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Don midwest
Don midwest

Do the teachers strikes show a major change in politics?

Corey Robin is surprised by the response to this strike. He reminds people that 6 years ago when Chicago teachers did the same thing they were criticized by the right and the left. He was out on the picket line.

But that was when Rham was major and Obama was president and neo liberalism had not been attacked politically by Bernie …

Regardless of the hypothetical, the fact is that these teachers in West Virginia, Kentucky, Oklahoma, and Arizona aren’t just challenging the hard right; they’re also, in a way, challenging the neoliberal Dems.

That’s another reason why this strike wave may prove to be so historic: in the same way that the late 1970s signified the Republican Party’s growing willingness to challenge the Democrats and New Deal liberalism, so did it signal a fundamental shift within the Republican Party, with the hard right contesting power at the highest levels of the GOP. Those were the years that saw the rise to prominence of these new faces of the party: Orrin Hatch, Alan Simpson, John Warner (remember when he was considered the hard right?), Thad Cochran, Larry Pressler, and so on. (Both Hatch and Cochran are retiring this year, by the way.)

The challenge of this strike is not just to the Prop 13 Order of the Republican Party; it’s also to the neoliberal order within the Democratic Party.

Why is the media—including the liberal media—supporting these teachers’ strikes?


My thought is that these teachers feel that they have nothing left to lose by walking out at this point. Bad wages, substandard materials to teach their students with and lack of funding. People become very bold when they hit their desperation point. The R’s and school boards can threaten them with termination but its way past that point.


Cuomo and the breakaway Dems are feeling the heat from Nixon and progressive activists. The Dems still would not have a majority because one “Dem” senator has separate agreement with Republicans


After years of Democratic infighting that has helped keep Republicans in control of the New York State Senate, two long-warring factions of Democratic lawmakers in Albany are on the brink of reunifying, according to five people familiar with the discussions.

At a closed-door meeting at a Manhattan steakhouse on Tuesday, Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo asked the two rival Democratic leaders to consider reconciling immediately, according to people in the room and people briefed on the discussion.

The reunification would end one of the oddest political arrangements in the country, and in the history of New York State. In it, the breakaway conference, which is made up of eight Democratic state senators, has helped ensure Republican control of the State Senate.

The conference was formed during Mr. Cuomo’s first week as governor and has become a scourge of liberal activists across the state and a central talking point for the actress Cynthia Nixon in her current primary challenge to Mr. Cuomo.

Liberal activists have mounted challenges to multiple members of Mr. Klein’s conference this year and it is not immediately clear what will happen in those contests. The letter signed by party leaders that formed the basis of the earlier pact said, “Both would refrain from participating in primary challenges against incumbent senators.”


Such a Third Way strategy. Now that Cuomo is up for re-election he’s being born again for the last few weeks.


Okay, now what exactly is Mueller doing? Why is this investigation taking so long? Orange Dimwit is nothing more than a bad example of the Godfather. I know Mueller is a GOPuke but I gave him some slack for (hopefully) being competent. It doesn’t stop with tRump either. Hopefully, there are enough for-profit genuine prisons for all the DC crooks who belong in them! T and R to the usual TPW suspects!!


The Texas state songbird! These people are depraved.


Susan Combs, a former Texas state official who compared proposed endangered species listings to “incoming Scud missiles” and continued to fight the Endangered Species Act after she left government, now has a role in overseeing federal wildlife policy.

Combs was selected by Interior Department Secretary Ryan Zinke as acting secretary for fish, wildlife and parks. Zinke made the move after his bid to make her an assistant secretary for policy, management and budget stalled in the Senate. The nomination has been on hold since July because of opposition from Republicans and Democrats for various reasons.

Zinke has teamed with lawmakers in the House in a bid to strip the Endangered Species Act of much of its power. Several bills would remove the act’s provisions to save species from extinction regardless of the economic impact, rely on peer-reviewed scientific data and reward conservation organizations that successfully sue to protect animals by paying their court costs.

Combs is a rancher and former Texas comptroller with strong ties to the oil industry whose politics align with efforts to weaken the law. As comptroller, she fought the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service repeatedly over its attempts to enforce the Endangered Species Act in the state. In a 2015 report, the Austin American-Statesman showed how Combs worked to remove endangered protections for a native state songbird, the golden-cheeked warbler, claiming that its listing hurt military readiness.

Following a successful bid to keep a tiny lizard off the endangered list in 2012, Combs hailed the decision as a victory for state jobs and the national energy economy.


This GOPuke/FRightwingnut cabal is so bad that I hope their actions will finally force apathetic Americans to get off their lazy, overweight azzes and. VOTE!


Interesting that all the states that follow the Cal standard are basically either East Coast or West Coast states.

“The states that have adopted the California standards are: Connecticut, Delaware, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New Mexico (2011 model year), New York, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Washington, as well as the District of Columbia.”


Nearly a dozen U.S. states and Washington D.C. on Tuesday promised to defend federal automobile efficiency standards against a rollback proposed this week by Scott Pruitt, the embattled head of the Environmental Protection Agency.

“All Americans … deserve to enjoy fuel-efficient, low-emission cars and light trucks that save money on gas, improve our health and support American jobs,” the attorneys general from 11 states said in a statement responding to Pruitt’s proposal on Monday to ease the Obama-era standards.


We need to get working on having more waterways getting their own legal rights to environmental safety.


The move appears to change the approval process to lessen the role of EPA employees and scientists when it comes to evaluating whether a project has a significant negative environmental impact on waterways or wetlands.

Lawyers, start your filings!

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