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Cory Booker’s early fundraising numbers are well behind those posted by other major Democratic candidates in the race to challenge President Donald Trump.

The New Jersey senator, who campaigned Sunday in New Hampshire, said he raised over $5 million in the two months since he entered the 2020 primary, and has over $6.1 million cash on hand.

Booker announced the figure in an email to supporters. The sum puts him near the back of the pack in fundraising with roughly 10 months left before the start of Democratic primary voting. Of those candidates that have announced their figures, only entrepreneur Andrew Yang announced raising less than Booker.



Presidential hopeful Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) on Sunday shot back at those who suggest is supports open borders, saying high levels of global poverty would make an open borders policy complicated.

When asked at an Oskaloosa, Iowa, town hall why he supported open borders, the 2020 White House candidate was quick to clarify his stance.

“I’m afraid you may be getting your information wrong,” Sanders replied, according to the Washington Post. “I think what we need is comprehensive immigration reform.”

“Oh my god, there’s a lot of poverty in this world, and you’re going to have people from all over the world. And I don’t think that’s something that we can do at this point. Can’t do it,” the Vermont lawmaker continued.

Sanders, as well as the majority of 2020 Democratic hopefuls, has not released an immigration platform yet.



Biden, who is expected to join the race as early as this month, leads in South Carolina with 32 percent, more than twice as much as second-place U.S. Bernie Sanders of Vermont at 14 percent. Still, Biden dropped 4 percent from a Change Research 2020 poll in February, while Sanders was unchanged.

Bunched up after Sanders are U.S. Sen. Kamala Harris of California (10 percent) along with former Texas congressman Beto O’Rourke and U.S. Sen. Cory Booker of New Jersey (both at 9 percent).

Abrams and Buttigieg, who were non-factors in the February poll, showed up behind the leaders at 7 percent each just ahead of U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts at 6 percent.


Good for Beto here


Beto O’Rourke is correct. While speaking last Thursday to a reporter from the Associated Press, the former Texas congressman had this to say about Donald Trump’s racism and nativism:

Well, I compared the rhetoric that the president has employed to rhetoric that you might have heard during the Third Reich. Calling human beings an infestation is something that we might’ve expected to hear in Nazi Germany. Describing immigrants — who have a track record of committing violent crimes at a lower rate than native-born Americans — as rapists and criminals. Seeking to ban all Muslims — all people of one religion — what other country on the face of the planet does that kind of thing? Or in our human history or in the history of the Western world?

Putting kids in cages? Saying that neo-Nazis and Klansmen and white supremacists are very fine people? You draw your own conclusions, but this is not something that I expected to hear a president of the United States of America ever say.

The evidence is overwhelming.

Donald Trump has repeatedly called Latino immigrants and refugees an “infestation” of “invaders,” a race of rapists and criminals who are coming to America to reproduce, and by implication to “replace” white Americans. Trump has said, “These aren’t people. These are animals.” He was not speaking of migrants in general when he said that, but the rhetorical strategy at work here is to conflate gang members and other criminals with Latinos as a group.

As a standard talking point, Donald Trump and his allies in the Republican Party and right-wing media also describe nonwhite immigrants, refugees, and migrants as being a “burden” to American society, which is inferred to be “white.”

Donald Trump has even told Fox News’ Sean Hannity that “illegal migrants” at the U.S.-Mexico border could be shot and killed.


Trump did more than “tell Hannity.” B4 Thanksgiving last year, his Chief Of Staff issued a “cabinet order,” (Ie Trump was too lazy/chicken to do it himself) to the militAry, authorizing them to use deadly force at the southern border.

The first casualty of President Trump’s deployment of active-duty troops to our southern border — or maybe the second, if you count the line between military policy and naked partisanship as the first — has been clarity. Over the last ten days, we’ve had reports that troops were finishing their mission and leaving the border, and then reports that they weren’t. The administration changed the rules to limit where would-be refugees could apply for asylum, until a court said it couldn’t.

Now there’s been another bewildering development. According to Military Times’ Tara Copp, a memo came down from the White House on Tuesday evening authorizing active-duty troops at the border to fulfill some functions of law enforcement for the “protection of border agents” — including searching and detaining people, crowd control, and “lethal force, where necessary.”

National security lawyers all over the country lifted their heads from their Thanksgiving preparations in alarm. It has been very settled law for more than a century that active-duty troops may not be used for law enforcement functions within U.S. borders. That law, the Posse Comitatus Act, was passed just after the Civil War and Reconstruction, specifically to protect state governments from having policies they didn’t like enforced by federal military personnel on their soil. The exceptions are extreme: the president can “use military force to suppress insurrection or enforce federal authority,” per the Congressional Research Service. It’s worth noting that service members always have the right to use force for self-defense — but the idea is that troops are not to be used in roles where they might choose to use force for other reasons.

There are several strange things about this document that immediately jump out. It was called a “Cabinet order,” but the Cabinet has no constitutional authority to make orders, and certainly not of the military. Sometimes in past administrations, the White House has sent “Cabinet memos” — but those merely enumerated explicit presidential guidance. This memo, instead of invoking the president’s authority, was signed by Chief of Staff John Kelly — but chiefs of staff have no authority to command anyone except White House employees. (And in my experience from the Clinton White House, that’s certainly not a group you would want to put in charge of crowd control.) The fact that Kelly is a retired four-star general is irrelevant; no chief of staff fits anywhere in the military chain of command.


You need a freaking database to keep track of what all this President & this administration gave done/said. But the media has that in its archive.


You would need a cabinet branch created just to track Trumpcorps lies and golf outings



In an attempt to work around the White House, Democratic lawmakers in Albany are trying to do what their federal counterparts have so far failed to accomplish: to obtain President Trump’s tax returns.

Albany lawmakers are seeking state tax returns, not the federal ones at the heart of the current standoff in Washington. But a tax return from New York — the president’s home state, and the headquarters of his business empire — could likely contain much of the same financial information as a federal return.

Under a bill that is scheduled to be introduced this week, the commissioner of the New York Department of Taxation and Finance would be permitted to release any state tax return requested by leaders of three congressional committees for any “specific and legitimate legislative purpose.”

Under the new proposal, the release of tax information would require a formal request by a congressional committee, and would come only after other efforts to obtain federal tax information through the Treasury Department had failed.


Hint it’s Pat Robertson and the leader is Maduro

Radical cleric issues fatwa supporting assassination of foreign leader. https://t.co/A2soeDKKW8

— Matt Duss (@mattduss) April 7, 2019



Folks, I've finally done it. What happens when you do an apples-to-apples taxation comparison where you include premiums for employer health insurance (which are now compulsory in the US) as a tax?

Don't @ me, I'm going to do a post later. @dylanmatt pic.twitter.com/LbR7vbhWoV

— Matt Bruenig (@MattBruenig) April 8, 2019



Off topic but interesting


He is called the “father of the American cavalry,” a Polish-born Revolutionary War hero who fought for American independence under George Washington and whose legend inspired the dedication of parades, schools, roads and bridges.

But for more than 200 years, a mystery persisted about his final resting place. Historical accounts suggested the cavalryman, Casimir Pulaski, had been buried at sea, but others maintained he was buried in an unmarked grave in Savannah, Ga.

Researchers believe they have found the answer — after coming to another significant discovery: The famed general was most likely intersex.

New evidence suggests that although Pulaski identified and lived as a man, biologically, he did not fit into the binary definitions of male and female, a twist that helps explain why scientists could not previously identify his remains.

The discovery offers historical representation to people who are intersex, a group that has often been stigmatized and overlooked throughout history. About one in 2,000 people is born with ambiguous genitalia, which can lead doctors to perform what advocates say are unnecessary and harmful surgeries, according to the Intersex Society of North America.

But intersex includes a variety of conditions, and many more people have subtler variations in sex anatomy, which may manifest later in life — or not at all. Some estimates suggest that about 1.7 percent of the population has intersex traits, making such characteristics about as common as having red hair.

Kimberly Zieselman, the executive director of interACT, an advocacy organization for children with intersex traits, said Pulaski’s life showed what can happen when intersex people are allowed to live as they were born, without early surgical intervention.

“What’s happening today is so wrong,” Ms. Zieselman said. “You are erasing people like this person who went on, untouched, to be a war hero.”


What’s that you saying about “death panels,” half Gov Palin?

Cnn: Medicaid expansion tied to fewer heart-related deaths, study finds

“The overall results of this study are that after expansion of Medicaid in 2014, the areas in the country that did expand had a significantly lower mortality rate compared to if they had followed the same trajectory as the areas in the country that didn’t expand,” said Dr. Sameed Khatana, a fellow in cardiovascular disease at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, who was first author of the new research.






Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) will campaign in five Midwest battleground states this week as he seeks to cement his support among white working-class voters.

Sanders has stops planned in Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Indiana and Ohio. President Trump won all of those states in 2016.

The Sanders campaign said in a statement that the Democrats’ “strongest path to victory in 2020 runs through the upper Midwest” and that Sanders is “by far the best-positioned candidate to win these states and defeat Donald Trump.”

At the campaign events, Sanders will focus on trade deals and union support, issues that should resonate with white, male blue collar workers in the region.



Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders is returning to Michigan for a Saturday campaign rally as he works too rekindle the enthusiasm that carried him to a primary win here in 2016.

The Independent U.S. senator from Vermont and self-avowed democratic socialist is set to hold a rally at Macomb Community College in Warren on April 13, his campaign announced Monday.

Sanders’ Michigan rally is one stop on a weekend itinerary that will also take him to Wisconsin and Pennsylvania.

Trump flipped all three states in 2016, but Sanders is “by far the best-positioned” candidate in the Democratic field to win them back, his campaign argued in a news release. “The tour will emphasize that Democrats’ clearest and strongest path to victory in 2020 runs through the upper Midwest.”

The Macomb Community College rally is expected to begin at 5 p.m. in a parking lot at 14500 East 12 Mile Road in Warren.



U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders is visiting Madison Friday on a tour of Upper Midwest states, contending he is the Democratic presidential contender best-positioned to carry the pivotal region in a general election against President Donald Trump.

The rally is at 5 p.m. Friday at James Madison Park. It is free and open to the public, with entrance provided on a first-come, first-serve basis.

The stop is a part of a three-part weekend tour that includes visits to Michigan and Pennsylvania. Those states, along with Wisconsin, comprised what Democrats called the “Blue Wall” before the 2016 election, when their support for Trump cemented his Electoral College win.

A Sanders campaign release said “the tour will emphasize that Democrats’ clearest and strongest path to victory in 2020 runs through the Upper Midwest — and that Bernie Sanders is by far the best-positioned candidate to win these states and defeat Donald Trump.”

Sanders’ message at the rallies will focus on “fighting against unfair trade deals that undermine workers wages and enrich CEOs, rebuilding and strengthening unions and guaranteeing health care as a right to all with Medicare for All,” the release said.


You’ll see plenty of Rainbow Coalitions in his crowds.


Interesting, a Bernie facts piece at FOX:

Bernie Sanders fast facts: 5 things to know about the Vermont senator

These are the 5 main areas the writer, Jennifer Earl, covers:

– He’s the longest-serving Independent member of Congress in U.S. history
– He was the first non-Christian candidate to win a presidential primary
– He once worked as a carpenter, writer
– He was first to propose “Medicare for All”
– He’s had several failed campaigns

Hey, four out of five ain’t bad. 😉

re: MFA

The phrase “for all” doesn’t mean the plan would instantly give every American insurance. It would be slowly extended to citizens (from older to younger) over a period of four years, NPR reports.

You can read more about the plan here.


Overall, more informative and fair than most things you hear from the so-called liberal media!


Scary. Setting a trap? Haha.


Well, Fox had people on just now talking about how Bernie likes to trash capitalism while on the campaign trail, so it’s not as though they’re huge fans of Bernie’s (yet). 😉



Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) will roll out an updated version of his “Medicare for all” plan Wednesday on Capitol Hill.

Sanders, who is again seeking the Democratic nomination for president, will unveil the bill alongside Senate co-sponsors, many of whom are also candidates for president.

Sanders last introduced the bill in 2017, with support from presidential candidates Sens. Cory Booker (D-N.J.), Kirsten Gillibrand (D-N.Y.), Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) and Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.)

Their offices have not responded to questions about whether they would support the updated version.

Sanders’s bill would largely eliminate private insurance and institute a single-payer system managed by the government.

The updated version will also include long-term care, such as nursing homes, which is currently not covered by the Medicare program.

Home and community based care which also be covered.

Kevin Jolivette
Kevin Jolivette

I think this is a smart move by Bernie. It doesn’t give any of the other candidates wiggle room for not getting rid of health insurance companies, either they support Medicare for all or they don’t.


How are you all doing in the Midwest? Any snow yet?

In my area, trailer parks near rivers are flooding. Pretty heavy rain, pretty constantly.


Calling wi6o: you going to the Madison Rally?


I was literally drooling that I finally might be able to make it to see him — But my boss said schedule isn’t all that flexible once its posted for the week. 😪😪😥😥!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Cheer up! Bernie can find WI on a map & knows that it is important, so this won’t be his only visit. And the Convention is in Milwaukee.


Good thread if you want to “hear “Bernie’s union speech today.

@BernieSanders takes the stage here in Las Vegas, addressing the IAM Transportation Conference to a loud sanding ovation

— Jacob Solis (@jacobsolisnv) April 8, 2019



A #BankingOnClimateChange report is out that shows the extent of the complicity of big banks in the #FossilFuels industry.

Those who have profited should pay #ClimateChange victims for their loss and damage. @IENearth @SierraClub @BankTrackhttps://t.co/aeX9FhYlw1

— Popular Resistance (@PopResistance) April 8, 2019


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