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Biden is leading Bernie 72.4% to 16.6% and Bernie has only 4 of the 100 delegates allocated so far. Ohio had a mail in vote. If Bernie can’t do better than this going forward, he’s not going to reach that 25% threshold of delegates, regardless of whether he gets back on the ballot in NY and regardless of whether he keeps his statewide delegates.

Rep. Joyce Beatty held off a left-wing challenger and Joe Biden easily won the Democratic presidential contest in Ohio on Tuesday, in a contest delayed and held largely by mail due to the coronavirus pandemic.
On Monday, Ohio’s secretary of state said almost 2 million people had requested absentee ballots and just under 1.5 million had already voted. Only people with disabilities or who are homeless could cast provisional ballots Tuesday; others could drop off absentee ballots at Board of Elections offices.

A key contest was held in the state’s 3rd Congressional District, where Beatty (D), a four-term congresswoman, beat Morgan Harper, a former senior adviser at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

Harper, 36, has been endorsed by Justice Democrats, the left-wing campaign corps that helped elect Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) and that saw Harper as a star and Beatty as the sort of too-comfortable incumbent who could be vulnerable. It was the latest of several races that pit established Democrats against younger supporters of a Green New Deal and Medicare-for-all.

“The critique of many people, including my opponent, is that some of these ideas are pipe dreams,” Harper said in an interview Monday. “Really? We just greenlit billions of dollars to corporations. Why don’t we get to see some of that investment in our people?”

“We endorsed Morgan because of her career of service, the excitement she inspired in the grass-roots activist community, and because she rejected corporate donations that harm the Democratic Party,” said Alexandra Rojas, Justice Democrats’ executive director. “Like AOC has said, for one of us to get in, one hundred have to try.”


One way or the other, the DNCorruption is now so blatant that there will be a violent reaction. Not good.


In part of a longer interview printed in Salon, Chris Hedges discusses what a vote for Joe Biden means:

The humiliation of courageous women like Anita Hill who confronted her abuser. You vote for the architects of endless war. You vote for the apartheid state in Israel. Biden supports those things. With Biden you are voting for wholesale surveillance by the government, including the abolition of due process and habeas corpus. You vote for austerity programs. You vote for the destruction of welfare. That was Biden. You vote for cuts to Social Security, which he has repeatedly called for cutting, along with Medicaid. You vote for NAFTA, you vote for “free trade” deals. If you vote for Biden, you are voting for a real decline in wages and the loss of hundreds of thousands of manufacturing jobs.

With Biden you are also voting for the assault on public education and the transfer of federal funds to Christian “charter schools.” With Biden you are voting for more than a doubling of the prison population. With Biden you are voting for the militarized police and against the Green New Deal.

You are also voting to limit a woman’s right to abortion and reproductive rights. You are voting for a segregated public school system. With Biden you are voting for punitive levels of student debt and the inability of people to free themselves of that debt through bankruptcy. A vote for Biden is a vote for deregulating banking and finance. Biden also supports for-profit insurance and pharmaceutical corporations.

A vote for Biden is also a vote against the possibility of universal health care. You vote for Biden and you are supporting huge, wasteful and bloated defense budgets. Biden also supports unlimited oligarchic and corporate money to buy the elections.

I don’t often get to Salon since most articles are more in the vein of Amanda Marcotte and Joan Walsh writings, but DeVega is one of the better writers there.


Same. I should follow DeVega. I usually enjoy his columns. And when you lay it out like this, you see how little difference in the candidates there actually is.


I am an old Democratic Socialist Leftie. I am so over people like Hedges cos he never proposes solutions.


Yep. He’s very good at presenting the problem, but he never has any suggestions as to how to fix it. I quit reading him, because he was too much like Chicken Little.


The fallout from the deadly coronavirus caused the U.S. economy to contract 4.8 percent from January through March, the deepest decline since the depths of the financial crisis more than a decade ago, the Commerce Department said Wednesday.

The U.S. economy almost certainly entered a recession with consumer and business spending nose-diving in the first quarter, as much of the nation went into lockdown to stem the spread of global pandemic.
Spending by Americans tumbled 7.6 percent and business investment shrank 8.6 percent, according to the Commerce Department report, which gives the first comprehensive look at how painful the economic fallout from the pandemic has been. Although Americans flooded grocery stores to buy food and supplies, it was not nearly enough to offset lost spending on dining out, car sales, entertainment and more.

The worst is yet to come, many analysts say. The second quarter is likely to show a decline of more than 30 percent — a level not seen since the Great Depression — as much of the economy entered a deep lockdown to try to encourage people to stay home to stop the spread of the virus.
“The U.S. economy ran into a brick wall in March,” said Ryan Sweet of Moody’s Analytics.

An official recession occurs when the economy experiences two consecutive quarters of negative growth. A depression is a sustained period of contraction and job loss that lasts for several years. President Trump and many on Wall Street are hopeful that the government’s historic levels of aid can avert a depression.
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This is a “Depression-like shock,“ said Joseph Brusuelas, chief economist at audit firm RSM. “Policymakers should be prepared to support other rounds of aid and stimulus for an economy that is going to be reeling for some time.”