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I so cannot stand her entitlement, not to mention her attitude. She has literally never done a thing to earn her place in any kind of spotlight.

Anytime she tries to diminish the Green New Deal, Socialism, etc.. people need to pull this nugget from her wiki:

In terms of economic policy, she once remarked on The Rachel Maddow Show: “I didn’t even take econ[omics] in college. I don’t completely understand it so I’d hate to make a comment one way or the other. That’s—truly of all the things—I keep reading and I just don’t understand it




It appears that the media’s long (in news-cycle terms) honeymoon with Pete Buttigieg is over. Gone are the days of flattering coverage from, well, pretty much everywhere—stories about Buttigieg’s love of Ulysses, his faculty with languages, and affection for Phish and the Dave Matthews Band (well, I guess they weren’t all flattering stories). Over the last couple of weeks, Buttigieg has received scrutiny more appropriate to a leading presidential candidate instead of simply being rolled out like a new diet soda.

There have been stories investigating his time as mayor of South Bend, and deep dives into his decision to demolish hundreds of homes and to fire the city’s black police chief. Mayor Pete Mania has begun to falter, as has the candidate’s standing in some tracking polls. Instead of wondering whether he can knock off Joe Biden, journalists are now asking questions about his failure to connect with black voters.

However, Buttigieg might be finding out that strategy has its limits. He continues to appear on TV (he has a Fox News town hall scheduled for May 19), and churn out cable-ready soundbites (just yesterday he told the Today show that he “couldn’t imagine” God being a Republican), but this strategy seems to have diminishing returns for candidates not named Donald Trump. Instead, if Buttigieg wants to keep his seat at the big-kids’ table, he should try something new—he should stand for something.


The new superdelegates: Endorsements.

Bet you have not seen this on the news:
List of Bernie Sanders 2020 presidential campaign endorsements

Bill Maher? I must say I am surprised.


Question: In 2015/16, Tulsi Gabbard had to resign her post on the DNC in order to endorse Bernie.

Why hasn’t Symone Sanders had to do the same now that she is running Biden’s campaign? At least I cannot find anywhere at all that states she has.

From List of Joe Biden Endorsements:

Party officials
Cristobal J. Alex, member of the Democratic National Committee[33]
Symone Sanders, member of the Democratic National Committee, political commentator, national press secretary for the Bernie Sanders 2016 presidential campaign and 2020 Biden campaign staffer[34]

Note: Biden’s list of endorsements is lumped in with all the other candidates except Bernie. Bernie has his very own page.

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