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Thanks @Benny!






Unfortunately that is the April Emerson poll. In the latest Emerson poll in May, Biden leads Bernie 33 to 25. That is better than the other national polls however.


Posted today and begins with what appears to be Bernie’s Fox News town hall:

Fox lady:
“What do you say to those who have raised the question of whether or not you are, would be too old at seventy-nine as president.”

“Well, follow me around on the campaign trail.” (audience cheers!)




I put this at the end of this morning’s thread so I’ll repost




while this is an older video (2015), it does show an often overlooked and much needed part of the criminal justice reform issue.


The last I heard, my ex-husband has been living in Mexico for something like over 30 years now. I think the original move was to avoid paying child support. It worked.

The little-noticed surge across the U.S.-Mexico border: It’s Americans heading south

President Trump regularly assails the flow of migrants crossing the Mexican border into the United States. Less noticed has been the surge of people heading in the opposite direction.

Mexico’s statistics institute estimated this month that the U.S.-born population in this country has reached 799,000 — a roughly fourfold increase since 1990. And that is probably an undercount. The U.S. Embassy in Mexico City estimates the real number at 1.5 million or more.

They’re a mixed group. They’re digital natives who can work just as easily from Puerto Vallarta as Palo Alto. They’re U.S.-born kids — nearly 600,000 of them — who’ve returned with their Mexican-born parents. And they’re retirees like Guzmán, who settled in this city five years ago and is now basically the pickleball king of San Miguel.

If the thousands of Mexicans moving home are taken into account, the flow of migrants from the United States to Mexico is probably larger than the flow of Mexicans to the United States.

Over stay your visa? No problem.

Mexican authorities say that many of the Americans are probably undocumented — typically, they’ve overstayed their six-month visas. But the government has shown little concern.

“We have never pressured them to have their documents in order,” Ebrard said.

Typically, violators pay a small fine.

Villereal shrugged.

“We like people who come to work and help the economy of the city — like Mexicans do in the United States.”

The racism in the US will eventually kill the economy when the workers feel they have had enough and migrate. And they are taking the future US work force with them.

Since 2015, census data shows, more Mexicans have returned home each year than moved to the United States. Data from 2017, the most recent year for which numbers are available, showed a net decrease of 300,000 Mexican immigrants in the United States.

Some of the Mexicans heading south were deported or felt increasingly unwelcome in the United States. Others were drawn back home by improved opportunities. Mexico’s population growth has slowed as education levels have risen, reducing the local competition for jobs.

Many of the returning Mexicans brought little Americans with them.

Note: For Americans living in or thinking of migrating to Mexico, the book “The Ugly America” should be mandatory reading.


Biden Doubles Down On Hillary’s Strategy For 2020 In Launch Rally




The World and Abortion 2019

I thought it might be interesting to see how the rest of the world stacked up against the USA regarding abortion laws. This map does not show that legality does not necessarily mean access.

Alabama and the other states passing extreme anti-abortion laws match the laws found in the Middle East where the USA is bombing because of . . . well . . . “repressive governments.”

Abortion around the world 2019.jpg

2 cents worth

2016 A man who groups women, is a corporatist, a racist and cheated on his wives won the presidency basically 70k votes in 3 states.
2020 Now the DNC and the media wants us to elect A man that groups women, and is a corporatist, a racist and wants us to elect him as the next president.

Come on America we can do better than this!!!!! Bernie 2020.


Partisan affiliation plummets in U.S.

Open the Debates Posted on May 14, 2019
As the midterm elections took up a lot of political oxygen in 2018, shifting winds benefited the Democrats as the monthly Gallup tracking poll of party affiliation showed Democratic gains and a drop in the percentage of independent voters. Voter self-identification as Democrat peaked in the poll taken October 15-28, 2018, at 35%. For the first time since December, 2012, this was within a percentage point of the number of Americans identifying as politically independent, which bottomed out at 36%.
At the same time, independent voters came out in large numbers to vote in the midterms, comprising 30%, or 34 million, of the votes cast, according to IndependentVoting.org‘s Jacqueline Salit. This was a jump of 38% from the previous midterm election, compared to an increase of just 25% for Democratic and Republican voters.
What was their impact? Salit writes:
What did these unpredictable independents do? They broke for Democratic candidates by 12 points. In the last midterms they broke for Republicans by 12 points. In other words, there was a 24-point swing over four years’ time. The voters who elected Barack Obama in 2008, then took away the Democrat Congressional majority in 2010, backed the GOP and then Trump through 2016, changed the make-up of the federal government yet again. They also put a number of governorships in the blue column.
And what’s happening as the 23 or so Democratic presidential contenders for 2020 start taking up the political oxygen? The pendulum is swinging away from the partisans.
The plurality of voters identifying as independent is jarring. There are over 91 million political independents eligible to vote in the United States, compared to 56 million Republicans and 54 million Democrats.
What does this mean? In short, it means that despite tremendous diversity and divergence within those 91 million people, there is a surging population of pissed off people who are ripe for organizing to transform the political system. If the growing political reform movement can shift into higher gear, it might be possible to make the 2020 election a turning point for the rotten political system in the U.S.
Now might be the perfect time to declare our political independence.
What do YOU think?


I agree. T and R, Benny!!



A song for millennials and whatever the heck generation is coming up behind them.

Final chorus lyrics:
We didn’t start the fire
It was always burning since the world’s been turning
We didn’t start the fire
But when we are gone
Will it still burn on, and on, and on, and on…
We didn’t start the fire
It was always burning since the world’s been turning
We didn’t start the fire
No we didn’t light it but we tried to fight it

Maybe the new generations can tamp it down at least.

Nothing like having your life flash before your eyes without a near death episode.


Coming to a country near you (very near).

Note: One of the issues facing the UK over Brexit is do they build a wall between Northern Ireland (UK) and the Republic of Ireland (Staying with the EU)? Capitalism vs human life once again.



Calling Maddow. Porter has receipts.


No less a malignant entity, Dick Cheney, fired Bolton. There are members of the Military Brass who detest him cos he’s a stupid nut. It’s long past time for Congress to yank back and use its War Powers. Netanyaboob is another real piece of work: a dumber version of Nixon.



Patrick has a thing about Tulsi, but he is right about this.



There appears to be very little coverage of this. Nothing in the MSM at all. I did find an short article in Heavy:

French media reported that the group of protesters, who were calling themselves the “black jackets,” were all of African origin. The group issued a manifesto titled “The Black Jackets Are Seeking the Prime Minister.” The manifesto demanded better conditions for undocumented immigrants who are held in Charles de Gaulle airport. It also criticized the conditions under which the airline Air France expels would-be immigrants. The group dubbed Air France the “official deporter of the French state.” Eventually, representatives of Air France met with four members of the “black jackets” late on Sunday afternoon. It wasn’t immediately clear what they discussed or what the outcome was.

And from a short article at AOL:

Protesters, the majority of whom were said to be of African descent and refer to themselves as “Black Vests,” called for Prime Minister Edouard Philippe to give them permanent legal status and appropriate paperwork to remain in France.

Organizers of the event also demanded Air France “stop any financial, material, logistical or political participation in deportations,” the New York Post reports.

In a statement to French outlet Le Parisien, airport officials said the meeting was nonviolent and “had no impact” on Sunday’s flight schedule.

And this from the Daily Mail https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7049815/Hundreds-migrants-occupy-Frances-Charles-Gaulle-airport-call-end-deportations.html?ns_mchannel=rss&ito=1490&ns_campaign=1490:

In an official statement, the group said it wanted to meet with Mr Philippe to discuss the country’s asylum policy.

‘It is not by chance that we find ourselves in this place,’ the group said, amid reports it chose the airport because of its proximity to the town of Le Mesnil-Amelot, the site of an administrative detention centre for migrants.

The comments at the AOL article and in the above posted Tweet thread show that people have not bothered to learn anything about the reasons for the protest itself, and are spewing anti-immigration statements without that knowledge (to be sure, many would do so even with the facts). Some are also using this situation to apply the same hatred to migrants in the USA.

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