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Thanks LD. I added a couple of more organizations to the list. I actually just discovered the organization tab at the top of the site. 👍✌️👏



For Ean Tafoya, the political revolution is far from over.

That doesn’t mean he won’t vote for Joe Biden.

“I’ll knock doors in a Bernie (Sanders) shirt for (Biden), to show people that our movement is still here, but that we believe in moving beyond this last four years,” Tafoya said.

Tafoya, a 34-year-old climate activist from Denver, supported both of Sanders’ presidential runs. He said it was “heartbreaking” when Sanders dropped out of the race in early April; he received numerous calls from his friends, crying.

And while Tafoya believes progressives who supported Sanders still need time to grieve and heal, he recognizes it would far easier to pass progressive policies under a Democratic administration than a Republican one.

“Ultimately, it seems like we can get more progress through the initiatives that we … care about through Biden than Trump,” Tafoya said.

Biden, the presumptive Democratic nominee, is going to need young voters, many who identify as progressive and had supported Sanders’ campaign, to win the 2020 presidential election. While young voters made up roughly 27% of voters in 2016, they are seen as essential for campaigns and are often relied on for the critical grassroots work of knocking on doors and activating voters.

One leader in the coalition of groups that sent Biden the letter last month did express some dissatisfaction in not being contacted individually by the campaign.

Emily Mayer, political director for IfNotNow Movement, said the organization is disappointed there is not a working group focused on foreign policy and the group was not contacted by the campaign.

The IfNotNow Movement endorsed Sanders in the 2020 election, and Mayer said the organization and Sanders’ campaign were in “very frequent conversation.”

“We’ve seen what a disaster Trump has been for American foreign policy,” Murray said. “I would hope that Joe Biden and the people around him are going to put forward a progressive vision for how to not only restore the place America has in the world but actually to make American foreign policy the sort of just instrument it should be.”

Aaron Walker, 26, said right now, he doesn’t think he is going to vote for Biden in November. Walker lives in Chicago and noted Illinois “has virtually no chance of going to Trump.” He said he’s going to focus on supporting “local leftists and oust any centrist Democrats being challenged by them.”

Walker, who previously supported Sanders, noted that the movement is more than just the man.

“I love and respect the man, but the American left isn’t a cult of personality,” Walker said. “Bernie isn’t the hero, the ideas are – and if he’s done fighting, we’re definitely not.”

Many progressive groups acknowledged Biden’s outreach is a positive step forward, as well as some of his policy changes. Leaders of the progressive groups noted there are many progressives who say they will still vote for Biden, but that right now, that is the extent of support they are willing to give.

“Young people are really what make up the backbone … and energy in Democratic campaigns,” Weber said.

“What I’m hearing from a lot of my peers is ‘yeah, some people aren’t excited to vote but most of them are planning to vote.’ But people who might normally be knocking doors or making calls or things like that, I’m not hearing a lot of enthusiasm for that for Joe Biden at the moment.”

Paul ADK
Paul ADK

Biden WHO? Where IS he???

Seriously… if we don’t get a living, breathing, active candidate in place, and soon, Trump is going to run away with this.

Biden SHOULD be leading through this! Why isn’t he? Why can’t he?


Byedone suffers from the onset of dementia. His brain is physically wearing out/ partially worn out. The fat orange idiot also has it but not quite as bad. No wonder a lot of young voters are freaking out. I would be, too! T and R, LD!!😊🕊


Idiot, moron, if someone told me years ago that a president would approve of bleach and Lysol to take as a cure for a virus I would be looking at that person with an are u nuts look.

Paul ADK
Paul ADK

Seems to me that might be a good way to dispose of deposed dictators. Forego the bridge; just strap him down, and give him a taste of his own medicine.


Byedone did a zoom or skype with a Wi TV station out of Greenbay Wed, it was spread out over the 500pm 600pm and 100pm broadcasts. Either it was for the station to fill time or a condition of the interview. Soft ball local questions and no more than a 3 minute segment for ea. Had a few slurs of words but for him not bad. (Being honest) Didn’t bother looking to see if their was a complete link though. Don’t get me wrong the low standard for presidential candidates is very worrisome. Their are better candidates but none the neolibcons approve of.

Paul ADK
Paul ADK

When he does stick his head up above ground, it’s to spout gibberish. It’s almost as if he had a good day, weeks ago, and made up a lot of “interview” answers.

Thanks, centrists! Thanks, oligarchy!


I’ve been reading some headlines about Biden polling well, but even CNN seems to be worried:

Biden team sees lessons in Clinton’s loss as Trump renews 2016 playbook

In the eyes of aides and operatives who worked for her 2016 campaign, Clinton spent too much time focused on casting Trump as an immoral, dangerous figure — she tied him to racist elements, suggested he would be a national security liability and cast him as a sexist who enjoys degrading women — while not making enough of an affirmative case for herself. The former secretary of state also strenuously avoided the media during her campaign, helping Trump dominate news coverage while also drawing the Clinton campaign into debates over her career and character.

-too much time focused on Trump – Biden, check!
-cast him as a sexist – Biden might be doing that too, if…
-not making enough of an affirmative case – Biden, check!
-strenuously avoided the media, helping Trump dominate news coverage – Biden, check!

But the biggest lesson from 2016, according to Biden aides, is to not allow Trump to tout himself as the change candidate. He did that easily in 2016 against Clinton, who was largely running as the person to build on former President Barack Obama’s success.

-largely running as the person to build on Obama’s success – Biden, check!

Biden’s campaign plans to argue that the change Trump has ushered in — especially his response to the coronavirus pandemic — has been too turbulent and that Biden is the person to reverse that dramatic shift.

But not by going backwards please! We need forward thinking badly!

“Trump ran as a disruptor, as the change candidate. But his performance in office has been an absolute train wreck — now nearly 90,000 Americans have lost their lives and over 30 million have lost their jobs,” said Andrew Bates, a Biden spokesman who previously worked for Clinton’s 2016 campaign. “That makes Joe Biden the change candidate. Biden represents change because the whole country recognizes the urgent need to restore competence to the Oval Office.”

That, though, may not be enough, warned some former Clinton aides, who see the 2020 debate focusing more on who is seen as the establishment figure in the race. “Not since George H.W. Bush has a party establishment candidate won the general election,” a former senior Clinton aide said. “You do not want to be too much of the establishment candidate when you are running (against Trump).”

“you do not want to be too much of the establishment candidate?? That’s exactly what Biden is though!!

Honestly, the only way Biden can win is if Trump keeps being his stupid jerk bully self. Because otherwise Biden doesn’t seem to have anything to run on.


“Ultimately, it seems like we can get more progress through the initiatives that we … care about through Biden than Trump,” Tafoya said.

This idea is repeated like a mantra by some, but what evidence do we have in support of this? The Obama years? Biden’s promise to veto M4A if passed? Hell, look at the House, where progressives have to struggle to get anything passed, even in votes that are largely ceremonial, given McConnell’s making a mockery of the bicameral legislature concept.



Mitaynes is one of five New York City candidates for office to score the endorsement of Democratic Socialists of America (DSA)—the largest socialist organization in the United States—last week. The local chapter, NYC-DSA, has become known as a “progressive king-maker” in New York City after helping Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez oust Joe Crowley from his House seat in 2018, and backing Tiffany Cabán, who came within 55 votes of winning the Queens district attorney race in 2019. Mitaynes, who is running for state assembly in Brooklyn’s District 51, is part of a five-member slate backed by both the local chapter and the national DSA.

She is running alongside Zohran K. Mamdani, candidate for a Queens state assembly seat in District 36; Jabari Brisport, candidate for a Brooklyn state senate seat in District 25; Phara Souffrant Forrest, candidate for state assembly in Brooklyn’s District 57; and Samelys López, who is running for Congress in New York’s 15th congressional district in the Bronx. (I volunteered for Mitaynes this year and for Brisport when he ran for city council in 2017.) The only other time DSA has endorsed a local chapter’s entire slate was in 2019, when it backed Chicago DSA’s picks for city council. Democratic socialists now control one-10th of the Chicago City Council.

The candidates have earned high-profile endorsements in addition to DSA’s. The four running for state office have the backing of Cynthia Nixon, who won over a third of the vote in her 2018 primary challenge to Governor Andrew Cuomo. The Working Families Party, has endorsed Brisport, Mitaynes, and López. And Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has endorsed López, who hopes to join the Representative and fellow Bronxite in Congress next year.

All five candidates volunteered for Bernie Sanders or cited him as an inspiration. They all stressed the importance of building a multiracial, working-class coalition to demand that government treat things like health care and housing as rights, not commodities. Yet several key characteristics set them apart from Sanders—and defy persistent stereotypes about what and who democratic socialists are. The most obvious are age, race, and gender: All are people of color and immigrants or children of immigrants, and all were born and/or raised in the areas they are seeking to represent. Four of the five are under 41, and three are women.

While Mamdani and his fellow candidates hold Sanders in high esteem, they have also learned from his mistakes and are carving out a new approach based on their own lives and experiences. As Brisport told The Intercept in 2017, “I love Bernie. I would vote for him 10 times,” but Sanders’s “blinder” was “seeing so much from an economic lens, when you do need a mixture of an economic approach and an approach toward marginalized groups.”

Forrest made a similar point. “What [Sanders] did right was really speak to the issues that the working people most cared about,” she said, citing employment and health care that was “free” and “not tied to your job.” These are “some policies that had we had a president like that right now, we would be in a lot better shape to deal with Covid-19.”

That said, she added, “If you are still having people of color, women, still question if your new system has them in mind, then you really need to go back and build your coalition a little tighter. The platform was great, but the coalition still needed to be worked on.”

Forrest sees the need to expand Sanders’s coalition as an argument for her candidacy. “That’s why we need people like me on the local level to say, ‘Bernie Sanders was not crazy—he was saying something that we need and we need to be all on the same page’…. Until we have all these assemblymen, state senators saying the same thing, all these housing groups saying the same thing, it will be hard to get a Bernie Sanders in office.”

Bringing forth Sanders’s vision, Mamdani said, means “not only fighting for a political revolution but making sure the electorate is fundamentally transformed,” adding that his campaign has knocked on the doors of voters about which “a consultant would say, ‘Don’t waste your time, they haven’t voted since 2010.’”


“seeing so much from an economic lens, when you do need a mixture of an economic approach and an approach toward marginalized groups.”

I don’t agree with this (marginalized groups tend to be most affected by economic inequality) but I do think that Bernie TALKED about it just a bit too much. It allowed the Dem establishment to make fun of him.



Why do Americans represent less than 5% of the world’s population but nearly a third of the known coronavirus death toll? Not because of government incompetence, the Trump administration is arguing, but because Americans are very unhealthy.

The United States’ organized response to the pandemic had been “historic”, Trump’s health secretary, Alex Azar, told CNN on 17 May, but America “unfortunately” has a “very diverse” population, and black Americans and minorities “in particular” have “significant underlying disease”.

Jake Tapper, the CNN anchor interviewing Azar, paused and squinted. Surely, he asked, Azar was not arguing that “the reason that there were so many dead Americans is because we’re unhealthier than the rest of the world?”

Azar doubled down: “These are demonstrated facts.”

“That doesn’t mean it’s the fault of the American people that the government failed to take adequate steps in February …” Tapper said.

“This is not about fault. It’s about simple epidemiology,” Azar said, adding in a pious tone: “One doesn’t blame an individual for their health condition. That would be absurd.”

Blaming black Americans for dying from a novel virus because they had diabetes or high blood pressure was precisely what Azar was doing. Someone had to be held responsible for an American death toll approaching 100,000 people, worse than any other country’s reported deaths. In order for the Trump administration to remain blameless, someone else had to be blamed, and the administration was now blaming the dead.

Don midwest
Don midwest

“Dark Ages America” by Morris Berman in 2008. Subtitle, The Final Stages of Empire

even back then he said that there is no way to stop the collapse of the empire

and when going down, choose leaders who accelerate the collapse

“Why America Failed: The Roots of Imperial Decline” 2012

America has always been a country of hustlers,

this article points out these issues that Berman says have been baked into the country from the start

The title “Why American Failed” abbreviated WAF, add “er” and get WAFER. The people on his blog call themselves wafers.

He has an introductory piece and then he gets about 200 comments, many he responds to , and then starts with another piece and get another 200 or so. It looks like the latest one has 54 comments so it will be around for a couple of weeks.

In this piece, he describes living in SF in early 70’s, girl friend moved out, stock broker came in as a room mate, a young stock broker with tons of sex but no love.

Berman got a PhD been a professor at many schools, has lived in Mexico for a decade or so. Interesting take on things. I only go to his blog a few times per year and today because the article in the Guardian was written years ago by him



So far, Biden has not even come to the position that M4A is aspirational. That is a big problem for Warren as VP.


In the thick of primary season, Elizabeth Warren and Joe
Biden brawled over Medicare for All: He called her approach “angry,” “elitist,” “condescending”; she shot back anyone who defends the health care status quo with industry talking points is “running in the wrong presidential primary.”

Six months later, with Biden the presumptive nominee and Warren in the running for VP, she is striking a more harmonious chord.

“I think right now people want to see improvements in our health care system, and that means strengthening the Affordable Care Act,” she told students at the University of Chicago’s Institute of Politics this week, while adding that she still wants to get to single payer eventually.

The shift is the latest public signal Warren has sent Biden’s way in recent weeks that she wants the job of vice president — and wants Biden to see her as a loyal governing partner despite their past clashes, which go back decades.

Still, Warren’s governing-partner pitch is complicated by her differences on policy with Biden over the years, particularly on domestic economic issues. Her willingness to bash fellow Democrats made some Obama administration officials feel that she was self-servingly sanctimonious.

Warren’s answer on Medicare for All this week, however, is a possible sign of her willingness to align herself with Biden’s positions. Biden has shown a similar flexibility by embracing Warren’s bankruptcy reforms, the subject of many of their clashes in the early 2000s. Biden and his campaign have also shown a new openness to big, progressive proposals to revive the economy.

Taking no chances, Warren has been trying to showcase her potential political upside. She deployed her robust email list to raise money for Biden after she formally endorsed him. “I never had as many [contributors] until she endorsed me,” Biden said in a joint donor call with Warren that the campaign posted online Sunday.

Warren’s been plugging Biden’s website in media appearances. And in case her enthusiasm for a Biden presidency wasn’t apparent, her team produced a video lauding Biden’s implementation of the 2009 stimulus package.

Don midwest
Don midwest

never watch Morning Joe

grandson setting up TV for Roku so had to change back to regular TV and there it was

Trump down 10 pts in polls with over 65 year age group

I even listened

Joe’s big deal is that elections always been about contrasts and Trump has failed on it and not clear he can turn it around

such horse race political discussion .. but Americans care about health care and one other major item where Trump is down in this poll

for me, a couple of weeks ago I had the feeling that Trump was going to win because Biden and dems were so terrible. I these trends hole up, Trump and the republicans will take themselves down

so now my worry is that Trump will start a nuclear war to win the election


He loves GOPukers. Might as well stick her and her lousy GOPuke arse on the ticket.



When can we have a media that, as Sirota stated in his article last week, dispenses with this kabuki theater?



Jobless claims for workers across America rose by an additional 2 million last week, bringing the nine-week total to almost 39 million as states began reopening their economies, new data has revealed.

The Department of Labor figures published Thursday morning showed that 2.4 million filed Americans initial claims for unemployment benefits in the week ending May 16.

In its new data release, the Department of Labor said the COVID-19 outbreak was still having an impact on the once unprecedented unemployment numbers.

“The COVID-19 virus continues to impact the number of initial claims and insured unemployment,” the department wrote.

Although the latest jobless claim numbers are down from the 2.9 million filed during the week ending May 9, they are still at a level unseen since the Great Depression.

When combined with initial jobless claims filed over the last eight weeks, the new figures took the nine-week jobless claims total to 38.6 million as the coronavirus pandemic continues to rattle the U.S. economy.

According to the Bureau of Labour Statistics, the entire civilian labor force stood at 156.4 million in April this year, meaning now roughly a quarter of the American workforce have filed for unemployment benefits in the last two months


Yang’s automation future may come even more quickly than predicted.


Even as restrictions on businesses began lifting across the United States, another 2.4 million workers filed for jobless benefits last week, the government reported Thursday, bringing the total to 38.6 million in nine weeks.

And while the Labor Department has found that a large majority of laid-off workers expect their joblessness to be temporary, there is growing concern among economists that many jobs will never come back.

“I hate to say it, but this is going to take longer and look grimmer than we thought,” Nicholas Bloom, an economist at Stanford University, said of the path to recovery.

Mr. Bloom, a co-author of an analysis of the coronavirus epidemic’s effects on the labor market, estimates that 42 percent of recent layoffs will result in permanent job loss.

“Firms intend to hire these people back,” Mr. Bloom said, referring to a recent survey of businesses done by the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta. “But we know from the past that these aspirations often don’t turn out to be true.”

In this case, the economy that comes back is likely to look quite different from the one that closed. If social distancing rules become the new normal, causing thinner crowds in restaurants, theaters and stores, at sports arenas, and on airplanes, then fewer workers will be required.

Large companies already expect more of their workers to continue to work remotely and say they plan to reduce their real estate footprint, which will, in turn, reduce the foot traffic that feeds nearby restaurants, shops, nail salons and other businesses.

Concerns about working in close quarters and too much social interaction could also accelerate the trend toward automation, some economists say.
New jobs, mostly at low wages — as delivery drivers, warehouse workers and cleaners — are being created. But many more jobs will vanish.



“We are trying to get out the vote, trying to get Asian-Americans to show up, but Biden is not showing up for us,” says Michelle Liang, an organizer with NAKASEC Action Fund, an Asian-American advocacy organization working on voter turnout in the swing state of Pennsylvania.

Liang is one of eight co-authors, and more than 500 signatories, of an open letter to Joe Biden, calling on the former vice president to renounce the belligerent anti-Chinese rhetoric of a recent video ad for his campaign, released as Covid-19 continued to spread worldwide. The authors of the letter, which was signed by a broad range of Asian-American and progressive organizations, say they “share the Biden campaign’s goal of defeating Trump,” but that goal is hampered by Biden’s embrace of rhetoric vilifying their communities, which are already targeted by Trump’s anti-Chinese invectives. The open letter is just one part of a larger outcry as Biden’s campaign jockeys to show it’s “tougher” on China than Trump—rather than articulate a vision that clearly diverges from the anti-China nationalism the president is using to gin up his base.

“It is disheartening to see the vilification of China and Asia and to hear Trump using this global pandemic to push out this pro-ban, anti-immigrant, anti-Chinese agenda,” says Liang. “We are seeing Biden fall into the same trap.”


Really encouraged by the uptick in Asian-American visibility and activism of late.



Jeff Sprecher, the husband of Sen. Kelly Loeffler (R-Ga.), sent a $1 million check to the leading pro-Trump super PAC even as she been fending off criticism around her family’s stock trading.

Sprecher, chairman of the New York Stock Exchange, donated to America First Action on April 29, according to a report the Federal Election Commission filed Wednesday evening. America First has been described as the sole “approved outside non-campaign group” by the Trump campaign.

Sprecher’s donation came as Loeffler has faced increasing criticism over stock trading during the coronavirus pandemic. She offloaded stocks shortly after a classified briefing on Covid-19 in January.


Good. Keeps her gilded azz out of jail.


Why do you want her out of jail?


Snark. Her gilded azz types never go to jail.

Don midwest
Don midwest

is your blood boiling yet?

climate change on path to deliver temperatures and humidity so high that humans cannot survive

Global warming now pushing heat into territory humans cannot tolerate


If we don’t change our ways, is will soon be, The CV-19 shutdown showed that our “mother” can clean up the mess we ‘Hew-manns” made she just needs a little cooperation that’s all


Mother Nature is already going after human overpopulation by diseases, climate change, etc.


I wouldn’t be surprised if we see a further downtrend in fertility.


Our bithrate as a nation is on a downward trend, The next Gen cant afford them. Student loans, sub standard wages and so on. I worry about what type of earth kids born in the next 5-10 years will have?

Don midwest
Don midwest

on the monopoly front, Matt Stoller hits it out of the park, again

the first part is Joe Rogan moving to Spodify which then can control who gets the show by requiring a fee. In other words, the free content on the internet goes away.



Joe Rogan is not a socialist, any more than Matt Stoller is now.


Rogan also likes money.

Don midwest
Don midwest

corona virus experiment by bringing people into town!!!

Reopening day: Northern Michigan restaurants expect surge, as hotels fill fast


The US is now a yuge petri dish, way to many people don’t give a damn. I hope i’m wrong but I feel a yuge spike of cases and deaths are on the way by the end of June

Don midwest
Don midwest


people are dropping like flies. Warren: let’s strengthen the ACA.


By “strengthen” does she mean remove deductibles?


😂😂😂 and copays!!!


We need to take a deep breath and nominate Bernie for god’s sake.