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Regulars on here have heard me complain about this environmental threat for years. A good article and comment section from the Gray Lady: https://www.nytimes.com/2024/05/24/climate/orphan-wells-capping-methane-leaks.html 🙂




Count me in. I wouldn’t mind throwing some merde on that Israeli POS.💩


What folly! George Latimer’s accusations are a blatant misrepresentation.

First, while the environmental component of the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) of 2022 wasn’t the largest portion of the entire appropriation, it was still more significant than any environmental efforts during Clinton or Obama’s terms.

Second, if I were Jamaal Bowman, I’d proudly highlight my involvement in crafting and voting for the IRA. Latimer’s claims that Bowman doesn’t support Biden and is for Hamas in the current conflict are completely unfounded. It’s clear to everyone now that Latimer is distorting the truth. A real grifter.


Sounds like the usual garbage down here. Man, I so want Bowman to win this race.🤞


This cover of “Mississippi Queen” by Shannon Curfman Band reminds me of when my late brother cranked up this song, which was on a 45, on his first record player.


🎶🎶🎶🎶👍👍🙄 You’re talking the original by Mountain. Crank up the volume! ☮️🙂


Oh, what the heck! Two great renditions of ABFAB R & R! 🙂


Its come to this GQP really?

Texans claim mailer supporting former President Trump is voter intimidation
‘You can’t afford to have that on your record.’

By Warren Brown,
Deputy Editor
May 25, 2024

A political mailer sent to residents of multiple cities across the Lone Star State is going viral for alleged voter intimidation. The mailer includes an ominous threat to notify former President Donald Trump if registered Republicans don’t vote.

“Your voting record is public… Your neighbors are watching and will know if you miss this critical runoff election. We will notify President Trump if you don’t vote. You can’t afford to have that on your record,” reads one side of the mailer. On the other side, the mailer states, “Please don’t make us report you to President Trump” and that “President Trump will be VERY DISAPPOINTED.”

The political piece of mail has been delivered to separate ends of the state and has been met with shock and outrage from viewers alleging voter intimidation. Redditors report receiving it in Victoria and Denton — southeast of San Antonio and the northern part of Dallas-Fort Worth, respectively — showing a wide geographic distribution of the letter.
MySA reached out to the office of the Secretary of State but did not receive a response. The Texas Ethics Commission’s general counsel, James Tinley, told MySA in an email, “the TEC is generally prohibited from commenting on or even confirming or denying whether a complaint has been filed,” and does not have jurisdiction over claims of voter intimidation.

A logo for the “America First Conservatives Election Dept” is seen on one side of the mailer, but a search for the organization was unable to tie the letter to a specific organization. A presorted postage marker can be seen in one of the images floating around and includes a permit number. MySA reached out the United States Postal Service in hopes of identifying a sender. A USPS representative was unable to provide an immediate answer.

The sender is likely safe from criminal prosecution from the state, as the Texas election code says retaliation against a voter, the state’s legal term for intimidation, requires a person to knowingly harm or threaten to harm the voter by an unlawful act. The threat to notify Trump is too vague to qualify.

However, federal law is a different case. It includes a broader term for “intimidation of voters” and targets “Whoever intimidates, threatens, coerces, or attempts to intimidate, threaten, or coerce, any other person for the purpose of interfering with the right of such other person to vote or to vote as he may choose, or of causing such other person to vote for, or not to vote for, any candidate for the office of President…”

Reddit users didn’t hold back their distaste for the letter, with user hardman52 reporting he received it Wednesday in a post to the Denton subreddit.

“What are they even implying here?…that Trump is going to put you on the list for the train to the concentration camps?” said user MaverickTTT. “These people are f**king deranged.”

A user in Victoria near the Texas coast also created a post about receiving the mailer. They note the letter could come “from either side of the political spectrum.”

“This could be work from either an extreme right-wing party member hoping to scare us into voting for Trump or (the less likely scenario) an extreme left-wing party member hoping to paint Trump in a bad light,” hoopur told MySA in a direct message on Reddit.

User Dentony5 tells MySA they believe the mailer is “part of an internal fight within the Texas GOP” and is tied to far right elements aiming to get Trump supporters to the polls. Hoopur separately mentioned the possibility of the letter coming from either side of the aisle.

In either scenario, hoopur identifies one part of the population they believe is more likely to react to the mailer at the voting booth.

“This would easily fool an elderly person or a new generation of voter, who does not know exactly how protected they are,” hoopur writes. “Nobody wants their ‘vote’ to be publicized, let along criticized, by the community. The noticed claiming ‘your neighbors [who we insinuate vote for Trump] will be upset,’ would obviously persuade (scare) them into voting for the candidate.”



I wonder if AIPAC help fund this?


Sure wish the scumbags would mail one to my casa. Heh-heh.


Hello to all. I’ve not been on this site in a long time.
I want to let you all know about a development in my area of upstate NY.
Near the capitol of Albany NY there are two large health care providers.
Both are hospital networks with many and varied medical services in the area.
Right now each of them are threatening service cut off to a large part of their customers due to fighting with major insurance companies over money.
One is saying that all with insurance from Humana will be excluded while the other is saying that all with insurance from United will be excluded. This is now becoming an annual ritual around here as they all fight over our health care dollars.
In the past this game of chicken has not gone beyond threats as they have come to last minute agreements.
Just another sign that single payer health care is the only way to go!
Medicine for money is a very bad idea!

Ms. jbob and I sold our horse property last fall and are looking at moving to the Portland OR area soon.
The real estate market in this area is way over heated and we made a pile of money on our property that we owned for over 20 years.
There were bidding wars that drove the price up well over asking.

Last, I implore you all to hold your nose and vote for Biden.
Yes he sucks but the alternative is horrific.

Take care and enjoy your long weekend.


Same back at ya, @jbob. Greetings and salutations to you and yours. 🙂 I’m on Trad Medicare and FL Blue, and will fight anything that tries to take/change my Trad Medicare to some trash like Medicare “Advantage.” I’m also a member of several Single-Payer Activist Organizations. Most of the folks on here are holding their noses and voting for Byedone. I feel a very large turnout is coming in November, bigger than 2020. My dimwit Sandbar Peninsula State is up for grabs. Good luck in your Portland move. OR is a gorgeous state in spite of the climate change fires. Don’t be a stranger: the more the merrier on here. We’ve nicknamed it ‘The Nest’ and it’s a civilized political site which is a switch. Anywho, Happy Memorial Day, and stay cool. 🙂


Glad to hear from you @jbob


+270 @Jbob I hope you come back soon. You always have interesting stories to relate to us.

Paul ADK

The local hospitals here are cutting services at the smaller hospitals (all owned by the same teaching hospital), and forcing at least a 50 mile drive for most specialist care, and it’s 100 miles to the next state, if you’re wise. I moved here in part because there was a fully functioning medical center within a mile. There are three large state prisons in this town, and I’ve thought about pestering the state attorney general and governor to try to rattle up a look into whether current medical provision in this area creates a condition of cruel and unusual punishment. It certainly does for me, and I’m not incarcerated. And it’s all about money. Big money. Enough to buy up local hospitals, erode services, and funnel everyone where they want them, and still profit.


It just happened in western WI, people thier are now scrambling to get care.


Watch out for DCE or ACO offers from your primary care provider.

Seniors in Traditional Medicare may be “auto-aligned” to a DCE if any primary care physician they’ve visited in the past two years is affiliated with that DCE. That means Medicare automatically searches two years of seniors’ claims history without their full consent to find any visits with a participating DCE provider as the basis for enrollment. It’s no wonder that the current DC pilot phase includes potentially 30 million Traditional Medicare beneficiaries enrolled in 53 DCEs across 38 states.

I no longer have a Primary Care Doctor. Two different ones tried to put me into one of these with misleading communications telling me to sign up!


I watch out for that nonsense like a hawk. Couple it with the fact that I’m a Floridian. So far, so good. Private equity which should be ILLEGAL has its greedy little paws in our JokeCare med system along with the other scum.

Paul ADK

A lot of hospitals have expanded too far, too fast. And a number of insurers like to negotiate rates with hospitals that are at or below Medicaid reimbursement, and that’s just not a working model yet in this country. I’m due for rather major surgery this fall, at Albany Med. Should I be more worried than I already am?


Albany Med is fighting with Humana at this time.
I have traditional Medicare with medigap coverage from Humana.
Humana advised me the current fight only affects medicare advantage or privately insured people.
Medicare is my primary insurance provider and the medigap secondary coverage is not part of the current fight.
About Albany Med…..
I had a major surgery there 20 years ago with good outcome.
The only issue I had there was a lack of communication between medical groups. I had a very rare tumor inside my heart that was removed by the heart transplant surgeon there. They shut my heart off, put me on heart – lung machine to cut my heart open and access / remove the tumor. After they stitched it back together and fired it up there was a lot of spasms and irregular heartbeat stuff. Also weird blood chemistry stuff they said was a reaction to the heart – lung machine.
I had Cardiology, Hematology and Pulmonary groups involved and they all were ordering testing without looking at what was already ordered.
Even the phlebotomy technicians were complaining about coming back to my room over and over to draw blood. After five days both arms were black and blue from wrist to elbows.
I got the hell out of there and went home ASAP!
Best of luck with your surgery this fall. (don’t worry)

Paul ADK

Sounds like a major cash flow issue. Here, UVM (University of Vermont, the teaching hospital) had an issue with United Health Care, which is a component of the Empire Plan, that I have for my medigap coverage. It was the same issue, they stopped taking UHC plans that were privately obtained, not employer plans like the Empire Plan. They ultimately resolved their differences, and are now seriously pushing their own branded Medicare Advantage Plan. That should be illegal. Hospitals should not be in the business of selling insurance.

And thanks. I’m sure I’ll be fine, but this one is a risk.


Don’t add more stress to your system @Paul. Just sharpen your already eagle eye for anything that looks/smells like for-profit. One of the groups I’m with is PNHP which was started by doctors who are radical supporters of single payer.

Paul ADK

Thanks, that’s good advice. There’s another hospital here, in Saranac Lake, that’s very good for a lot of things, just not quite what I need. They have a model that seems to work for them. The hospital itself is not for profit, but some of their related services are for profit, and located in an adjacent building. I wouldn’t have a problem with most of that, although personally I tend to seek out medical services that are not quite so mercenary.


I got less than 2yrs till i retire, getting to navigate that swamp(Buyer Beware). Medi A-B and D is about all i’ve looked into. The mail has been full of medi adv. mailers.


Fetterman, Flashing a Sharper Edge, Keeps Picking Fights With the Left

Senator John Fetterman was hard to miss, lumbering down an empty hallway in a Senate office building dressed in his signature baggy gym shorts and a black hoodie. So when Stevie O’Hanlon, an environmentalist and organizer from Chester County, Pa., spotted him recently, she took the opportunity to question her home-state senator about a pipeline in her community.

Mr. Fetterman’s reaction was surprisingly hostile. Raising his phone to capture the confrontation on video, the senator began ridiculing her.

“I didn’t expect this!” Mr. Fetterman said, feigning excitement. “Oh my gosh!”

As Ms. O’Hanlon politely pressed him on what she called his “change of heart” on the issue of the local pipeline, which he had previously opposed, Mr. Fetterman pulled faces of faux concern until he stepped onto an elevator and let the closing door end the interaction.

Ms. O’Hanlon, a co-founder of the progressive Sunrise Movement, was stunned.

“I’ve talked to Republicans who are much friendlier than that,” she said in an interview, after a clip of the interaction circulated widely on social media. “The person that we voted for is not the person who mocks constituents when they bring up concerns.”

Ms. O’Hanlon is not the only one wondering who Mr. Fetterman has become. Since last fall, the first-term Democratic senator from Pennsylvania has undergone a significant change in political persona. He routinely takes aim at the left wing of his party that he once courted — and appears to enjoy the spasms of anger he produces because of it, as well as the strange new respect he commands from right-wing media outlets that once dismissed him as a vegetable and lobbed sexist attacks at his wife.

Mr. Fetterman’s sharpest break with the left has been on the Israel-Hamas War. A firm backer of Israel before the war, he decided early in the conflict that he would offer unconditional support for Israel and its prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu. He has relentlessly hewed to that stance, at times provocatively.

As he has morphed into a different kind of politician, Mr. Fetterman has lost some of his top advisers.

But there have been other notable differences. He has taken a hawkish stance on immigration, calling the surge in migration across the United States border with Mexico “a crisis.” He has broken with President Biden on energy policy, condemning his decision to pause approval of new liquefied natural gas exports to allow time to study the impact on climate change.

A stubborn contrarian by nature, Mr. Fetterman’s political brand has always been quirky, irreverent and at times frustrating to ideological purists on the left. His political move is to loudly — and sometimes obnoxiously — own an issue once he stakes out his position. As lieutenant governor, he flew marijuana legalization and L.G.B.T.Q. rights flags from the balcony of his office after Republicans banned unauthorized flags in the building.

But those who have observed his recent transformation also describe a shift in demeanor by Mr. Fetterman, who has begun to express himself in more caustic, sometimes hostile ways.

As he has morphed into a different kind of politician than anyone expected him to be, Mr. Fetterman has lost some of the top advisers who helped get him where he is today — the ones who guided him through a turbulent Senate campaign and debilitating health episodes, including a life-threatening stroke before he was elected and a six-week hospitalization just after he arrived in the Senate when he was treated for clinical depression.

Mr. Fetterman’s longtime political adviser, Rebecca Katz, the person he spoke with first in the morning and last at night through his 2022 Senate campaign and who has been at his side since 2015, has recently moved on.

His first Senate chief of staff, Adam Jentleson, who kept him connected to the outside world during his stay at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, quietly resigned last month, taking on a role as an outside adviser. [note: bold font is my emphasis for that sentence]Three top press liaisons have left his office, including Joe Calvello, his communications director and a close aide who had been with him since the 2022 campaign. (Despite the high-level departures, Mr. Fetterman’s office has less turnover overall than average for a Senate office.)

Sparring With the Left
Some on the left have begun to be more public about their frustration with Mr. Fetterman. When a House Republican insulted a Democrat’s physical appearance at a recent hearing, prompting a rowdy exchange, Mr. Fetterman weighed in online, ridiculing the entire scene, writing: “In the past, I’ve described the U.S. House as ‘The Jerry Springer Show.’ Today, I’m apologizing to ‘The Jerry Springer Show.’”

Liberals were outraged that he appeared to be equating his fellow Democrats’ behavior with that of Republicans. Annie Wu, who worked on Mr. Fetterman’s campaign, responded with her own post: “In the past, I’ve described the 2022 Pennsylvania Senate race as one where we voted for a candidate with empathy and character. Today, I’m apologizing to everyone who also believed that was the case.”

Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Democrat of New York, who had been involved in the verbal fracas, responded with a post suggesting Mr. Fetterman was a bully.

“I have no comment on that,” said Ms. Ocasio-Cortez, who endorsed Mr. Fetterman in 2022, when asked on Thursday about Mr. Fetterman’s shift in persona. “It’s up to Pennsylvanians.”

Mr. Fetterman declined to be interviewed for this article. But he is perhaps the least revealing person to interrogate about his evolution, often claiming that if anyone had been paying close enough attention to him, they would have seen that this is the guy he has always been.


Those who have worked with Mr. Fetterman also suggest that his transformation may be calculated, and that he is carving out what he thinks is a more sustainable and winning lane for himself as a Democrat. Politically, his repudiation of the left has benefited the senator, whose popularity in Pennsylvania polls has increased. A recent Times/Siena poll showed that he has a 48 percent approval rating there, up from 44 percent last October — substantially higher than Mr. Biden, at 41 percent.

“The left should welcome it,” said Rick Wilson, the anti-Trump Republican strategist. “His position in the center left is much more viable in an ongoing political way than the idea of John Fetterman chanting ‘from the river to the sea.’ I don’t think that’s where most Americans’ heads are at. The left should welcome watching something that works.”

But that rise in popularity has also meant trampling on a political brand he cultivated for years. On the campaign trail, he positioned himself as a champion of the underdog and highlighted his association with Senator Bernie Sanders, the self-described democratic socialist from Vermont he supported for president in 2016. Now, he proudly rejects the label “progressive.”

I have been lamenting for the past several months, since the war in Gaza started, that I found it incredible Adem Jentlesen could still work for Fetterman, especially after Fetterman made a complete turnaround in his stance. I wasn’t aware that Joe Cavello and Rebecca Katz had also departed from his staff.

Fetterman is now bought and paid for by special interests.

Of course, this article is in the Times today, which loves this kind of story. It also reflects Kirsten Sinema’s narrative of progressives who abandon the progressive label and become part of the corrupt establishment.


Voters can always get informed and vote him out.

Paul ADK

Fetterman’s voting record matches his rhetoric. However, he could be the difference between a Democratically controlled Senate, or one controlled by the GOP. We don’t want the GOP appointing any more judges.

I’ve been saying it forever, but what we need is a strong Progressive Party, apart from the Democrats. Democrats are always going to pander to the special interests that fund them, and for the votes they need to keep the gravy train running strong.


It will be that close for the senate, most of the pundants/Polling seem to agree as well



Add in craporate price gouging.


This is a song I listen to on Memorial Day weekend (and Vets Day too)


🙂 !! 🙂 !! Here’s my offer for today.

Aint Supposed to Die A Natural Death
Aint Supposed to Die A Natural Death

RIP George Floyd and all the other black folk targeted for police violence – we aint supposed to die a natural death.

Aint Supposed to Die A Natural Death
Aint Supposed to Die A Natural Death

Amy interviewed the director of the documentary, Yance Ford – starts about 4.00 mark.