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Don midwest
Don midwest

asking big bank CEO to solve a budget problem of a citizen


he failed the test

here is a second link to the video




I’m not concerned that Bernie is a bit behind in the polls after Biden. I prefer he continue to exceed expectations, so number 2 is fine. The CNN power ranking is pure bullshite for entertainment.


Morning, LD. I think you need more coffee.

Have the sound on MSNBC this AM (I know, a mistake).

But it was worth hearing Rep. Hakeem Jefferies, the Democratic Caucus Chairman on Pelosi’s leadership team. Joe or Mika tees him up, he’s talking about Pelosi & her leadership, Kay Noah blah. And then he says this “Every American has the right (sounding good here, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery) schreech ACCESS to high-quality healthcare.”

Sorry, Pelosi. We want the RIGHT to healthcare. ACCESS is what the republicans offer. Dems are supposed to be better than that.


That “Kay Noah” bit? That’s auto correct needing coffee. It’s supposed to be “blah blah blah” oh for the edit function.


Hear, hear, Leu2500! You’d think by now they’d know that the word “access” shows their cards.

Don midwest
Don midwest

Obama officials cheering Assange’s arrest

They had all the info to prosecute, but chose not to proceed

All the info in the indictment was known – in court records for Manning’s trial

Why are dems cheering the arrest? Because they were embarrassed in 2016 and are looking for a scapegoat


Don midwest
Don midwest

they now have him in jail and can hold him while they work the extradition issue through the courts


some have suggested that if Sweden opened its case again, he could be sent there which might be a better path than staying in UK

in any case, this is about establishment politicians hiding what they do and have done


Any way the FRighties and their media whores can distract people from watching what kind of crap they’re pulling. I hope the best for both Assange and Manning, but won’t hold my breath. 🙁



Bernie Sanders’ suggestion that all states should allow incarcerated people to vote, instead of re-enfranchising them one-by-one after incarceration, is a constructive way of bypassing the voting rights debate and getting right down to the idea that one remains a citizen even after being convicted of a crime. (Elizabeth Warren wasn’t opposed to the idea a week before.)

Currently, only two states – Vermont and Maine – allow prisoners to vote from behind bars, regardless of their conviction status. But Utah allowed it until 1998 and Massachusetts prisoners could vote until 2000, when the state rescinded that right after a few of them formed a PAC and stated their intention to both vote and influence local elections. In other words, the disenfranchisement of people upon conviction is hardly a universal or required practice.

Elected officials are the people who can solve these problems. And if this level of regular violence and death beset almost any other population — and certainly a majority white population — politicians would have spent money to stop it already. But, in part because incarcerated people lack political power, many politicians have deemed them expendable.

Perhaps no one lives more subject to the laws of the United States than the American prisoner, and yet he or she has no say in them. Allowing him or her to vote is how we end the dehumanization of incarcerated citizens. Not only will investment of rights resurrect them civilly, prisoners’ participation will ultimately affect policy for the better and make our prisons more humane.


Only Buttigieg and Gabbard expressly do not support voting for the incarcerated. The rest focus on restoring felon’s voting right after incarceration without taking a position on voting while in prison.


Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-V.t.) last week became the first presidential candidate to call for allowing people convicted of crimes to vote while behind bars, the next front in the battle for voting rights.

“In my state, what we do is separate. You’re paying a price, you committed a crime, you’re in jail. That’s bad,” Sanders said at a Saturday town hall in Iowa. “But you’re still living in American society, and you have a right to vote. I believe in that, yes, I do.”

But no other candidates seeking the Democratic presidential nomination in 2020 have joined Sanders in endorsing the move on a national level since then. The idea is being pushed by the American Civil Liberties Union, which is urging candidates to commit to cutting the federal prison population in half and advancing civil libertarian ideas over the next two years.

It’s significant that candidates running for office are even talking publicly about restoring voting rights to people with felony convictions, said Marc Mauer, executive director of The Sentencing Project, a criminal justice nonprofit. Mauer said in an interview he couldn’t recall the issue ever coming up in a campaign before, and it was meaningful that it was being discussed as a legitimate policy question.

If voting is a guaranteed right, it shouldn’t be something that gets taken away in prison, Mauer added. He said it was inconsistent for candidates to describe voting as a fundamental right but support restrictions on voting in prison.

South Bend, Indiana, Mayor Pete Buttigieg also supports restoring voting rights “for all formerly incarcerated,” a spokesman said. “Just not while still incarcerated.”

A spokeswoman for Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-Hawaii) said felons should not be able to vote while under the control of law enforcement ― including if they’re on parole ― because their votes could be “unduly influenced by those authorities.”


I have to admit, Tulsi has a point. We’d have to dismantle the private prison system and keep a good eye on it.


It’s a pretty blunt instrument though to deny prisoners (and parolees!) the vote because they “might” be influenced by authorities.


Florida voters passed restoring voting rights to felons who have completed their sentences by a resounding margin. The latest? The crooked FRighties up in Tallahassee are doing everything in their power to thwart it. They’ve messed up Med Pot, and are now trying to eliminate voters being able to put amendments to the state constitution on the ballot. It never ends down here!


True. I am for it. Just sayin’.


The same argument was made against “giving” women the vote (that their husbands would now have two votes). And used again against lowering the voting age (influence of parents). Gee, that argument just never gets old, does it?


Once a woman get that ballet and votes. She might tell her husband what he wanted to hear but voted the complete opposite. As far as the teen vote goes at 18 most teens are some what rebellious and wouldnt vote for someone that their parents tried to influence them to vote for. they probably would do the exact opposite.


Of course, the author still had to take Bernie to task for not releasing his taxes fast enough.


Unsurprisingly, Sanders still received some flak for his millionaire status. “Bernie is lucky to live in a capitalist society,” CNN’s Erin Burnett remarked on a Tuesday episode of her show. “It’s all very off-brand and embarrassing, but Senator Bernie Sanders is a millionaire,” announced one ThinkProgress piece. But alleging that Sanders’s wealth makes him a hypocrite relies on a misunderstanding of his political views, and at the same time, obscures the real red flag his tax-return saga raises.

Sanders does not appear to be an anti-capitalist in the strictest sense — his brand of social democracy is compatible with capitalism, even as it seeks to regulate it and loosen its grip on the American worker — but even if he were, his wealth wouldn’t make him a fraud. Socialism does not demand asceticism. As the old labor slogan says, workers need bread and roses, too — small luxuries that make life more tolerable. The point isn’t to accumulate excess, but to elevate the human dignity of the worker — a radical shift from the current the political reality. When the U.S. government does offer help to low-income people, it typically does so under punitive conditions. People who need welfare have to prove they’re looking for work, as if they’re lazy bums who must be goaded into productivity. Similarly, there’s no real financial reason for the Women, Infants, and Children food aid program to ban beneficiaries from purchasing herbs or spices, but it does. One F-35 fighter jet can buy a lot of dried basil, and only one of these items works as advertised on a regular basis. (It’s not the jet.) The government could improve the material circumstances of vulnerable Americans with relative ease, if it chose to do so — that’s the core argument Sanders, and like-minded politicians, have put forward.


FFS. Bernie is required to file annual financial disclosure forms due to being a senator. You know, The same forms that Trump’s sister the federal judge filed & The NY Times used in its investigation into the Trump family finances, taxes, and tax dodges.

They are even, surprise, surprise, surprise, available to the public here. https://efdsearch.senate.gov/search/

Here’s the link to his 2017 disclosure. Nymag, check out the royalties. https://efdsearch.senate.gov/search/view/annual/fbe78885-0e7f-4e56-9033-6c3c6e547946/


One thing we find out? Bernie’s folk album must be doing well (relatively) because he’s earning 4 figures royalties from it.


The 1987 one?


Never mind that Julian Castro said he would release his in the next “few weeks” rather than committing closer to tax day, which is what Bernie is doing.


Biden’s praise was lavished on Jeb.

Biden posing a question to Kenney and Bush as "those of us who’ve run for office." Says specifically to Bush: "You were a hell of a governor."

— Mike Memoli (@mikememoli) April 11, 2019



Yes, charter schools for everyone!


Gag…right Joe, jeb! made sure the 2000 election was thrown to his dimwitted brother.


This 2016 election rehash/Bernie hit piece is so conveniently timed with Assange’s arrest as a big news story. Even if Bernie was not complicit with the Russians, he was their dupe. Love how the research was done at the direction of WaPo.


A pair of Clemson University researchers, at the request of The Washington Post, examined English-language tweets identified as coming from Russia, many of which were designed to influence the election.

Linvill, the Clemson researcher, said Sanders was seen as “just a tool” to the Russians. “He is a wedge to drive into the Democratic Party,” resulting in lower turnout for Clinton, he said.

Although Sanders later denounced the Kremlin’s efforts and campaigned for Clinton, some Democrats believe he could have done more to smooth over tensions and encourage his supporters to support his onetime opponent. A former senior Clinton campaign official, speaking on the condition of anonymity to avoid publicly criticizing Sanders ahead of the 2020 primaries, said that there remains bitterness over the way Sanders repeatedly said the system was tilted against him.


Here’s an excellent comment about the article.

The context for these articles is very important, and I will point out that it’s yet another attack on Bernie Sanders by the mainstream press, headlined by the Washington Post(again).

This isn’t new information. We’ve known since the election that Russians were attempting to sow discord among democrats between the Sanders/Clinton sides, they were also attempting to sow racial discord.

The real question is – well it’s not much of a question, why are they bringing this up randomly now? To attack Bernie Sanders. The Washington Post went out of their way to ask a university to translate Russian tweets regarding something that’s already been extensively documented. The FBI’s covered it, everyone has covered it.

But now they get to run headlines about it for a completely fresh news cycle.

This is an excellent example of how the media can manipulate the conversation by deciding what to investigate and what to publish. There aren’t any WP readers dying to find out about the Russian involvement in Bernie Sander’s primary fight in 2016, the story was relevant when it was initially published 2 years ago.


Plus the Russians influence was minuscule, per what they spent. AIPAC spent gazillions more, but I doubt that wapo will investigate that.

However, I found some posts that suggest that Assange really may have wanted Trump to win. Will post later. So a bit of a mea culpa here, jcb.

Of course, I still wholeheartedly want him released. Yesterday was heart wrenching. Watching him being taken to God knows what fate. Him yelling. “Resist, UK! Resist!” Awful.


What the russian gov’t spent on social media may have been miniscule. Although there is reason to believe that someone within the Trump campaign helped point them in the direction of where it could be most efficiently deployed.

But what it spent on the NRA wasn’t. https://www.vanityfair.com/news/2018/06/the-nra-spent-dollar30-million-to-elect-trump-was-it-russian-money


Bezos owns that rag now. He will do everything he can to attack the Bernster.


Love how they turn the rigging around onto him. Not.


Unfortunately, my hubby buys into this nonsense. I just ignore him.


Reminder: 8% of Bernie primary voters did not vote for Hillary in the general.

25% Of Hillary primary voters voted for McCain in the general. Remember “party unity my ass”.?

Seems like Russia wasn’t very sucessful.


Robert Reich is definitely somebody who could have a place in Bernie’s cabinet.


“We renew our resolve that America will never be a socialist country,” Donald Trump said recently.

Someone should alert him that America is now a hotbed of socialism. But it’s socialism for the rich. Everyone else is treated to harsh capitalism.

In the conservative mind, socialism means getting something for doing nothing. This pretty much describes General Motors’ receipt of $600 million in federal contracts, plus $500 million in tax breaks, since Trump took office.

Some of this corporate welfare has gone into the pockets of GM executives. Chairman and CEO Mary Barra raked in almost $22 million in total compensation in 2017 alone.

But GM employees are subject to harsh capitalism. GM is planning to lay off more than 14,000 workers and close three assembly plants and two component factories in North America by the end of 2019.

The nation’s largest banks saved $21 billion last year thanks to Trump’s tax cuts, some of which went into massive bonuses for bank executives. On the other hand, thousands of lower-level bank employees got a big dose of harsh capitalism. They lost their jobs.



I think Bob Reich has a more ideal job at present. He loves teaching. I could see him as a consultant to Bernie though.

Don midwest
Don midwest

read first part of his “trapped in the cabinet” after worked for Clinton

it was so egotistic I stopped reading

and I know people that used ideas similar to his and he found out and forced them to give him credit

he is full of himself


He and Krugman are both birds of a feather.


Robert Reich is a Bernie fan. Paul Krugman is decidedly not one.


Trumpcorp doesn’t realize what all those corporate handouts are called, but then again that doesnt in the name of profit anything goes.


One thing you can say about this, converts are often among the most devout. And it is interesting that her conversion had nothing to do with political expediency.


The fact that Warren likely has spent more of her voting years outside the Democratic Party than in it distinguishes her from her 2020 primary opponents. She and Senator Bernie Sanders, for example, share many policy objectives and an inclination to rail against the powerful. The Vermont senator, however, largely decided what he believed 50 years ago and has been remarkably consistent ever since. Warren is ever-evolving, questioning her own assumptions and hungry for new information—even today, as she sets the pace of the 2020 policy debate with detailed new proposals on childcare, taxes on the wealthy and large corporations, and a call for a new era of trust-busting in sectors from tech to agriculture.

“Her worldview is very informed by data,” says Angela Littwin, a law professor at the University of Texas at Austin who was Warren’s student in the late ’90s and became a mentee of both Warren and Westbrook. “What changed [Warren’s ideology] was the stories of ordinary people filing for bankruptcy. That speaks really well of her that she was presented with information contrary to her worldview and adopted it.”

Warren’s ideological and political transformations also occurred well before she entertained running for public office—lending them an authenticity often lacking in politicians who change their policy positions out of self-interest.

“If you had to pick a professor at Harvard to become a progressive icon in a decade,” says Littwin, “she wouldn’t have even been on the short list.”


It’s politico. The establishment is still trying to use Warren to split the progressive vote. Hate to break it to you, guys, but she had her chance in 2016 & she blew it.


If she’d run in 2015/2016 I think she would have won.




Wednesday was an interesting day in progressive politics. At a press briefing on Capitol Hill, Senator Bernie Sanders, of Vermont, launched the Medicare for All Act of 2019, which calls for a nationwide single-payer health-care system. After pointing out that the United States spends more than twice as much per capita on health care as other countries, with unimpressive results, Sanders declared, “The current debate about Medicare for All really has nothing to do with health care. It has everything to do with greed and profiteering. It is about whether we continue a dysfunctional system which allowed the top five health-insurance companies to make over twenty billion dollars in profits last year, and the top sixty-five C.E.O.s in the industry to make $1.7 billion in compensation.”

Across town, the Roosevelt Institute, a liberal think tank, unveiled a new report that calls for a broad rebalancing of power away from big corporations—such as health-insurance companies—Wall Street, and other politically connected groups. Stacey Abrams, the Georgia politician who is still deciding whether to enter the 2020 Presidential race, spoke at the event and endorsed the report, which is called “New Rules for the 21st Century: Corporate Power, Public Power, and the Future of the American Economy.”

The report reminds us that we inhabit a country where labor unions have been emasculated, giant monopolistic businesses dominate many sectors of the economy, C.E.O.s and other corporate executives routinely grant themselves huge compensation packages, corporations spend vast sums on lobbying and campaign contributions, many federal courts are packed with judges schooled in “anti-labor, anti-regulation jurisprudence,” and there are still huge disparities in wealth between the rich and the poor and whites and nonwhites. “Over the last half century, a calculated one-two punch has been used to shape our economy, and ultimately our democracy, at every level,” the report says. “First, government was used to build regulatory, tax, and procurement structures that multiplied wealth and power for a small subset of Americans. Second, public sector programs that served the rest of the country were intentionally and systematically eroded.”

It was Sanders, of course, who popularized a version of this narrative during his 2016 Presidential bid, stating repeatedly that the economy had been “rigged” in favor of the one per cent. At the time, the emphasis on the nexus between economic and political power marked Sanders out from many Democrats, as did his calls to replace the Affordable Care Act with a single-payer system and provide free college education. But the Democratic Party’s center of gravity has shifted, and the two events on Wednesday confirmed how the Party’s progressive wing is now driving the policy agenda. Fourteen Democratic senators have co-sponsored the Medicare for All Act of 2019, and four of them are running for President: Cory Booker, Kirsten Gillibrand, Kamala Harris, and Elizabeth Warren. Gillibrand appeared alongside Sanders at Wednesday’s press conference, and spoke in favor of the new bill.



for a guy with his educational background & who reads so much, mayor Pete doesn’t know what the GI Bill did for soldiers after WWII & how it benefited not just them, but this country.



Another good tweet from Nichols. Check out the map of bernie’s Campaign swing this weekend.



Bernie will have several more vists to the Midwest,He knows it cant be skipped like $hillary did. Its the key to victory.

Don midwest
Don midwest

George Monbiot – must take on capitalism



AOC is the Fox’s new boogeyperson. That video clip is funny (yet SAD!).

My fun post as a parody…

Hi, I’m Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and I’m your boogey person!


Sort of long, but wow. This in no way takes away from all that Julian does. And that I desperately want him released. What they are doing to him and have been doing to him is so wrong.

But if this is true, he may have orchestrated some of the leaks on Hillary, or at the least, released them with some glee. I don’t hear evidence about Russians being involved, but, according to this former employee he wanted the empire to fall, badly, and may have thought that Trump was the quickest route to that.

BB w/ the best insight of the day on Assange & @wikileaks . They should invite him back to fill the void in ethical leadership https://t.co/2d1Q6zHv2N

— Greg M. Schwartz (@gms111) April 12, 2019




@theProgressiveWing was the first to notice that Bernie’s campaign had made that milestone last night!!



Help Julian NOW!

1) FOLLOW/share widely@Wikileaks@DefendAssange

*UK court hearings
*Global Rallies

5) PRESSURE Politicians
*No US Extradition
*Abide by @UN Decision

6) MONITOR Media
Correct disinfo with FACTS

7) DONATE Legal DefenceFundhttps://t.co/xTZ8dgPjzS

— Mrs. Christine Assange (@AssangeMrs) April 11, 2019



A little something different (but dear to my heart):

De Blasio bans NYC from buying single-use plastics

The mayor also backs a City Council bill that would ban plastic foodware in private establishments.

“I’m talking about a whole variety of things we got used to relying on but don’t need anymore,” de Blasio said. “All those things we have alternatives for. City agencies will shift to compostable or reusable by the end of 2019.”

The city spends about $1 million a year on single-use plastics, according to Lisette Camillo, commissioner of the Department of Citywide Administrative Services. Moving to alternatives will cost more, but Camillo said she did not know the exact amount.

De Blasio made a point of saying there will be exceptions for medical reasons. People with disabilities, who often rely on plastic straws, will have unlimited access to any single-use item they need.

It may be the single best thing de Blasio has done. Certainly right up there. I hope many, many, other mayors and public officials follow suit!

City agencies have 120 days to come up with a plan to reduce the use of single-use plastics. The ban is expected to fully be implemented by the end of the year.

Earlier this year, the city’s ban on foam containers went into effect, making it illegal for eateries, food carts and other places to use expanded polystyrene cups, plates, trays and clamshell containers.


Such a right wing attack to claim that a politician is a hypocrite because he or she advocates for greater equity in our country despite having some means themselves. Let’s go after FDR and Ted Kennedy while your at it CAP. They should be ashamed.


Inside Sen. Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign there has always been a sense of vulnerability about the attacks that would come against the senator over the wealth he has accumulated in office. After all, it becomes a bit tricky for a politician to rail against the perniciousness of income inequality when he himself becomes a member of the well-off, even if that fortune is simply due to a best-selling book.

But few expected that one of the first jabs would come from one of the most firmly Democratic-allied media outlets in the country.

A source at the Center for American Progress stressed that no one at the think tank had insight about, or input into, the video that ThinkProgress produced. But within the broader Democratic ecosystem, those editorial lines of demarcation were not exactly satisfying.

The video was viewed as an implicit warning that a portion of the party’s infrastructure would not simply be content to let Sanders coast through the primary (as if that was in doubt). And a number of progressives expressed dismay to The Daily Beast that one of the party’s more notable media arms had chosen to attack Sanders for his wealth well before any of his fellow primary candidates had. It did not go unnoticed that the video was being gleefully passed around by GOP operatives on Twitter.

What made the video all the more remarkable, however, was that Sanders’ campaign manager, Faiz Shakir, was not too long ago the editor of ThinkProgress. Shakir said he had no comment on the matter. But his relationship with the officials at CAP is complicated, after he began providing assistance to Sanders’ 2016 campaign—all of which was revealed during the dumping of stolen emails by Wikieaks during the late stages of that campaign.

But there was an obvious explanation for why that grated CAP officials. They were largely supportive of Hillary Clinton, from the organizations founder (John Podesta) to its current president (Neera Tanden).

There is no Clinton in the race this go around. But, it appears, the skepticism towards Sanders persists.


CAP has no shame. It is the Clinton think tank.


CAP has no shame and they’re proud of it.

Willing to leave this country in shambles for their petty vindictiveness.


Buzzfeed has an article covering the speech a federal judge gave the other day at the U of VA which was critical of the Trump Admin. (Reminder: the judiciary IS the 3rd branch of govt) I particularly like that they link to the text, which includes 130 footnotes. So in one place we have so much of Trump’s words & acts recorded for future reference.

Also, for this of us who were born after the civil rights era &/or where burn in the North, it provides a history lesson on the racist language and tropes that are finding renewed usage today.


According to a copy of the speech obtained by BuzzFeed News, Reeves, who is black and sits in Jackson, Mississippi, extensively quoted Trump’s tweets and public comments about judges and the courts (the written version includes footnotes making clear who and what Reeves is referring to) and blasted the lack of diversity among Trump’s judicial nominees.

“When politicians attack courts as ‘dangerous,’ ‘political,’ and guilty of ‘egregious overreach,’ you can hear the Klan’s lawyers, assailing officers of the court across the South. When leaders chastise people for merely ‘us[ing] the courts,’ you can hear the Citizens Council, hammering up the names of black petitioners in Yazoo City, [Mississippi],” Reeves said, quoting Trump. “When the powerful accuse courts of ‘open[ing] up our country to potential terrorists,’ you can hear the Southern Manifesto’s authors, smearing the judiciary for simply upholding the rights of black folk. When lawmakers say ‘we should get rid of judges,’ you can hear segregationist Senators, writing bills to strip courts of their power.”


From my email (yes, I get the NYT newsletter…how else can I keep track of what they are up to?):

He was charged in the U.S. with conspiring to hack into a Pentagon computer network, as part of the process that brought WikiLeaks a trove of classified U.S. material in 2010. The narrow indictment was a relief to some of those who feared a case against Mr. Assange could undermine press freedoms. [emphasis added]

In other words, the NYT is trying to cover up the fact that Assange’s arrest IS a threat to journalism everywhere. Maybe they think it will get them off the hook for publishing the Wikileaks’ findings.

The NYT is not just being short-sighted. This is a deliberate misdirection. There is NO “liberal press” when in comes to mainstream media contrary to what MSM, the corporate/establishment Democrats and the right wing try to make us believe.


A little Friday afternoon humor?

Just found the best meme of the day: pic.twitter.com/Mlbjwf99LQ

— Ash (@AshleyBC137) April 12, 2019



Look at the pictures taken of Assange after his arrest and carting away. Is he making hand signals? Are new releases imminent?

I thought as soon as the report was not released that Wikileaks could maybe get it out to the public…along with Trump’s tax returns. Here is hoping that Assange was not merely flashing a peace sign or a handcuffed thumbs up.



To some political insiders, this lobbying push from private health-care companies underscores the enormous obstacles facing Medicare-for-all legislation and other large government interventions in health care. When Obama pushed the Affordable Care Act, Democrats tried working with private insurers and hospitals to minimize industry opposition to the legislation. Health insurance companies at the time helped defeat a proposed “public option” that would have competed with private plans.

“The insurance industry is still a very powerful force within the political process,” said Jim Manley, who served as an aide to former Senate majority leader Harry M. Reid (D-Nev.). “Having them on the opposite side of single-payer will be a very difficult obstacle to overcome.”

But single-payer advocates have argued for the necessity of their more radical proposal to transform the American health system, noting that the United States spends about twice as much per person as peer nations on health care despite lagging behind significantly on several key health indexes. To supporters of single-payer, the frenzy of federal lobbying against Medicare-for-all highlights the need to upend the health-care status quo.

“When the people begin organizing against private insurance, the lonely insurance executives turn to their only friends: the elected officials beholden to their cash,” said Tim Faust, an activist for single-payer health care.


BREAKING: Illinois is close to passing a bill That would require President Trump to release five years of his tax returns in order to appear on the state's 2020 presidential ballot.

— PoliticsVideoChannel(@politvidchannel) April 12, 2019



U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren, a Massachusetts Democrat running for president in 2020, delivered donuts and coffee to picketing Stop & Shop workers in Somerville on Friday, and urged shoppers to take their business elsewhere.

“Do not cross the picket line,” Warren said. “Understand people on the picket line are not just fighting for their families. They’re fighting for all our families. They’re fighting for basic fairness and equality in this country.”


Good for her. But it would appear that S & S has some tricks up their sleeves?

Ok my team just heard back from the union (and I did swing by there this morning): The Needham St Stop & Shop is not technically on strike because the parent company is contending that everyone working there is on a different contract with a subsidiary, which the union disputes.

— Bill Humphrey (@BillHumphreyMA) April 12, 2019


Does anyone have a subscription to Wapo?

This article looks interesting, but I cannot see it.

Before there was @AOC, a socialist sisterhood of three women under 40 won seats in the Pennsylvania legislature. Now they are trying to figure out how to upend the system while being a part of it. Please check out my latest: https://t.co/6kSAVMCvp3

— Robert Samuels (@newsbysamuels) April 12, 2019


Good lengthy article. Like AOC, they are not ready to endorse yet. Here’s a couple of snippets


Voters elected the women, handily. They were sworn in at the beginning of the year, wearing the nicest blazers they could find at Goodwill. Now, they had an annual salary of $87,000, the most lucrative jobs of their lives.

Innamorato could finally afford dental insurance. Lee could finally cover her $3,500 monthly student loan payment. She also upgraded her 2006 Hyundai Elantra to a 2017 Nissan Rogue, an all-wheel drive that could easily navigate the state’s winding highways. She and Innamorato used the vehicle to carpool together, taking up the anthem “Defying Gravity” from the show “Wicked,” as the “song of their political story.”

“I feel like I can be bold and take actions because I have nothing to lose,” Innamorato said during a car trip one day. “I don’t have a great fortune to lose if we don’t succeed.”

“Oh, I have everything to lose,” Lee said. “If I fail, my community will be set back.”

Inside the Capitol, they were just three freshmen in the 203-person state House of Representatives, a minority within the minority party. They had to figure out when to speak out or say nothing at all, when to compromise, when to take risks, how fast to move.

“We know that we can’t go to Harrisburg and propose legislation that is radical,” Lee said. “It’s the tortoise and the hare. We know that we’ve got to be the tortoise. And whoever the hare is is going to get burned out.”

She looked down at her phone. She had a message from a number she didn’t recognize.

It was Sanders’s team, reaching out again.

Moments later, she was on the phone with the senator himself. Sanders asked for her support for his presidential campaign. She responded using the technique she mastered on the campaign trail.

“What does support mean to you?” she asked.

It could mean anything from fundraising to hanging up a yard sign, he said.

Innamorato had practiced what she’d say in this moment, but it felt so uncomfortable to her. Sanders’s first campaign had given her a new hope, a new outlook on life; it led her to a new job. But she was a politician now, and politicians’ endorsements had consequences. In 2020, she would be on the ballot, too.

“I admire your ideas, and I admire your independence,” she told the candidate. “But right now, I really want to focus on legislating.”

The conversation lasted four minutes. She put the phone in her purse. She exhaled and walked to her hotel room. She pulled out her iPad, reading about the next bills coming before the state house. The legislature would be in session the following day, and she wanted to be prepared.


They call this boosting his campaign.

This week Democratic candidate Pete Buttigieg received the endorsement of Steve Grossman, a former president of AIPAC (1992-1996), Chairman of the DNC (1997-1999), and employee at Goldman Sachs.https://t.co/G0sneAXPbb

— Rob (@philosophrob) April 12, 2019



.@IlhanMN: Yes…#Terrorism is a reaction…“Nobody wants to face how the actions of the other people that are involved in the world have contributed to the rise of the radicalization and the rise of terrorist acts.” | #ProudAmerican pic.twitter.com/AXSnJZ9lsv

— Sara A. Carter (@SaraCarterDC) April 12, 2019

I remember after 9/11 how if you dared to utter the word ‘blowback’ you’d be called a traitor. Ilhan is brave.



My mind is working on why there would be 59 down votes for this animation, and I do not like where it is going.

In the comment section, there are some excellent replies to Jamie Kiffel-Acheh’s objection that Ian was depicted in her view as “sad and desperate.”

On a related note, a fairly short article on the contributions of better and lesser known disabled people and their contributions to society:

12 Disabled Scientists Who Made the World a Better Place




I wrote the piece I wanted to read about Elizabeth Warren’s policy agenda. https://t.co/Dgz3V97sVb

— Moira Donegan (@MoiraDonegan) April 12, 2019


Elizabeth Warren is the intellectual powerhouse of the Democratic party

It may well not be Warren who wins the Democratic nomination, but whoever does will be campaigning on her ideas



You can tell Bernie isn’t “a real Democrat” because he refuses to back down.



he bout to do it https://t.co/77foSCP0KB

— Matt Bruenig (@MattBruenig) April 11, 2019



Media Condemns Julian Assange For Reckless Exposure Of How They Could Be Spending Their Time https://t.co/jK51LnbwxV pic.twitter.com/Gfe0ne9SaZ

— The Onion (@TheOnion) April 12, 2019



MSNBC online poll:

Assange poll.jpg
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