his campaign, an O’Rourke spokesperson confirmed.

Bond, a longtime progressive activist and organizer known for her work on O’Rourke’s 2018 Senate bid against Republican Ted Cruz, left the campaign along with her deputy Zack Malitz. Malitz worked closely with Bond on Sen. Bernie Sanders’ first presidential campaign in 2016.

The departures come as O’Rourke, the former Texas congressman, has sought to professionalize a campaign operation that was, in its earliest days, small and freewheeling. O’Rourke announced his run for the presidency less than a month ago.

In March, he recruited Jen O’Malley Dillon, a veteran operative who served in top leadership roles for Barack Obama in 2008 and 2012, to serve as his campaign manager.

In Washington, O’Malley Dillon’s hiring was taken as a sign that O’Rourke’s once-skeletal campaign was taking on a more professional cast, moving past the relatively small team that had helped propel him to his narrow loss in the Texas Senate race. Democratic strategists see O’Malley Dillon as an organized and even-handed counterbalance to O’Rourke, who is known for his spontaneity and rejection of traditional campaign tactics, like the use of consultants and pollsters.


Pete was also lumping Bernie and Trump together. Keeping my eye out for the receipt.


Delete. No edit button for a couple of days now.


Worth watching. Joe “Anita Hill” Biden inadvertently makes a great case for why Medicaid for All is needed even though he has never supported it. Warren does a great job of putting up with his demeaning attitude (as well as his unnecessarily long-winded, convoluted speeches).

Virginia Lawler
Virginia Lawler

It is early 4/27/19, & I have just seen/heard for the 1st time this (Mother Jones) Biden v. Warren exchange before the Full Judiciary Committee. Thank you a lot, Wind Wind Dancer 13, for sharing it. It tells us quite a bit about Joe Biden.

Biden’s attitude back then is a prob, is certainly demeaning. He was also obivious self-centered or just plain rude for not letting Warren get a word in. Then, “his unnecessarily long-winded, convoluted speeches” didn’t even make his point & in fact, obscured it to me. (Those tendencies have persisted thru the years?) _Anyway, well before the end, I’d lost interest in him…but had come to be even more impressed with Warren.

For decades, I’ve been an admirer of Sen. Sanders, from the time he was an activist undergrad in poli. sci. at the U. of Chicago, and I, a Champaign native, was a grad student at the U. of N.C. Biden cannot hold a candle at any level to compare to Bernie’s consistent work of a lifetime. In contrast, On MSNBC this morning, Biden continued to show that he still has little comprehension how he, as chm, of the Sen. Judiciary Comm., treated Anita Hill during the Clarence Thomas hearing, as in, poorly & beneath the level his position demanded, etc. Today, his comments still were not a proper, genuine-sounding apology, however long overdue even that would have been. To me they were more like a brush-off and even with an untimely attempt at humor.

To be fair to Biden, and I especially want to be because I really don’t know much about him for all his years in public view. What I do know mostly came from press coverage over the years. That he was for the Iraq war is not a positive, no is the plagiarism issue, etc. Still, I’ve had kind thoughts in general toward him–and wanted to have them–in respect for the way he handled dreadful sadness more than once in his life. But, he did find love again, has a loving family, is a loving grandfather & his financial success would open a variety of doors for him to be of public service. I wish so much that running twice before had been enough for him. His negatives will dog him as everyone’s will, but he doesn’t have the public record of focus, or discipline or just plain fight that is needed to counter and prevail over the worst president in at least modern history and absolutely the biggest liar.


I cannot like Biden in any way whatsoever. I watched the Anita Hill trial (for that was what it was).

Yes, I was also impressed with Warren’s testimony (and patience).

I am thinking becasue of the many gaffes and basically Republican record if Biden is not the Democrats’ GWB.

Sorry, but I am in a very low energy swing this morning or I would respond more to your thoughtful post.


Little nuggets from the Mueller report:

That she lied in this should be no big surprise. We have seen her lie about other topics. Note: Taxpayers pay Sarah Sanders’ salary. I am not lying when I say I want a refund.

Virginia Lawler
Virginia Lawler

It’s now a little later 4/27/19, & I have just seen/heard your post for the first time–altho’ I saw “The Last Word” the night it aired. Very grateful you shared this, too, & so hope many thousands will also see it, & that some might even pass it on.

Lying as press secretary to the president is about as low as one can get, especially when the president authorizes/requires it, & the power & reach of the bully pulpit position reaches so far. Sarah Sanders has to have set a record for the debasement of the post coming in after the young man who also lied so blithely–remember his pronouncement that the Trump inaugural crowd was the biggest/greatest in history!

Then there’s Trump, whose recorded lies must be almost to 10,000 by now. Then there are so many of his appointments, unqualified, can’t tell the truth & still not enough gone. But, there is hope because below them we know there is a deep bedrock of public servants who will hold our country together as best they can until we can support them with a new, quality Democratic president & administration.

For the nation’s chief executive & his agencies to abuse the opportunity to aid, educate & even uplift the nation by providing significant, timely & accurate information is simply a disgrace. It’s particularly appalling to me since I spent decades with a primary responsibility to speak the truth as writer/spokesperson for a university, a state labor department & a county non-profit museum.

We have known for a long time that truth is not a priority for Trump, from the moment he descended on that golden escalator & announced his candidacy. Then, throughout his campaign, he managed to degrade with lies practically every category relating to human life–certainly many people of every color, except maybe white; many nationalities (remember those from s***holes), except Russian; certainly many desperate, hopeful immigrants; many occupations except those re business (when he certainly neglected to mention his multiple business bankruptcies so bad he had to go abroad eventually to find a bank that would give him a loan). Of course, he lies that climate change is a hoax, & wind power gives us cancer. Plus, we must not forget how he will simply manipulate any data whenever it suits him. Almost worst of all, to me, is that he persists in calling our sacred freedom of the press, the enemy of the people. For Shame.

Somehow he was still elected. I know the general line, that America was faced with the two most unpopular candidates in modern history, & as many voted against as voted for either. Got it. But now we’ve had 2+ years of the lying & little progress except for that top % re his tax breaks. Remember when he said we’d get so tired of winning? When did that happen, certainly not with significant improvements so needed re infrastructure…etc. Just as bad, a rise in hate groups and attempts re voter suppression.

Great economic figures? Some. But what he says they say is all too often not what they really say. Some folks are holding down two-three jobs to barely make ends meet, some women still make only 80 cents for each dollar to a man, some are only $400 away from disaster. Also, some data doesn’t at all address the ultra serious economic & quality of life situations faced by certain groups of citizens, such as people of color, college grads with historic debt, persons with criminal records, senior citizens and veterans. Etc.

At way too many times, when facing an easy choice re truth or lie, Trump simply chooses lie. I think it’s in his DNA. But soon, we will have a chance to replace the liar at the voting booth. We know we have a chance. We know we need to start now. We know everything we do can be crucial, even tho’ it might seem small at the time. Like writing this. I know it’s too long. I just got wound up. Sorry. Won’t do it again..





Happy Easter!

🐰 🌸#TheEasterBunny #SundayMorning pic.twitter.com/wvfCcxcQpX

— Tom Hall ☘ (@TomHall) April 21, 2019





I’m gay and I appreciate that there is a serious gay contender for president, but why him? 🥺🥺🥺. Pete honey the system needs to go boom boom boom!


“It just kind of turns you against the system in general and then you’re more likely to want to vote to blow up the system, which could lead you to somebody like Bernie and it could lead you to somebody like Trump. That’s how we got where we are.”

Buttigieg also tried to draw a distinction between himself and the 77-year-old Democratic socialist from Vermont.

“Part of running for president is you wind up competing with people that you like or appreciated or admired many years back,” he said about Sanders. “I don’t have the same views on everything that he does.”




“Trump’s rollbacks of Obama-era conservation policies have suffered nearly two dozen setbacks in federal court, largely on procedural grounds. Though the administration is appealing many of these decisions and holds an advantage if the cases reach the Supreme Court, the rulings have slowed the president’s drive to expand fossil fuel production in the United States.”

Virginia Lawler
Virginia Lawler

Thanks Be,,,and thanks for posting.


I will try to re-post this in tomorrow’s thread, but did not want to risk misplacing it.

From: https://www.reddit.com/r/WayOfTheBern/comments/bfykb7/know_your_candidates/


Was trying to find a way to make this larger, and ended up deleting it from original post, so just click on it for larger view.

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