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T and R x 3, and thanks Ms. Benny!! 🙂 Okay, let’s see, who is the cowardly piece of chickensh1t who would do this to Bernie’s office? The surprising fact is he/she/it hasn’t pulled it years ago. Anywho, the latest down here is gearing up for hurricane/storm season: https://yaleclimateconnections.org/2024/04/forecasters-predict-an-extremely-active-2024-atlantic-hurricane-season/. Love it /s. Wonder if fracking had anything to do with the NE earthquakes? It sure is/was causing havoc in OK. 🙁

Paul ADK

This stuff happens every election year. The main thing is no one was hurt, and damage was minimal. And it sounds like hit and run, to me. So the act of a coward, absolutely. I hope it gets minimum attention.

Paul ADK

And now he’s facing 5- 25 years. I wonder if he knows that Vermont outsources most of its prisoners to, I believe, Louisiana. So, no, not a nice liberal New England jail. No, not at all.



Add corrupt to it. Both words begin with c.💩


Terrorists Target China-Pakistan Projects & the US Role Backing Separatists
Brian Berletic, The New Atlas




Nice day to go on a road trip, almost ideal weather. Got cooler when the diamond ring appeared. Yes, I heard” Eclipse” by Pink Floyd when totality arrived. Glorious 4m 2s we got. In looking right to left, the Sky a lot darker this time compared to 2017 but perhaps because we had a longer totality though.


Cool! I stayed at the house in the NW Catskills. About 97% at peak. Still quite bright—like sunset or sunrise. The temp did drop about 10 degrees like it does at sunset when the warm sun goes away.