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Don midwest
Don midwest

Economics — Matt Stoller worked with Bernie for years on capital hill and I think he was head of his econ advisers during the 2016 primary

When American Capitalism Meant Equality
Posted on May 14, 2019 by Matt Stoller
Americans used to have a relatively egalitarian view of markets. How did they come to accept extreme inequality as an innate part of their economic system? At the heart of this change is a radical shift in the meaning of American capitalism itself.

Matt’s focus has been monopoly.

American capitalism used to mean economic equality and security. When I mention this in speeches or talks today, this observation prompts laughter, or outright disbelief. But it’s true. Americans used to believe economic equality was foundational to our political system. That America—at least for those considered citizens—carried with it an implicit promise of rough commercial equality. How did this notion change so radically?

In 2008, we faced an earth-shattering financial crisis. More than anything, this crisis structured how Americans consider their economic system. As former Clinton official Reed Hundt recently observed, President Barack Obama and his advisors missed the opportunity the crisis presented to reorder social priorities. Though operating in good faith, these political officials ended up embracing a political economic framework that shifted wealth and power upward, and ultimately created a more chaotic political order. Today, young people have a higher favorability rating for socialism than capitalism.


The neolibcons talk a good game about fixing the rigged system, but then the corporatists unleash their lobbyists or a few phone calls threating their donations to their owned congress critter which then forget about what they were going to fix. Its not surprising that the younger generation and some of us old boomers want to try something new economically. Bernie is the only one I trust to carry through his platform but admit he would need a dem congress to pull off his programs.


Tip Jar for the intrepid travelers and posters.


Not me, way to many crazy drivers on the road I don’t want to deal with. I commute a little over an hour to and from work so took today off to get away from that.:)


I was thinking of LD and JD. While I hope they enjoy the trip, I don’t envy them starting out on a “holiday” weekend.

Being currently limited to city buses, I won’t be going out either. Enjoy your day off!

Don midwest
Don midwest

This is mostly about soils and what has happened in a few hundreds of years in the South East.

A critical zone brings together a wide range of disciplines to set up a lab in the field.

At the end we are reminded about the much different approaches to the earth of indigenous people and where we are heading.

Most of the documentary includes voices from other people than Bruno Latour. Many of these people are working in environmental humanities.

“The Education of Bruno Latour: From the Critical Zone to the Anthropocene” Feature-Length Documentary

Celebrated French philosopher Bruno Latour travels with Duke University Critical Zone scientist Daniel D. Richter, PhD to the John C. Calhoun Critical Zone Observatory (CZO) in rural South Carolina to observe how deep soil erosion gives a more nuanced view of the Anthropocene.


Lest we forget:


Boycott Memorial Day sales. This should be a day of reflection, not shopping.

Spend some time writing a plea against re-instating the draft to the National Commission on Military, National, and Public Service.


Thanks orl and Benny for the threads! Happy beginning of Memorial weekend.

I think this worry is overblown. At the end of the first contests and Super Tuesday, there will very likely be a clear leader between the two of them. The other one will drop out and hopefully give his/her full support to the other. I’m rooting for Bernie and I think it will be him, but if the voters decide Warren is the one, then I’m getting behind her because Biden needs to be beaten.


Of course, having invested time, money and soul into the effort to win the nomination, neither Warren nor Sanders will be dropping out anytime soon, especially not with hours of free media coming to them as part of the endless debate process, and with the Iowa caucuses still more than eight tedious months away. Nor should they. Both candidates and their supporters deserve a long chance to take the case directly to the primary electorate, to build momentum and to cut into Biden’s lead.

It is also possible that the primary becomes a three-way race after Super Tuesday, and that Biden pulls into the convention short of a pledged delegate majority, while Warren and Sanders combined have him beat. While that would give progressives a chance to claim the nomination, it also relies on the nightmare scenario of taking it away from the delegate leader, which would be both unlikely and unwise.

A more likely scenario is this: at some point, whether in September, in January or in March, either Warren or Sanders will have to fall on the sword of progressivism in an effort to help the other get elected. If neither is willing to do so, they’ll both be left fighting for primetime speaking slots in Milwaukee while Biden preps his acceptance speech.


Good roundup of Bernie’s plans.


Sanders, who has plans to tackle of number of issues, should he win the presidency, has perhaps been most impassioned about his fight to strengthen Social Security. As a reminder, 63 million Americans are currently receiving a Social Security benefit check each month, with 90% of working Americans aged 21 to 64 covered in the event of a long-term disability and 96% of adults aged 20 to 49 with young children and/or a surviving spouse covered by survivors insurance.

Where exactly does Bernie Sanders stand on Social Security? Let’s take a closer look.



“I apologize to no one.”

Good!! He has no reason to.



That is not popular with progressives who want bold change, and they don’t trust Biden to hold the line on those principles.

“I will be damned if the same politicians who refused to act then [in recent decades] are going to try to come back today and say we need to find a middle-of-the-road approach to save our lives,” Progressive star Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York said after hearing Biden could be crafting a “middle-of-the-road” climate change approach.

The split comes down to unity versus anger, restoration versus revolution.

“It’s a political revolution” that’s needed, said Larry Cohen, head of Our Revolution, an outside group supporting Sanders that grew out of his 2016 campaign. “Restoration in this country– what period are we going to go back to? The period of Jim Crow? State militias? We are moving forward, not restoration. To build a democracy here, it has to be inclusive — in a meaningful way.”

Case in point, Cohen said of Biden, “If he’s the nominee,” his group “will support him enthusiastically. At the end of the day, elections are binary. It’s like a light switch, I want the light on. It’s not a close call. There’s a huge difference between Vice President Biden and Donald Trump.”

That said, he added, “Now is the time to talk about what kind of nation we can be, and what can we get done — and let’s aim higher.”


So the NPR writer believes that Biden supporters feel soothed and comforted when so many others all around them feel desperate and impoverished? Huh? If it’s important to say that Sanders people will “enthusiastically” support Dem nominee Biden, let’s hear the Biden people say they will enthusiastically support Sanders as the Dem. nominee!

Thank you obf for this holiday open thread. Safe travels to you!

Also safe travels to LD and JD and wishes for a great road trip!

Happy Memorial Day Holiday to all TWPer’s!


I’m with you EyeRound! For ex. I’ll feel “soothed and comforted” when I can sleep without worrying about health care and losing my chance at social security! What would Biden do for those two worries?? I’m thinking nada!

p.s. Happy Memorial Day to you EyeRound! And to all of the TPW readers and posters!


So what’s the point of this lengthy article that concludes it won’t make a difference to voters?



Wait, Kamala Harris’s net worth is $400,000?? I don’t think so!

I just saw an estimate of $581K to $2M, she and her husband reported $1.17 Million income in 2015, over $2 Million in 2018, and then there’s this:

It’s also worth noting what’s not included in the disclosures, namely any properties for which Harris and her husband aren’t earning rent. That would include the multimillion-dollar Brentwood, Calif., home where they live. Properties that are listed in the disclosure are two mortgages of at least $1 million held independently.

Good for her! But it ticks me off to see such false info out there.


They forgot a zero (deliberately?). Harris’s net worth is $4 million.


Politico to Bernie: Curious, How You Also Participate in Society

Wow. It sounds like he… wrote a book and also… managed his finances? Shocking. A betrayal of all that socialism holds dear.

Bernie is not saying that everyone should be an anarcho-socialist who gives up all personal wealth and tries to camp out on public lands until they get in an armed standoff with a park ranger. He’s not promising to take office and outlaw the capitalist practice of “writing books and selling them.”

Kruse makes a big deal about presenting this information in a slightly different tone that the typical Fox News attack against Sanders for being rich, despite the fact that they’re doing almost exactly the same thing.



Facebook is garbage


Facebook says it will continue to host a video of Nancy Pelosi that has been edited to give the impression that the Democratic House Speaker is drunk or unwell, in the latest incident highlighting its struggle to deal with disinformation.

The viral clip shows Pelosi – who has publicly angered Donald Trump in recent days – speaking at an event, but it has been slowed down to give the impression she is slurring her words.

The president’s personal lawyer, the former mayor of New York Rudy Giuliani, was among the Trump supporters who promoted the story. He tweeted – then deleted – a link to a copy of the video on Facebook with the caption: “What is wrong with Nancy Pelosi? Her speech pattern is bizarre.”

Despite the apparently malicious intent of the video’s creator, Facebook has said it will only downgrade its visibility in users’ newsfeeds and attach a link to a third-party fact checking site pointing out that the clip is misleading. As a result, although it is less likely to be seen by accident, the doctored video will continue to rack up views. Facebook only took the action following inquiries from the Washington Post, which first reported the story.

Concerns have been raised in recent years about the impact of “deep fake” videos, where artificial intelligence technology is used to create disturbingly realistic videos. However, the Pelosi video shows that a low-tech approach can be successful. The clip, edited by an unknown producer, appears to have been created by simply slowing down raw footage – something that can be done in a matter of seconds on most smartphones.

A Facebook spokesperson said: “There’s a tension here: we work hard to find the right balance between encouraging free expression and promoting a safe and authentic community, and we believe that reducing the distribution of inauthentic content strikes that balance. But just because something is allowed to be on Facebook doesn’t mean it should get distribution. In other words, we allow people to post it as a form of expression, but we’re not going to show it at the top of News Feed.”



O’Donnell states that Trump’s refusal to do his job is (yet another) impeachable offense.

Another “I” word that Trump cannot say is “integrity.”

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