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HomeUncategorized5/1 TGIF: May Day Evening News & Open Thread
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i knew that Bernie would be holding up his half of the bargain, but this time they treated him soooo badly, so viciously, that i don’t think he owes them anything.

Maybe he doesn’t want an opponent in his Senate run, which I think is a very poor reason, since he’s so popular and we would all support him, even more so if he was fighting Schumer and Pelosi. And I can only imagine that his “colleagues” in the Senate are basically threatening to not work with him if he doesn’t tow the line. Just like, surprisingly, to me, no one endorsed him and they all coalesced behind Biden.

idk, honestly, I wish that once the voting during Covid was over, that he would’ve fought back and I’m not sure what I’m feeling right now. I was going to plaster my Bernie bumper stickers on my car and on different things I have and now I’m not sure I want to be reminded of this campaign.

I’m going to keep it around for a while longer because I know in my heart that he did open up huge vistas to many Americans that had not thought it was realistic before, but he also has come close to breaking the spirits of huge numbers of people who gave their all for him and don’t feel like he communicated with us at the end or now. idk

I am doing two dollars a month for his Senate run, because I want him in the Senate, for sure. If he can surprise us and get something truly wonderful passed…


It’s the “breaking the spirit of people who gave their all for him” part that sticks in my craw.

A dream ended. Abruptly.


I haven’t taken off my bumper sticker just yet, why i don’t know. I’m in political purgatory right now. i just know our one party system has no room for progressive values for this cycle