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Don midwest
Don midwest

this is in an article


will US, UK and some others be the source of virus for the planet?

Don midwest
Don midwest

How WWII shaped the lives of the baby boomers like myself and the author of this article and the author who runs Tom Dispatch in a three posts per week, mostly foreign policy blog Tom Dispatch

We won (along with others) the war, Hitler is the supreme evil, and we ran wars (e.g., VietNam) to ensure no more Hitler. Focused on specific time and place to justify our military and foreign policy for the last 75 years.

Then a virus arrives and the system is in tatters. In other words, the virus exposed the tatters of the system and the misplaced emphasis on military force.

Recommend this fairly long article to look back on how the US has been blinded, and used bad guys to justify whatever we do. Saw with the dems focus on Russia for 2016 election and now China is the bad guy to change the subject.

V-E Day Plus 75
From a Moment of Victory to a Time of Pandemic

Tom has an intro then article by Andrew

As an aside, no mention of The New Climate Regime in this article. The virus is a warm up for that ultimate challenge which is for the most part being ignored.

To use a term we see thrown around: it would be a revolution in the US to face up to the evil we have done in the world, how we have the world worse through our military systems and equipment, and to begin to dismantle the military. Among the damage is the the Pentagon alone pollutes more than most countries in the world.,

A final comment. It was just a couple of years ago I realized how my father, who was in WWII, how his experience shaped my life but he NEVER spoke of it. A buried horror. Rationality used to hide it. Rationality had to be front and center to combat irrationality, the other. This is the same rationality used to justify colonialization.


they have a superpac for that.