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Adams is just as bad



Yang’s tweet was posted one day after Politico New York reported that he was close to “locking down almost universal support among leaders of New York City’s ultra-Orthodox Jewish community — a loyal bloc of voters that can make or break a campaign.”

Sen. Bernie Sanders, meanwhile, offered a clear example of how possible it is to issue a statement that assigns blame for the violent escalation to Israel’s far-right and the state’s attempt to continue to rule over millions of Palestinians denied equal rights in the territories it has occupied since 1967.

From Morales



“No one wins with war” Maybe so? But the MIC’s of the world clean up profit wise and the price is the innocent die.


jcb: what’s the latest word from your NYC friends?



Advocates for gun violence prevention rejoiced Tuesday when a federal judge dismissed the National Rifle Association’s bankruptcy case, ruling that the powerful gun lobby declared bankruptcy in an attempt to avoid facing a New York state lawsuit that accuses the organization of fraud and seeks to disband it.

“The court finds, based on the totality of the circumstances, that the NRA’s bankruptcy petition was not filed in good faith but instead was filed as an effort to gain an unfair litigation advantage in the NYAG Enforcement Action and as an effort to avoid a regulatory scheme,” Judge Harlin Hale wrote in his decision, as the Washington Post reported.

In response to the ruling, New York Attorney General Letita James said in a statement that “the NRA does not get to dictate if and where it will answer for its actions.” James added that “we will now refocus on and continue our case in New York court.”

Hale’s decision elicited praise from groups working to end gun violence nationwide.

“Today’s decision is a historic win for the rule of law and a sure sign of defeat for the NRA and its corrupt leadership,” Kris Brown, president of Brady, said in a statement. “The NRA’s bankruptcy was deemed to be bad faith, much like every promise and statement the organization has made for decades. The NRA cannot escape justice. The court has ruled against the organization after weeks of damning testimony.”


Next stop the USSC for the NRA


Much less “crisis” at the border


It was the first big political crisis of the Biden administration: unaccompanied children, fleeing poverty and violence in Central America, crossing the border and seeking asylum. The numbers weren’t far from what was seen the previous year, under President Donald Trump, but the surge was real — as was the inability of the federal government to process and shelter those coming in a timely, humane manner.

The political opposition saw an easy opportunity to score some points. Congressional delegations toured the Rio Grande, in flak jackets, eager to be seen investigating “the crisis at the border.” Sen. Ted Cruz, a Texas Republican, told Fox News viewers it was in fact “the Biden crisis,” pointing to the new president’s policies on immigration for an increase in asylum-seekers that actually began last December, before he took office.

Two months later, most Republicans have moved on to other issues, like taxes and “cancel culture.” As of this week, fewer than 500 children are being held by US Customs and Border Protection at any given time, down from more than 5,700 in March. Instead of days in facilities that are objectively unfit for children, most are being transferred out in less than 24 hours.

“The Biden administration has successfully solved the issue of children in Border Patrol custody,” Aaron Reichlin-Melnick, policy counsel at the nonpartisan American Immigration Council, told Insider. “But they’ve done that through these emergency influx shelters, which are not that much better, necessarily.”

The shelters that would normally hold children seeking asylum, at least until they could be placed with a guardian or sponsor, were already at two-thirds capacity in December 2020. It wasn’t until January 15, five days before Biden’s inauguration, that the Trump administration began looking for more space.

But that cannot be done overnight. It’s not just a physical space that is required, but people to staff them. And so it took until March for the Biden administration to announce it had successfully converted places like the convention center in Long Beach, California, into a temporary home for unaccompanied minors.

More than 20,600 children are now in the custody of the Health and Human Services Department, specifically its Office of Refugee Resettlement. This shift is welcomed by advocates; a convention center floor might be better than a Border Patrol jail, but no one would suggest it is ideal.

Now, though, the Biden administration is getting kids out of there faster too. In March, fewer than 300 children a day were being discharged into the custody of sponsors; in May, 775 children were released on a single day, a new record. And for nearly two weeks now, the number of children being released each day has exceeded the number who are freshly detained.

On Tuesday, for example, 281 children were apprehended and placed into CBP custody, according to data released by HHS and the Department of Homeland Security. More than twice as many — 559 — were discharged by HHS.

More than 80% of those children have a family member already living in the United States, with some 40% released into the custody of someone who is either a parent or a legal guardian, according to government figures. Over half will ultimately win their asylum cases, far more than the average.

Many also arrive at the border with someone related to them, Reichlin-Melnick noted: a grandparent, aunt, or uncle who is then taken from them. That is, they are not really “unaccompanied” at all. Here, he argues, there is a further opportunity to reduce the strain on HHS, and spare many of these children from having to spend weeks, without someone they know, in any form of state custody.

“That is a form of family separation that has been occurring for years and started before the Trump administration’s family separation policy,” he said, “and is continuing today.”


yes, great that it is improving. i applaud it.

ghastly that there is any separation at all. we need to help those countries take care of and offer opportunities to their citizens, instead of rolling in and buying up their farm land and funding austerity and police.



If people are making to much on UI maybe employers should offer better working conditions, Bennies and wages. Companies that do that aren’t having issues. Thiers one thing i dont get about our capatialistic system. The argument from the well off and most R’s is that low paying jobs are meant for HS college kids and thier not meant to be family supportive. Well when corporate America abandoned American jobs what were people supposed to do. Not every person is college material and some American’s dont have the smarts to preform jobs at a high level for better pay. My point is that if your smart and can become a doctor great- fantastic but if your skills abilities aren’t that good why does corporate America punish you with substandard wages and benefits. Americans should be able to make a decent living at a minimum?


That’s why Vo-Tech school was an option back when I was in junior/senior high school. Why don’t we hear about it now?


Another example of why red states suck


Nothing embodies wildness like wolves, our four-legged shadow, the dogs that long ago refused our campfire and today prefer freedom and risk over the soft sofa and short leash. The dogs that howl more than bark, add music to the land, and – if left alone to work their magic – make entire ecosystems healthy and whole.

Witness Yellowstone, a national park reborn in the 1990s when wolves, absent for 70 years, were reintroduced. Everything changed for the better. Elk stopped standing around like feedlot cattle. They learned to run like the wind again. Streamside willows and other riparian vegetation, previously trampled by the elk, returned as well, and with it, a chorus of birds. All because of wolves.

Yet in the state of Idaho, new legislation signed days ago by Governor Brad Little will allow professional hunters and trappers to use helicopters, snowmobiles, ATVs, night vision equipment, snares and other means to kill roughly 90% of the state’s wolves, knocking them down from an estimated 1,500 to 150. A group of retired state, federal and tribal wildlife managers wrote to Little asking him to veto the wolf kill bill, saying statewide livestock losses to wolves have been under 1% for cattle and 3% for sheep. The group further noted that the overall elk population has actually increased since wolves were reintroduced into Idaho more than two decades ago. It made no difference.

Why exterminate the wolves? To make the country safe for cattle and sheep; more productive for deer, elk, caribou and moose. To better fill hunters’ freezers with winter meat. To sell the pelts.

But there’s something more. Something nobody talks about.

“The wolf exerts a powerful influence on the human imagination,” wrote the nature writer Barry Lopez in Of Wolves and Men. “It takes your stare and turns it back on you.”

Maybe the wolf, freer than you or I will ever be, reminds us too much of our own self-domestication. That in a rush to create a stable environment, we’ve put ourselves in stables, and that paradox haunts people who see wolves as something to be feared, hated, destroyed.

America’s demonization and slaughter of wolves has been going on for centuries – fed by myths, fairytales, Disney films and more – and continues today, full throttle from Wisconsin to Idaho to Alaska. This is our true forever war – the war on Nature, specifically on wildness and its sinister poster child. The wolf could be out there right now, sneaking under the barbed wire, stalking our profits.


totally agree. women who run with wolves, by Clarisa Pinkola Estes (sp?) delves into the marginalizing, the attempt to tamp down and kill the wild in us.

not sure if it was her who said that, tbh, does anyone really believe that a woman who wanted to eat brought sin raining down on humans forever? a very subtle and powerful shaming of us fulfilling a basic need being so very wrong. could extend it to men, too, but societies put it on the female more.

anyway, yes, the powerful wolf definitely stands defiant, like the gorgeous jungle animals some love to “hunt” in a fenced in area.

so much fear of our very being. i’d feel more sorry for them if they didn’t kill so much life bc of it.


Ryan Cooper


It simply beggars belief to think these Democrats are earnestly concerned that modestly hiking taxes on corporations and ultra-wealthy heirs, or axing the filibuster, will doom their re-election campaigns. The only thing that could possibly explain why so many Democrats are dead-set on repealing Trump’s cap on state and local tax deductions, 56 percent of the benefits of which will flow to the top one percent, is corruption. They are listening to rich donors and lobbyists, and/or keeping one eye on their future career prospects. Voting to raise taxes will infuriate the wealthy and well-connected, and cushy post-office buckraking careers doing consulting or speeches will not be forthcoming for lawmakers who do not toe the oligarch line.

So unless something changes, the swing vote Democrats who will decide whether the party can pass anything so long as it holds the majority in Congress — which could vanish at any time if one of the nine senators in states where they would be replaced by Republican governors dies — aren’t going to allow voting rights protections to pass, or tax hikes on the rich, or popular programs to be paid for with borrowing. They’re facing the biggest threat to America’s democratic institutions since 1860, and they are still wringing their handkerchiefs and trying to save the pet loopholes of their paymasters.

The bleak irony of this attitude is that it is hellishly risky even in terms of plush lobbying careers for liberal sellouts. If Republicans succeed in their next attempt to overthrow democracy, there will be no reason whatsoever for corporations to bribe, er, I mean, hire corrupt liberal ex-politicians. The main reason Amazon hired Jay Carney was surely his close connections to Joe Biden — a sort of insurance policy against a future Democratic president (which remarkably seems not to have worked). Under permanent Republican rule, that kind of investment will be pointless.