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Paul ADK
Paul ADK

Why isn’t Biden hitting Trump, head on? Given the bumbling of the covid epidemic management, and the collapse of supply chains, for everything, due to Trump’s trade wars, Biden should be pounding on Trump every minute of every day. But no… the lies stand, and that’s the only thing anyone really hears. Biden needs to take advantage of Trump’s incompetence, and rally the country into a massive victory. Bernie sure as anything would be.

Don midwest
Don midwest

dem collapse

Here is an honest question

What does Biden stand for?

What do the dems stand for?

is it a secret? or is it so bad (i.e., support oligarchy) that they dare not say it


they’re beginning to push out the “we’re like FDR” lies now, but underneath they can’t wait to use the crisis to force labor back into the market, to streamline and privatize.

Like the insistence on giving money to Cobra rather than expanding Medicare.

Paul ADK
Paul ADK

I’ve heard those. Those are going nowhere without demonstrable action.


Secret? No secret.

The Dems stand for profit and power residing solely in the hands of the elite.

Nevertheless, Why isn’t Biden attacking Trump as the leader of the Apocalypse is a very good question.

In my view, the country is burning down and the leader should be takng the heat.


If the owners of our country thought that there was an apocalypse going on then you’d better believe that their minions in Washington would be busy getting things fixed.

What is happening is very much convenient for them and is being used to crush the proletariat and roll-back any progress since the New Deal.

Don midwest
Don midwest
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