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Don midwest
Don midwest

Thom Hartmann is a straight shooter. He is on for 3 hours weekdays. Thom ran a Brunch with Bernie for over a decade, maybe as much as 12 years, where Bernie called in and took live calls on the air. That was a very important part of building a national presence for Bernie.

Thom has written over 20 books and a couple with Lamar Waldron on the Kennedy assignation. There is still a lot that we didn’t know and I didn’t realize that the 50 year all papers to be published has again been pushed out to 2021 by Trump. This interview goes back part of the work of Barr to keep Republicans out of jail over the years and the 20 year personal relation with Muller and their families.

Over the years there have been cover ups of crimes and the criminal hang around and do more bad stuff. Nancy “impeachment not on the table” Pelosi after the 2006 election and now war criminals are again setting foreign policy and pumping money to the military industrial security complex.

This is a 20 min interview of the stuff that is covered up. This is some of what Bernie has to deal with. I recommend you watch the interview.

Did Bill Barr cover up the Kennedy assignation?

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