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these people complaining that Bernie is using his mailing list for covad relief andnot biden. so selfish


My response if Byedones campaign contacts me I figure i’m not alone



Aint Supposed to Die A Natural Death
Aint Supposed to Die A Natural Death

Me too. I found a donation request in my spam box. They called it “ridin with Biden.” I gave them the middle finger and unsubscribed.


Plus people on his list are way way more likely to give to relief than to Biden. Even Bernie voters who are going to vote for a Biden have much better uses for their $, especially during these times.

Paul ADK
Paul ADK

Biden already has his big donors all lined up. They will dictate his agenda. He only wants small donor donations so he can pump up the number of individual donors. You know, so he can look a little bit less like a giant corporate tool.

Paul ADK
Paul ADK

Oh yeah, they all think they own our votes, just like the Hillaroids.

And when they lose they will blame us for their rigging of the primary.

I have to wonder whatever happened to all of those claims of shifted votes in the Diebold machines…

Paul ADK
Paul ADK

What primary? A bunch of southern red states does not a Democratic Primary make.

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