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Consider it done. Thanks pb4!!


The senior citizens of Wisconsin risked their lives yesterday to go to the polls to show America they don’t want socialism. They walked through the valley of the shadow of death to show the nation they don’t want no Medicare for All, they don’t need no Green New Deal, they don’t want no free child care for their grandchildren. They don’t want no free shit. The 55s and older came out for their hero Joe Biden-Trump to show once and for all that claims Joe lacks enthusiastic supporters is malarky. Meanwhile the young whippersnapper Bernie Bros stayed home trembling in their Nikes afraid of a little one-celled critter.
That’s what I had been thinking and then cruising around the internet last night I saw a slew of comments by young people enthusiastic about having cast the first vote of their lives for Bernie Sanders and a little tiny light blinked on way in the back of my brain. It generated a faint ray of hope I was just barely able to perceive. It blinked a little message in Morse code that said a yuge surprise is coming our way in a week because maybe, just maybe, enough young people turned out to make the unthinkable happen.


That would be great. We will find out next week.


Would cross my fingers and toes but they’re arthritic. 🙁 From your thoughts to god’s ear.


Well since they wouldn’t let anyone even watch the people carrying the ballots, you can be pretty sure it won’t go our way.

I hope I’m wrong, but I am going to fight this main stream idea that Wisconsin should have any effect on Bernie. That wasn’t a real primary.

I hope he stays in until joe gets 1991.


I know this is not the sense for people here, but it’s what’s going on out there. I will support whatever decision Bernie and Jane make about going forward.


Sanders’ path to the Democratic nomination is getting narrower every day. Former Vice President Joe Biden has a 1,217-to-914 delegate lead over Sanders. To be the nominee, a candidate needs 1,991. That means Biden needs just 46% of the remaining delegates to be the nominee; Sanders needs 64%.

In other words, for Sanders to turn this aircraft carrier around, he would need to get at least 64% of the vote in all of the remaining contests to beat Biden.

And the opposite looked to be the case heading into Wisconsin, where voting took place Tuesday three weeks after the last primaries. Biden was up 62% to 34% in the latest Marquette Law School poll. Sanders won the Wisconsin primary in 2016 by 13 points.

There are no results being released in Wisconsin until Monday. But the Wisconsin outcome could be determinative if it winds up looking like what’s happened in previous weeks, with big Biden victories on Super Tuesday and beyond.

Biden and Sanders, though, seem to have a warm relationship, something Sanders did not have with Hillary Clinton, who defeated him for the nomination in 2016.

“If I’m the nominee, I can tell you one thing, I would very much want Bernie to be part of the journey,” Biden said Tuesday on NBC’s Today. “Not as a vice presidential nominee, but just engaging in all the things that he’s worked so hard to do, many of which I agree with.”

With the writing on the wall becoming clear, negotiation is happening at the top levels between the campaigns, according to a source familiar with the discussions.

Not everyone will come around, and Sanders, of course, would first have to concede, but the goal of beating Trump and moving the country in a more progressive direction would likely be enough for many of the Sanders faithful to vote for Biden in the fall.

“We are all in if Biden is the nominee,” Cohen said.


but it’s the mainstream media. We were never counting on that crowd, so I’m not Going to now. We have always taken what they’ve spouted with a grain of salt.


Yes it is the MSM, but it is a fact that Bernie would need 64% of the remaining delegates to win when in all the recent contests, he has been getting in the 30s at most. Now Bernie may decide to stay in the race if he performs about the same (in the 30s) in Wisconsin on the slight chance that Biden will spontaneously combust. Or he could decide to stay in because he thinks by doing that his progressive positions will be better helped. Even better maybe he will defy the polls and win Wisconsin. But again staying in or getting out is his decision.

Also the last quote is from Larry Cohen who is advocating that Bernie stay in but who says he will be supporting Biden if Biden is the nominee. It’s a direct quote and, unless Cohen refutes it, is the same whether it appears in the Intercept, WaPo, or Fox.


with mail-in ballots and more people waking up to the benefits of Medicare for all, I believe he has a really good chance if he wants to fight for it and get some really good ads out there in the primary states at the very least and keeps demanding a debate.

And I don’t doubt for a minute that probably all of his surrogates will say they’re going to vote for Biden although I don’t know how much some of them will campaign for him.

We never Biden’s will likely lose. I really do think it will be a battle of the machines. Who owns what in each state. If Bernie loses the nom.

Guess my question for you is, what do you see as a benefit of him dropping out early?


Agree. We know where the MSM has always been wrt Bernie. We never bought what they were selling, and we still don’t!

Bernie staying in the race will not ensure a Trump win in November. The Democratic establishment will do that very well, thank you. Similarly, Bernie trying to stump for the Dem establishment’s candidate will not stop a Trump win in November. The Dem establishment alone will not stop it either. We don’t believe their promises to be progressive–in some ways now Trump is governing to the left of the Dem establishment.


Covid deaths in NYC have been even higher than reported


New York City officials will begin to count suspected COVID-19 deaths in addition to cases confirmed by a laboratory following a WNYC/Gothamist report revealing a staggering increase in the number of people dying at home but not included in the official tally because they hadn’t been tested for the novel coronavirus.

In a statement, Stephanie Buhle, a spokeswoman for the New York City’s Health Department confirmed the change in protocol.

“The Office of the Chief Medical Examiner (OCME) and the NYC Health Department are working together to include into their reports deaths that may be linked to COVID but not lab confirmed that occur at home,” she said. She didn’t say when the city would begin reporting suspected deaths along with the overall count.

The announcement comes as New York City, which has been hardest-hit by the virus, saw its largest single-day toll so far from the COVID-19 pandemic, with 727 dying in a 24-hour period.

However, even those numbers failed to include many instances when first responders encountered someone who had already died at home or other non-hospital settings. That happened 280 times on Monday, according to data from the city’s Fire Department.

While not all of those deaths are necessarily caused by COVID-19, it’s a sharp increase over the average 25 home deaths the city was experiencing before the pandemic swept the five boroughs.



While New York area officials are seeing hopeful signs in a slowing rate of new coronavirus infections, mortality figures — a lagging indicator — have continued to rise.

New York State, with a population of nearly 20 million, now has more confirmed cases of coronavirus than Italy, a nation of 60 million that was the first in Europe to be ravaged by the disease. And in New York City, where the total number of recorded fatalities surged to 4,009, the virus has claimed more lives than the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001.

Mayor Bill de Blasio, speaking on CNN on Wednesday morning, said that the toll did not include hundreds of people who had died in their homes.

“The blunt truth is coronavirus is driving these very tragic deaths,” he said. “We are talking about 100 to 200 people per day.”

“We never saw anything like this,” he said. “This is further evidence of just how destructive this disease is.”

Even without taking those deaths into account, New York, New Jersey and Connecticut all announced their highest daily death tolls this week, accounting for 1,034 of the 1,800 nationwide deaths.

The rising toll reflects the often considerable lag between the time people are infected and the day they die, Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo said. He also warned that the slowing rate of infections could quickly be reversed if people stopped following social distancing protocols.

Like Italy within Europe, New York has had the misfortune of being the first place in the United States where the virus deeply seeded itself in the population. But a New York Times investigation also found that early missteps, including delays in closing schools and failing to break the chain of transmission within households, have proved costly.


i take it your honey is on the mend. 🌸


Yes almost better. No symptoms no temp for a few days


Consider the source: NPR. It’s a cryin’ shame, too.



A preview of things soon to come in the US


“The desperation is taking its toll.”

That’s what Armando Gallinari, a father of five who runs a small flower shop in the north of Naples, told us. His shop has been closed for nearly a month.

“Since then I’ve had nothing coming in at all,” he said. “As of yet, I haven’t received any government assistance. We have nowhere to turn.”

Everyone knows Italy’s story by now. The first European nation to be hit hard by the coronavirus, it has become a harbinger for the rest of Europe and America. First, there was the lockdown. Then the sight of a health care system stretched to the point of collapse and the terror of a rising death count.

Now, nearly a month after the country went into lockdown, Italy is sending another warning. The economy is in trouble, bound for a major contraction. And the precariously situated workers — self-employed, seasonal, informal — are suffering the most. It’s not clear how much longer they can survive.

While the coronavirus has been concentrated in the country’s north, especially the regions of Lombardy and Emilia-Romagna, the economic effects are most severe in the poorer, less industrialized south.

Informal workers — carers, cleaners, construction workers, waiters, couriers, drivers, agriculture workers and many more — are doubly vulnerable. First, because the work on which they depend has disappeared. Second, because the measures put in place by the Italian government to ameliorate the worse effects of the crisis — a moratorium on mortgages, loan repayment holidays for businesses and wage protections for those laid off — do not protect them.

The situation for many is bleak. “Everyone here is having problems now,” Mr. Gallinari, the florist, said. “There are lots of people who are going hungry. You can see that their behavior is beginning to change.” Reports of social unrest across the region — shopkeepers forced to give away food, even some thefts — have ruffled a usually close-knit community. “The other night I caught some kids trying to break into my garage,” Mr. Gallinari said. “This is new for us.”



I lost a tweet that has a picture of Hillary and it says there’s proof that she was behind flooding the field of candidates. If anyone sees it please snag it for me. Thank you!


short 🧵

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