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Don midwest
Don midwest

Life in the Amazon does not simply receive rain — it summons it.

All of that lush vegetation releases 20 billion tons of water vapor into the sky every day.

Trees saturate the air with gaseous compounds and salts.

Fungi exhale plumes of spores.

The wind sweeps bacteria, pollen, leaf fragments and bits of insect shells into the atmosphere.

The wet breath of the forest, peppered with microbes and organic residues, creates ideal conditions for rain.

With so much water in the air and so many minute particles on which the water can condense, rain clouds quickly form.

The Amazon sustains much more than itself, however.

Forests are vital pumps of Earth’s circulatory system.

All of the water that gushes upward from the Amazon forms an enormous flying river, which brings precipitation to farms and cities throughout South America.

Some scientists have concluded that through long-range atmospheric ripple effects the Amazon contributes to rainfall in places as far away as Canada.

The Amazon’s rain ritual is just one of the many astonishing ways in which living creatures transform their environments and the planet as a whole.

Much of this ecology has only recently been discovered or understood.

We now have compelling evidence that microbes are involved in numerous geological processes; some scientists think they played a role in forming the continents.

I added white space to sentences in a NYT article

The Earth Is Just as Alive as You Are
Scientists once ridiculed the idea of a living planet. Not anymore.


Thank you for your post and for the “white space” (so much easier to read!).

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