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Thx Benny its my go to Bev and it looked like it was muddled as well. Pickled mushrooms are my garnish of choice. I muddle an orange slice and a few door county cherries, of course a generous portion of brandy 😉


RIP Bill Withers


A great, great artist and human being. His music is already outliving him–the greatest compliment an artist can get.




Wisconsin voter explains why the state can’t have a ‘free and fair’ primary as officials defiantly plan to host election

Thurmann says she supports Sanders for his progressive stance on issues like human rights, environmental policy and criminal justice, and sees former Vice President Joe Biden like a Clinton carbon copy — flaws and all.

“The Democrats are going to lose big and probably a lot of votes if they don’t choose Bernie as their candidate,” she says. “You can just see that people are not enthused about going out and supporting Biden. His policies, I would say, are more in line with a moderate Republican than a centrist Democrat.”

Like all voters, Thurmann is totally unique in her decision-making about casting her ballot for Sanders. But I’ve spoken to a number of the Senator’s supporters for this project who echo those same thoughts. They’re disillusioned, frustrated, and in some cases unwilling to support the Democratic nominee a second time around if it isn’t their choice.

“I don’t want to just vote for somebody who isn’t Donald Trump. I want to vote for somebody who stands up for my values,” she says. “Trump is totally crazy and scary and I would like to see him out of office, but at the same time I don’t see how Biden would be much different. Why can’t we at least give Bernie the shot instead of trying to push forward this candidate …didn’t we learn our lesson from that? The whole process feels false.”



I tried to message you, but it tells me wi61 is not a valid user name. Not sure how the messaging works… I have something to ask you about.


try wi58 as that’s the original and shows up on my account.


Ah, okay. I’ll try that! Thanks!

It worked!


Thanks phatkhat


So my partner did test positive for coronavirus today (Results took 8 days). Luckily, he is definitely getting better—last weekend was the worst. I continue to be fine. We’re watching Knives Out tonight.

But we should be dancing!



Take care, and don’t expect the recovery to be super fast. The fatigue lasts and it sucks the energy right out of ya. Glad your partner is recovering, and hope you stay well. The dancing will come soon. 😉


Wow, so sorry to hear that your partner has been suffering!

I hope a full recovery is made very soon!!