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Off topic, but FYI.The NYT is free today and tomorrow. (I suspect the paywall will be back in effect on Sunday).



Thank you! Anyone who has Evernote (the free edition also does this) or a version of Adobe Acrobat can download the stories they most want to save or get back to. There are likely other programs that will do this, but these two I know do. If nothing else, there are always screenshots.


I just got the email from the NYT. They are describing themselves as “the independent press.” Independent from what? Integrity? Anyway, it is a good way to confuse the public about their real role of not being a purveyor of what is accurate and unbiased information.


lol on the “Independent from what? Integrity?” WindDancer.



MAY 3, 2019
Roaming Charges: Biden in Plain Sight
by JEFFREY ST. CLAIR FacebookTwitterRedditEmail

Abandoned passenger car, Astoria, Oregon. Photo: Jeffrey St. Clair.
+ Joe Biden will never again be more popular than he was the day before he entered the presidential race. Still his residual appeal, a misbegotten nostalgia for the Obama years, vaulted Biden 20 points ahead of his nearest Democratic Party rivals in a Quinnipiac poll taken a few days after Biden’s announcement (in a creepy video) and his first campaign gigs, where, despite decades of service in the legislative ranks of Wall Street, he cunningly wrapped himself in the union label.

This Quinnipiac poll is almost certainly an outlier, but it must be picking up some kind of vibrations. Warren surging, Bernie plummeting. Warren has been hitting hard on new policies. Bernie is avoiding difficult issues and giving same stump speech he has for past 6 years…

This week’s Quinnipiac Poll vs. a month ago:

+9 Biden
+8 Warren
+6 Mayor Pete
– 7 Beto
– 8 Bernie

Everyone else is flatlining.

+ If you don’t think Biden’s the perfect person to represent the Democratic Party, you haven’t paid much attention to what the Democratic Party has become over the last 25 years: interventionist, anti-regulation, pro-austerity, merciless on black crime and devoted to Israel.

+ For 40 years Biden’s been a consistent neoliberal on economics and an ultra-hawk on foreign policy. I don’t see him changing anything but his rhetoric, which he’ll steal from someone else. (Neil Kinnock is all used up, so maybe he’ll lift a few airy phrases from Ed Milliband.)

+ Was Biden reanimated by the Night King, Qybern or Melisandre?



BTW, I ff thru violence or busy myself with something else. Sometimes enjoy a good sword fight.
And love direwolves.


Do you mean like this?😁

Monty Python – The Black Knight – Tis But A Scratch

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