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A little late but how true


I ‘d make the deal-Tucker can go home

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Boy what a week politically!!
Janet kicks ass in Wi for WISSC court, and of course our sore losers of the GQP threatened to impeach her.

Nice upset in Chicago for mayor hopefully he does well as thiers a lot of corruption at the political level (city) to get thru. Then theirs the crime problem as well. Score one for Bernie as his endoursement may have put him over the top.

Then you have the Tennessee GQP kicking out 2 black Dems for wanting to be heard about the shootings in the school there. Did you notice the vast Majority of people protesting were white. These two men have a bright future in politics, Their very eloquent in there speaking, down to earth and relate well to the people they represent you couldn’t ask for 2 better politicians. The Tennessee GQP blew this one big time, all they had to do was censure these 3 and it would have never made the national media. The shooting would have faded away like so many others have in the past. But noooo!!!! The out right rascist/ fascist Tennessee GQP had to show off and kick these guys out. Now they have a nation wide platform and its bringing Attn. to how bad racism is in Tennessee and the rest of the country. The only thing missing in the GQP Tennessee Legislature was the white hoods. Tennessee is the birthplace of the KKK and they legislate like it.

The the fight over abortion pills, once again a GQP fascist judge is imposing his perverted interpretation of a drug that been around for over 20 years. Unfortunately their are way to many states that are gerrymandered to death and makes it impossible to overturn these batshit fascist Legislatures. Holding out hope in Wi yet.

The us fought WWII to defeat Fascism in Europe but ite rearing its ugly head in this country and many so called Americans are ok with it. Craprate America seems ok with it as well as long as it doenst interfere with thier price gouging and profits. Apparently they arent students of history as Hitler nationalized most of Germanany’s economy and placed limits on the rest of the businesses. One thing about fascism they want total power over everything. So watch out craprate America that nice little company you have could be undernew ownership if your not carefull. Think i’m crazy look at the latest threats by DeFascist in Fla. and the Mouse. In this case its literally a choice of two evils. I wonder how long the taxpayers will put up with taxdollars being spent on this fight with the mouse. Why is DeFascits even messing with a corporation that brings about 20 billion in consumer spending dollars into Fla.every year. 100s of thousands of people depends on the jobs that are a benefit of having the mosue in this state. The mouse will end up moving anyway as Fla just might be underwater due to climate change that the GQP calls fake news/science.

I figure the Mouses lawyers are at this point with DeFascist since they own the Star Wars franchise- thier playing with him


Thanks orl!



Wonder whom is on the other side of his suit pocket?

Paul ADK

Alongside of all of the other fascist relics, a Supreme Court Justice. Bought and paid for. Who said slavery was dead?




I’m doing a post and run, but wanted to say Happy Easter. i feel like such a schmuck but i have been truly sick and working since late january. no need for the gory details, but have an important appointment may 1. plus all i seem to care about are the wars and the hopefully emerging multi-polar world. honestly, it looks to me like our media spit out many more lies than rt. and i don’t think most arguments work well in these cases. we have our beliefs and that’s that. so i go on, probably way to addicted to things political again.

one day i’ll gather a few of the sites i listen to. one that has really informed me on how much our National Endowment for Democracy (NED) and its tentacles are involved in soft and hard coups, using legitimate beefs to whip up usually violent opposition and install an american friendly govt. brian berletic, an ex-marine, who gives off the calmest presentations at The New Atlas, https://rumble.com/c/c-1459863

TWO great pieces of news–i just pray they grow and become reality.

1. RFK Jr. is running for president against the deep state of war everywhere all the time.

2. Thought I’d pass this along, too. Ending the war in Yemen, brought to you by China and Russia and Saudi Arabia and really Iran and all the others that are tired of the death and the coups. i have no illusions that they are paradise, but we need to be stopped, imho.


‘Peace In The Middle East? That’s A Threat.’
Thanks to China’s and Russia’s mediation peace is breaking out in the Middle East.

Elijah J. Magnier @ejmalrai – 4:14 UTC · Apr 8, 2023

The United Arab Emirates has begun withdrawing its forces from #Yemen. The Saudi-Emirati-Yemenite agreement will be announced soon.

The Middle East is solving its conflicts without the #US negative impact.

Elijah J. Magnier @ejmalrai · Apr 7
Great news:
#SaudiArabia will announce the end of the war in #Yemen after the Eid al-Fitr. Saudi is ending all its (high/low) conflicts in the Middle East with #Iran, #Syria, #Iraq, #Yemen & #Lebanon(not interested in the country for now) to turn towards its own development. …
Peace will also come to Syria. The foreign minister of Saudi Arabia will soon visit Damascus. He will invite Syria to rejoin the Arab League. An Arab League summit will be held next month in Saudi Arabia and the Syrian president Bashar al Assad is expected to be there.

This comes after agreements between Iran and Saudi Arabia to bury the hatchet and after agreements between Iraq and Iran to reign in a Kurdish uprising in Iran that was controlled by Kurdish forces in Iraq.

‘We can’t have that’, says U.S. president Joe Biden. He sent CIA director Bill Burns to Saudi Arabia to threaten consequences:

CIA Director Bill Burns made an unannounced trip to Saudi Arabia this week where he reportedly aired Washington’s frustrations over Riyadh’s opening to Iran and Syria through mediation brokered by US rivals China and Russia.
Speaking on condition of anonymity, a US official confirmed the trip to Al-Monitor. “Director Burns traveled to Saudi Arabia where he met with intelligence counterparts and country leaders on issues of shared interest,” the US official said.

The official did not disclose the exact day of the trip but said that Burns discussed intelligence cooperation, especially in the area of counterterrorism. The CIA director met the country’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, The Wall Street Journal reported on Thursday.

Burns likely threatened to withhold U.S. intelligence on terrorist groups from the Saudis. The CIA could additionally push some of its ISIS assets to make some nasty appearances in Saudi Arabia to then offer ‘help’ to ‘fight terrorism’.

I do not think that this will work. The Saudis have had enough of U.S. interference in their region. They are looking for development and development requires peace.

Thus the U.S. is upping its threat:

The US Navy deployed a nuclear-powered submarine capable of carrying 154 Tomahawk cruise missiles into Middle East waters via the Suez Canal, a spokesperson revealed Saturday.
The Pentagon’s rare disclosure of the location of one of its Ohio-class submarines came amid heightened tensions between the United States and Iran after an American military contractor was killed by a drone attack on a US base in Syria last month.

The USS Florida arrived in the region before transiting the canal on Friday “to help ensure regional maritime security and stability,” Cdr. Tim Hawkins, a spokesperson for the US Navy’s 5th Fleet, told Al-Monitor via email.

Last week, the Pentagon extended the deployment of an aircraft carrier strike group led by the USS George H. W. Bush in the Mediterranean to support US forces in the Middle East in case of further conflagration and moved up the planned deployment of a squadron of A-10 attack aircraft to the region, CNN first reported.

Thanks for listening. I know I’ll be back eventually, if you’ll have me. Love.


p.s. i think brian’s assessment of the war is probably too optimistic, but hope i’m wrong.


Greetings pb4, it is good to see you. We’ve missed your company. It’s interesting to see what you’ve been reading lately and hearing about our disastrous foreign policy, especially with the explosive spending under Biden’s administration.

In addition to Yemen, I am concerned about Israel and the attacks going on again in Lebanon and the West Bank. And our war machine feeds the authoritarian beasts in the Israeli government. Except for Bernie and a couple of other people in the House, Biden’s defense budget grows unchecked.


@polarbear4 Here’s a photo jcb posted last week and I said it reminded me of you.

Peace and flowers, comrades, on this Easter weekend.

Jonquil Screenshot 2023-03-20 081938.gif
Lamb Screenshot 2023-04-08 204610.png



awww tanks. easter is so full of faith in peace. i sort of gave up on hope. lol


Hey PB great to hear from you. Hopefully you get good news from what ever ailes you. We all wish you well!! Looking forward to you posting more frequently when you know the time is right. the Middle east– Just maybe the people over thier are sick and tired of war. When you look at the history of that region thier hasn’t been much peace over the last 2000 years. The US certainly hasnt helped much other than the Isreal-Egypt peace treaty done by Jimmy Carter.


Happy Easter PB! Sorry to hear about your health and good luck with your upcoming appointment.


polar bear easter. :0)



Orl, a question. Are the Villages set up with the same type of district that the mouse has or something simular?



Yes Dick Durbin is indeed awful. Illinois could do way better.


Once one allows steamrolling like this, they will continue to think it’s OK.


Some Democratic operatives are suggesting that prospective candidates just get “AIPAC’s target off their back” by conceding to the anti-Palestinian spending network (made up of not just AIPAC but also Democratic Majority for Israel, Pro-Israel America, NORPAC, and others) through vague or overly conciliatory positions regarding the billions in largely unrestricted military aid that American taxpayers provide the Israeli military. This view was summarized in one conference call last year in which a consultant suggested to a progressive candidate: “Why don’t you just tweet something about how you support Israel if you want to avoid $5 million in attack ads?” Missing from these short-term, tactical discussions about appeasing AIPAC are ideological, moral, and strategic questions regarding the Democratic Party’s position on a military occupation that leading Israeli and international human rights organizations like B’tselem, Amnesty International, and Human Rights Watch all call apartheid.

Anxiety about AIPAC’s millions is certainly warranted, because when it spends, it spends big. AIPAC spent in just nine races last cycle and defeated nearly every Democrat it opposed—with the exception of working-class, progressive Summer Lee of Pennsylvania and Sri Thanedar of Michigan, a self-funded multimillionaire. The importance of Lee’s victory cannot be overstated. It is a recent and concrete example of how a strong candidate with a well-run, community-driven campaign and large progressive coalition can overcome AIPAC’s multimillion-dollar machine.

Lee’s victory is a road map for how progressive Democrats can unite to build infrastructure to elect candidates whose values will be consistent both at home and abroad. The AIPAC network is spending millions of dollars precisely because it is losing the generational and partisan battle to progressive Democrats. Instead of capitulating, progressives should continue building off Lee’s victory by coordinating our own network of anti-occupation donors, operatives, and local community members on the ground—precisely mirroring the ideologically driven electoral infrastructure that the AIPAC network has already built.




A shooting in downtown Louisville, Kentucky, on Monday morning has left six victims, including a police officer, according to preliminary information from a source with direct knowledge of the scene on the ground.

The Louisville Metro Police said they were responding to “an active aggressor” on the 300 block of East Main Street in downtown, adding “there are multiple casualties.” FBI Louisville described the incident as a shooting, and other officials urged residents to stay away from the area.

The source said there were shots exchanged between the shooter and police during the incident. The gunman is “down” and the incident has ended, the source said.

It is unclear if the shooter is one of the six victims. The victims’ conditions are unknown and all have been transported to University Hospital.



Some GQP nut job will pay top$$$ for it just to use it for bragging rights. It should be melted down in all cases of mass shootings.