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First, Cuomo asked him how he could make the claim that contradicted his earlier argument. “I never heard of a subpoena for the president’s person,” Giuliani argued. “Let’s distinguish between a subpoena for documents and a subpoena that takes the President out of the oval office and puts him in front of a grand jury or hearing. Can’t do it. Can’t do the second. You can’t do the first.”

When Cuomo noted that that was exactly what was going on in 1998 when was asked by Charlie Rose whether Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr could bring Clinton before a grand jury, Giuliani responded, “Oh come on. It’s not even relevent.”

Cuomo then played the clip in which Rose specifically asked Giuliani, “If the president is asked to testify, subpoenaed to testify before a grand jury and says no, not gonna do it?” and the former federal prosecutor had responded, “You gotta do it.”

1998 Giuliani debunked 2018 Giuliani on presidents evading subpoenas
As Cuomo played the clip, an angered Giuliani screamed, “That’s really unfair. What you’re doing right now is extremely unfair. It’s the reason people don’t come on this show.


FINALLY, something (sort of) good actually comes out of Clinton not being able to keep it in his pants.


Sadly it happens once again!


SANTA FE, Texas (Reuters) – At least eight people were killed on Friday in a shooting at a high school in Santa Fe, Texas, and officers had taken into custody a student who was suspected of carrying out the attack, the local sheriff said.

The sound of gunshots tore through the air at Santa Fe High School shortly before 8 a.m. CT (1300 GMT) on Friday, witnesses told local media, and live TV images showed lines of students evacuating the building while heavily armed police responded to the scene.

The incident was the latest in a long series of deadly shootings at U.S. schools. Seventeen teens and educators were shot dead at a Parkland, Florida, high school in February, a massacre that stirred the nation’s long-running debate over gun ownership.


Terrible. NRA loving Ted Cruz tweets his useless prayers

Heidi and I are keeping all the students and faculty at Santa Fe High School in our prayers this morning, along with all first responders on the scene. Please be safe and heed warnings from local officials.


This is simply beyond nuts!


Someone including myself agrees with you.


The usual political response, they must protect their NRA rating and donations above all costs.


In contrast, here’s part of Beto’s email today:

Either we accept this, and continue to be sorry, and prayerful and thoughtful. Or we act. That’s it.

There are 535 members of Congress. Who represent 320 million people. All of us. Each member responsible for representing the interests of this country, of people, of human beings, of kids. Not responsible for PACs or lobbies, corporations or special interests. Not responsible for the next election.

Remembering that, we can meet silence with action. Tragedy with common purpose. The disagreements with compromise and consensus that allow us to do better — not perfect, not your ideal, not my ideal, but better than what we have today. Shouldn’t be too much to ask for the kids who died today, for the kids too scared to go to school on Monday, should it?

What if we required universal background checks to ensure that firearms only get into the hands of those won’t harm themselves or someone else. Close all loopholes and exceptions. Every single gun purchase has a background check.

We can stop the new sale of assault weapons and high-capacity magazines to ensure that firearms designed to kill as effectively and efficiently as possible on the battlefield aren’t used in our schools, our streets, our churches, and our concerts.

We can give federal help to local school districts to improve on-campus safety. Local stakeholder solutions with assistance to make the necessary investments.

We can fully support federal research on gun violence so that we can better understand and address its root causes.

We can improve record sharing from the background check system, the ability for law enforcement to more effectively act on information that could help in the prevention of gun sales to those who shouldn’t own them or stop those who do and pose a threat.

We can find a way to implement Extreme Risk Protective Order (ERPO) or Red Flag Laws. Successfully implementing these can stop shootings and might have a big impact on the suicides that make up 2/3 of our daily 96 gun deaths.

These are some ideas I’ve heard from my constituents in El Paso, from students at the town hall I held at Montwood High earlier this year, from those I’ve met along the road throughout the counties of Texas.


Thanks for this. It is good to see a meaningful answer rather than the usual empty responses.



Typical response from a Trump loving IDIOT.


What will it take until we get some adequate legislation?

“No major federal gun controls have been imposed since Parkland, though the administration is pursuing a proposed regulatory ban on “bump stocks,” which enable a semi-automatic rifle to fire a steady stream of bullets. The devices were used in an October 2017 mass shooting in Las Vegas that killed 59 people but have not played a role in other major U.S. mass shootings.”

Prayers aren’t getting it done!



It just may take some of congresspersons kids to be killed by some nutjob with a gun that might get their attention. If Sandyhook didn’t do it, this is what it may take as this issue has to hit close to home for congress. Parents will gladly lay down their lives for their kids. Congresscritters espically the R’s have proven that the NRA rating and donations are more important than our kids lives. And believe me as a parent I DONT wish this on anyone but how much blood has to be spilled to get congress to react. That why I figure this problem has to hit close to home to prompt some action sadly. Think about it Giffords and another congressman shot during a softball game = no new laws or significant changes.




How sad that someone that young has to worry about this.


Easy answer vote R no matter what crowd


It is about time for some action! (although it will likely not have much impact.)


GENEVA (Reuters) – Israel railed against the U.N. Human Rights Council on Friday as it voted to set up a probe into recent killings in Gaza and accused Israel of excessive use of force.

The resolution to send a commission of inquiry to investigate was rejected by the United States and Australia, but backed by 29 members of the 47-state U.N. forum. Another 14 countries, including Britain, Germany and Japan, abstained.

Israel’s ambassador in Geneva, Aviva Raz Shechter, castigated the council for “spreading lies against Israel” during “five hours of ludicrous statements”.

Underlining by me. The abstentions were likely due to behind the scenes bullying by the US.


That bullying is getting old. A lot of Americans are fed up with it, too. Not just the political informed junkies like me. Sympathies LD/JD on the Santa Fe shooting. Be careful going to your high school reunion–no snark here. What is the latest on the TX races?


Here is one for you orlbucfan.


MIAMI — EMILY’s List, the largest Democratic group supporting female candidates, on Friday endorsed Donna Shalala in one of the party’s most coveted congressional seats, marking the first time it has three solid candidates in each of the Republican-held U.S. House districts in Miami.

The group’s support of Shalala — a former University of Miami president and longtime friend and appointee of the Clinton family — isn’t too much of a surprise, because Shalala helped found EMILY’S List in 1985. Since then, the group says it has raised more than $500 million to ensure that more women who support abortion rights won office.

Once again Emily’s List shows that it is a wing of the Clinton cabal.


I like this picture and I’m glad Sanders endorsed Fetterman this time:

John Fetterman: Pennsylvania Democrats’ tattooed rising star, explained

Fetterman’s rise hasn’t been without some pushback. He’s a self-proclaimed progressive, but those on the left haven’t always been so sure of him.

Fetterman made clear that his positions on the environment are outweighed by his desire to bring work to his town, a trade-off he said Democrats have to make to protect the working class. He defended supporting a fracking proposal in his own town for that reason.

“We’re Democrats. We are supposed to look after working-class families,” he said in the Post. “If the [steel] mill that wants to do this goes under, that’s 3,000 jobs lost. All they need to do is drill two wells.”

The position didn’t stop Sanders from supporting him, however, chalking it up to a difference of opinion. Nor did a 2013 story of Fetterman responding to the sound of gunfire by his house by confronting a black jogger with his own rifle. Nina Ahmad, who came in second in Tuesday night’s race, used the story to warn against implicit bias. And the Washington Post’s Dave Weigel pointed out that news of that incident kept away key endorsements, like Sanders’s, in 2016. Not this year.

(apologies if the VOX piece has already been posted)


This is one surefire way to get rewarded by Trump administration.


Michael Stoker, best known for coining the “lock her up” chant against presidential candidate Hillary Clinton at the 2016 Republican National Convention, will soon head the EPA’s regional office that oversees the Pacific Southwest.

The agency officially announced the appointment of Stoker Friday in an email sent to employees that was obtained by The Hill.
The announcement from Environmental Protection Agency chief of staff Ryan Jackson says Stoker has “spent his career serving the public and working as an attorney specializing in agriculture, labor, land use, and environmental law.”


I’m waiting for him to appoint Hannity to some post as he kisses Trumpcorps ass like no other.


I wonder if he also Michael Cohen’s lawyer?


TALLAHASSEE — President Donald Trump’s personal dentist went before the state licensing board on Friday and specifically highlighted his friendship with the president in a bid to obtain permission to set up shop in Florida, according to three people present at the meeting.

Dr. Albert Hazzouri ultimately withdrew his licensing application after receiving significant pushback from the Florida Board of Dentistry, which was concerned that he failed to properly complete the application, a state law requirement.

They seem to share similar tactics.



Bernie to be on Bill Maher’s show, “Real Time” on June 1st.

That is about when he is announcing his Senate re-election bid.

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