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More like a nightmare


The Congressional Black Caucus may have found an answer to its Joe Biden dilemma: Vice President Kamala Harris.

Some black lawmakers are agonizing over whether to back Biden or two members of the close-knit caucus — Sens. Harris and Cory Booker — who are also vying for the White House, according to interviews with a dozen CBC members.

But with the former vice president jumping out to a huge, if early, lead in the polls, several CBC members are warming to the idea of a Biden-Harris ticket to take on President Donald Trump.

“That would be a dream ticket for me, a dream ticket!” said Rep. Lacy Clay (D-Mo.). “If she is not the nominee, that would be a dream ticket for this country.”


I watched parts of her interview on Tapper’s SOTU. The interview wasn’t terribly informative than her town hall a few weeks ago. She’s good at squiggling out of pointing fingers at people, but her answers are not terribly specific. She was asked why she should be on that stage with Trump. “I love my country. And I don’t think the country is where it ought to be.”

She has no foreign policy stances other than she said she would not have voted for NAFTA.


Here’s an example from that interview (not foreign policy, but health insurance):

Can’t commit to anything.


Here’s the bit on foreign policy:

Don midwest
Don midwest

a couple of science articles

Dancing honeybees use democratic process when selecting a new home

Scientists Discover Nearly 200,000 Kinds of Ocean Viruses
New work raises the estimated diversity of viruses in the seas more than twelvefold and lays the groundwork for a better understanding of their impact on global nutrient cycles.

Every very time you swallow a mouthful of seawater while swimming at the beach, you’re downing about as many viruses as there are people in North America.

However, despite the staggering abundance of marine viruses — and the key role that these infectious agents seem to play in global processes like the carbon cycle — scientists still know relatively little about the variety of viruses that are out there. In 2015 a team documented 5,476 distinct kinds of viruses in the ocean. In 2016 the same team updated its count to 15,222.

But in a study published today in Cell, that number skyrockets to 195,728 distinct viral populations, a more than twelvefold increase.

“This is a pretty amazing study,” said Louis-Marie Bobay, a microbial genomicist from the University of North Carolina-Greensboro, who was not involved in the work. “We know so little about viral ecology in much of the ocean, and this is some of the most impressive, and global, data ever collected.”


It is from August 2018, but this is so extreme that it needs to be brought back into the daylight. Bernie’s proposal would make this Texas law obsolete. Check out the video at the link.

Texas woman facing 5 years in prison for voter fraud speaks out

FORT WORTH, Texas — A woman in Texas was sentenced to return to prison Thursday, because she voted in the 2016 election. She used her real name and identification, but her criminal past made voting a crime.

Crystal Mason still remembers the day she was arrested for voting in the last presidential election.

“My mom kept nagging, ‘Go vote, go vote, go vote, go vote’ and I was just like OK, I did what she said,” Mason said.

The 43-year-old was on supervised release for tax fraud when she cast her ballot. In Texas, that’s against the law.


At least Bernie hasn’t lost support to Biden.


Now that he’s formally entered the race, former Vice President Joe Biden widened his lead in South Carolina among 2020 Democratic presidential candidates, according to a new poll.

Biden is preferred by 46 percent of likely S.C. Democratic primary voters, up 14 points from a month ago, according to a Post and Courier-Change Research Poll released Sunday.

Biden’s post-announcement bump in South Carolina is higher than in other parts of the country, pollsters said.

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders sits second at 15 percent, with California Sen. Kamala Harris following at 10 percent. Their numbers have held steady in three S.C. polls taken since February.

South Bend, Ind., Mayor Peter Buttigieg continued his surprising rise, landing fourth, at 8 percent in a tie with Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren. Buttigieg did not register with voters in the first S.C. poll taken nearly three months ago.

The next two candidates, New Jersey Sen. Cory Booker and former Texas congressman Beto O’Rourke, took big hits this month in the crucial early-primary state.

Booker, one of most frequent visitors to South Carolina, saw his support cut in half, to 4 percent.

O’Rourke, who drew large crowds in his first swing in South Carolina, sits at 2 percent, tied with entrepreneur Andrew Yang — down 7 points from a month ago. Their numbers also have dipped nationally, Change Research pollsters said.

Meanwhile, excitement in South Carolina about a possible run by former Georgia House Minority Leader Stacey Abrams has cooled off. Support for Abrams, who ran in a hotly contested governor’s race last year, slid to 1 percent from 7 percent in April despite her not ruling out a presidential bid.


This image explains the movement in the poll.
comment image


A little something for the Anti Bernie crowd you may run into


Actually, I don’t consider FDR necessarily a democratic socialist in principle. His wife, definitely. If FDR had been a democratic socialist, he wouldn’t have created Japanese interment camps. He also was impatient with the youth activists, whereas his wife embraced them.

FDR did save the country with programs that helped most everyone, and in the end, he was more democratic in his ideals (the economic security etc).


A big mistake FDR made no doubt and i’m sure their were more, but if Bernie wins I suspect he will make a few decisions we wont like either. As we know his 2nd bill of rights is a base for Bernie’s campaign. 1st ladies are a sounding board a lot of times and for the most part do influence policies for their husband’s to consider or push to sigh into law. With the exception of Trumpcorp of course all that interest’s him is does said policy make im look good, and 2nd does it benefit him.


FDR is one of the country’s greatest politicians. He understood struggle because he had to endure it. But again, I’m not certain he was a democratic socialist. Close, but not quite.


Maybe he just didn’t acknowledge it, but most of his actions did. His second VP was though.


That’s probably true. I would say FDR was a social democrat, but not a democratic socialist.


FDR came from the monied classes and believed in noblesse oblige (sp). Unlike the usual gilded crap which has risen to the top yet again! T and R, LD. You guys left on your trip yet? Weather stinks here–don’t come southeast.



How much would it cost for Biden’s endorsement if he did not agree with a candidates policies?


From a rather surprising source: Fox News usually doesn’t go up against one of Trump’s lies.

Human trafficking victims mostly underage children from within the US

The “average person seems to think it’s a foreign national who’s come from really far away. That they’re smuggled in illegally. But the truth of the matter is in the years that I’ve worked with survivors of trafficking, over 90 percent are U.S. citizens,” Andrea Powell, founding president ofthe advocacy group Karana Rising, told Fox News during a recent interview in Washington, D.C.


Biden’s Entry Into the Democratic Race Provides a Jolt to the Sanders’Candidacy

There’s been no more consistent performer in the field of Democratic presidential candidates than Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.). From the day he first announced his candidacy in the spring of 2015 straight on through to today, as he makes his second run for the White House, his message has remained constant, his style has varied not at all. Bernie is Bernie.

The policy ideas he put forward in the 2016 race, during his surprisingly strong challenge to Hillary Clinton, have become more broadly accepted within the Democratic Party. He has defined and expanded the party’s progressive wing and given voice to liberals who found Barack Obama’s presidency disappointing for its timidity in areas of policy. He has made the words “democratic socialism” part of the political lexicon.

Sanders has redefined presidential fundraising, demonstrating in 2016 that the traditional approach of relying on wealthy individuals to write checks for the maximum allowed under the law and building a big team of bundlers who would raise hundreds of thousands of campaign dollars through their personal networks wasn’t the only way. Sanders showed that small but regular contributions from hundreds of thousands of people can fuel and sustain an underdog candidacy without.

The senator from Vermont’s first-quarter performance — financially, politically and rhetorically — helped establish him as a power in the contest for the nomination. As the Democratic field took shape in those earlier months, he became the biggest name and impressed some of the skeptics who discounted him.

But Sanders is no longer the biggest name in the field. That title now goes to former vice president Joe Biden, who became a candidate just two weeks ago. His entry into the 2020 fray and the initial impact of his candidacy have pointed to questions about the trajectory of Sanders’s candidacy and what it may portend for next year when the primaries and caucuses begin.


Typical WP hit piece. Emphasizes the impact on Bernie but neglects the impact on the 20 something others that trail far behind Bernie.


Yeah, Baltz is a classic establishment type.


Maybe soon WP will wake up and smell the “Bern” app!!


They Were Promised Coding Jobs in Appalachia. Now They Say It Was a Fraud.

Many West Virginians like Ms. Frame signed up for Mined Minds, quitting their jobs or dropping out of school for the prized prospect of a stable and lucrative career. But the revival never came.

Almost none of those who signed up for Mined Minds are working in programming now. They described Mined Minds as an erratic operation, where guarantees suddenly evaporated and firings seemed inevitable, leaving people to start over again at the bottom rungs of the wage jobs they had left behind.

Over two dozen former students in West Virginia are pursuing a lawsuit, arguing that Mined Minds was a fraud. Out of the 10 or so people who made it to the final weeks of Ms. Frame’s class in Beckley, only one formally graduated. He is now delivering takeout.

“It was a too-good-to-be-true kind of deal,” said Billyjack Buzzard, 33, who attended another class and was the only former West Virginia coal miner to finish classes and get a job with the program. He was fired after 14 months and went back underground. “Just false hope.”

Mined Minds came into Appalachia espousing a certain dogma, fostered in the world of start-ups and TED Talks, and carried with missionary zeal into places in dire need of economic salvation. The group was premised on the notion, as one grant proposal read, that “anyone can have a successful career in the technology industry,” and that if enough people did, the whole area would be transformed.

Amanda Laucher, one of the founders of Mined Minds, spoke at a tech conference in 2017 of the group’s ambitions, which were swiftly expanding. “Yeah, we helped a town, we actually made some small impact,” she said of Mined Minds’ early efforts. “But can we scale it and actually diversify the economy of an entire region?”

This would be an audacious goal even in the best of circumstances. But Mined Mines was operating with a limited amount of personal cash and public funding, and was mostly staffed by people who had spent little time in tech.

Ms. Laucher now acknowledges that while she is still committed to the group’s mission, the work has not been easy. “Progress is difficult,” she said in an email, “with the current atmosphere in Appalachia which is deeply interested in maintaining a ‘culture.’”

She blamed the opioid epidemic and “the poverty culture” of the region, mentioning “Hillbilly Elegy,” the best-selling memoir by J.D. Vance, who, like Ms. Laucher, went from working-class Rust Belt roots to success in the tech sector.

She added: “There are generations of hard work ahead. We’ll be only a tiny force working toward change in the area I grew up.”

None of this — neither the experience itself nor Ms. Laucher’s thoughts about its difficulties — strikes some former students as surprising. This is, they say, how things tend to go in Appalachia.





Be fair! He can get 36 millionaires to show up for a rally!


With open checkbooks 🙂


“Justice delayed is justice denied.” (the phrase is attributed to many, but shows up in the Bible and the Mishnah)

‘I Can’t Breathe’: 5 Years After Eric Garner’s Death, an Officer Faces Trial

Now, the officer who wrapped his arm around Mr. Garner’s neck, Daniel Pantaleo, 33, faces a public trial that could lead to his firing. Officer Pantaleo has denied wrongdoing and his lawyer argues that he did not apply a chokehold.

The trial is being held at Police Depart Headquarters?

The trial, scheduled to start Monday at Police Department headquarters, has been long-awaited by the Garner family, whose campaign to hold the police accountable for what they say is an unjustified use of force took on greater significance after Mr. Garner’s daughter, Erica Garner, died in 2017.

The city paid $5.9 million to settle a lawsuit with the family after a grand jury declined to bring criminal charges.

But Mayor Bill de Blasio’s administration has fought and delayed the family’s efforts to have all the police officers involved in the encounter punished.

“It was at least a dozen more who just did nothing, or either they pounced on him, they choked him, they filed false reports,” Mr. Garner’s mother, Gwen Carr, said in an interview. “It’s about all of those officers who committed an injustice that day and they all need to stand accountable.”

Officer Pantaleo faces charges of reckless use of a chokehold and intentional restriction of breathing. His lawyer says that Officer Pantaleo did not use a chokehold, but a different technique that is taught to officers in training and is known as a seatbelt.

And may still be denied:

On Thursday, the Police Department judge overseeing the trial said that prosecutors must prove that Officer Pantaleo’s actions went beyond a violation of departmental rules and constituted a crime — an unusually high bar.

Well, that seems pretty clear which makes this a trial of semantics rather than criminal behavior.

The medical examiner ruled his death a homicide and said he died from a chokehold and the compression of his chest from lying prone. The findings are a crucial issue in the trial and Officer Pantaleo’s defense lawyer plans to dispute them.


Happy Mothers’ Day, y’all. 🙂


Jane and I, our four kids and seven grandchildren, want to take this opportunity to wish all of the great mothers of our country a very happy Mother's Day.

— Bernie Sanders (@SenSanders) May 12, 2019

ditto from me.


I took the Mrs. out for dinner last night as today she’s been with her mom, our sons took her to lunch so a busy day all the way around for her –me I worked on the garden :).




Lawyer will appeal.

The ruling today reaffirmed the original decision by another Missouri judge who terminated the parental rights of Bail Romero, stating that “illegally smuggling herself into the country is not a lifestyle that can provide any stability for the child.”

The Missouri Supreme Court called the initial decision a “travesty of justice” and ordered a review of the case by a second judge.

Appearing outside the courtroom with tears in her eyes, the biological mother declined to comment.

Her lawyer, Curtis Woods, said he would appeal the decision of the judge who he said ruled Encarnacion Bail Romero’s parental rights had been terminated because she had abandoned him while she was incarcerated.

“I am very disappointed in the decision,” said Woods.

The judge handed down the decision in a courtroom closed to all but the parties involved and their lawyers. There was no translator provided by the court today for the Guatemalan woman, who speaks only a little English.


I just noticed. This was under Obama. Happy Mother’s Day.


Are you listening, Biden?

Biden, the Norma Desmond of politics.


This must be so obvious that nobody is even bringing it up. Wait…did I just say that?

While “Brokeahontas” is continuing to pile on the tradition of NA dunking, for once I support it, and the Indians I know are too, for this very good reason: It means that Trump cannot call Warren “Pocahontas” without bringing up his own financial ineptitude, and since he lives on Twitter, Twitter will remind him of that every time he does it. Normally, I am against “the end justifies the means” arguments but I’m tired of being railroaded by a right wing that argues that way all the time while the left sits on its politically correct hands and cries “but that’s not fair!”…and loses in the court of public opinion.

The Democrats, as a group, do not want to fight. They want power, but refuse to use it when they have it. And now they are trying to either marginalize or oust the few actual progressives who don’t feel that way.

Fight, dammit!


Consider the source, but Luntz is sometimes in tune with the trends.


Republican pollster Frank Luntz says the public is really “frustrated with being left behind,” and it’s why Sen. Bernie Sanders did so well in the 2016 primary “and why he is the most likely nominee in 2020.”

Speaking with Fox News’ Howard Kurtz on MediaBuzz, Luntz contends “capitalism itself has been so demonized by the media, it no longer functions as an economic system. And if you want to oppose socialism, you oppose it by talking about freedom, not capitalism.”

“I’m gonna get chewed out by Rush Limbaugh, but for the wrong reasons,” Luntz said. “It’s not that the principles of capitalism are dead, in fact the principles of economic freedom are alive and well.”

Kurtz noted about half of Trump voters, according to polling, support Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s (D-NY) proposal to impose a 70 percent marginal tax rate on the top one percent of Americans.

“The public is really frustrated with being forgotten left behind, and those two notions are not just alive on the right, which elected Donald Trump,” Luntz noted. “But also on the left,” noting that he believes this is the reason why Sanders did so well in 2016 and why Luntz thinks he will be the 2020 nominee.

Luntz went on to say that Republicans should hope that Sanders will be the nominee in 2020, “and not someone like Colorado Sen. Michael Bennett, who there is no issue about socialism.”

I think Luntz is speaking more about older voters, who tend to vote more often than younger voters. However, Luntz also did a presentation two years ago with the Mayors Conference about millennials. I think what he found then is true now. And what he describes is a Bernie Sanders voter.






Why no uproar?


This is not the first time Trump voters have indicated support for more government intervention plans or programs that will help more people. Pitch is important. A progressive could win them over as Trump (and corporaDems) have left the swing voters behind.




“Our hope and change candidate fell short time and time again. Obama cheerleaders who refused to make him accountable bear some responsibility.”



A little weirdness. I hadn’t realized the super pac was under investigation.



what we should’ve been doing, instead of bombing everyone.

I do, though, still believe that their one party rule and the way they treat dissent and minority populations is worrisome.

Looks like we are surrounded. 🤔😜🤔

Aint Supposed to Die A Natural Death
Aint Supposed to Die A Natural Death

This is what worries me. China – the new colonialist – doing it like the WTO.

Aint Supposed to Die A Natural Death
Aint Supposed to Die A Natural Death

sorry, can’t get my link to appear.




I really wish someone would do a comparison chart of would be (based on his record) Biden’s policies next to Trump’s. I think that would be more effective as people could see how similar there are. The VP years may also shine some light on the Obama admin.





I hope insulin comes down more than 50%.




Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders will be holding a rally in Birmingham next weekend.

The rally will happen at Kelly Ingram Park on Sunday, May 19 at 4 p.m.
The event is free and open to the public. Entrance is first come, first served.

According to officials with his campaign, Sanders will use the rally to discuss voting rights, education reform, environmental racism, and eradicating poverty.

The stop is part of a swing through southern states including North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, and Alabama.



I guess that it only applies to Bernie and his supporters!🙄



At the bottom:

That’s a chance Israel is willing to take.


I didn’t know that it’s 3 million.



This seems to fit the picture.


Journalist Bryan Carmody told the San Francisco Examiner that police tried to break down his door Friday morning after he refused to identify the source who provided him with a confidential police report.

Carmody told the outlet that police and FBI agents searched his home and office because he had obtained a copy of the police report detailing public defender Jeff Adachi’s February death.

Two weeks prior, police investigators showed up at his home to ask him — politely, Carmody noted — to identify the source who gave him the report.

On Friday, investigators confiscated his cellphones, his computers and a copy of the police report from his office safe.

“They have completely shut down my business,” Carmody, who has operated as an independent stringer for Bay Area and national television stations, including Fox News, CNBC and “CBS Evening News,” told the Examiner.

Carmody accused police of “intimidation” to “make me break my [journalistic] ethics.”

“I’m refusing to give up my source,” he added


Quite obviously the new government in Ecuador has been bought by the the US.



Same. Fight of our life. I pray I am up to it.

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