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Don midwest
Don midwest

meanwhile, our foreign policy supports Israel

Gaza at Risk of amputation from Israeli Sniping

Ann Arbor (Informed Comment) – Thousands of innocent Gaza Palestinian protesters wounded by live fire by Israeli snipers are in danger of losing limbs if the decrepit Gaza hospital system does not receive $20 million, according to Jamie McGoldrick, United Nations Humanitarian Coordinator for the occupied Palestinian territory.

Since the Great March of Return protests began in spring of 2018, some 31,691 Palestinians have been injured by the Israeli army. Almost none of those wounded had actually come up to the border fence with Israel or gotten close enough to Israeli soldiers to endanger them. We are therefore talking about 31,0000 war crimes, since it is not permitted in international law for occupying troops to simply shoot down unarmed protesters.

Most of those injured were hurt by military-grade tear gas, about which victims report that “Acute symptoms included loss of consciousness, breathing difficulties, rashes, and severe pain, all of which lasted many hours beyond the time they were directly exposed to the gas.” Repeated exposure raises anxieties about chronic headaches and miscarriages. Some are injured by being hit by the teargas cannisters, which can cause serious injury and even death.

About 7,000 Palestinian protesters in Gaza have been sniped out with scopes by professional Israeli snipers, and hit with live fire strategically targeting their legs.

1,700 of those 7,000 are in immediate danger of bone infections and other complications and cannot hope to get good medical treatment in the Gaza Strip, where a decade of Israeli blockade has left the medical infrastructure woefully underfunded, and where Israeli airstrikes have sometimes hit hospitals.

Don midwest
Don midwest

WA Post opinion piece on E Warren

Only one 2020 Democrat fully grasps the threat Trump poses

and Bernie doesn’t?

Well, at least the article says that there is another candidate worthy of the issues Bernie has been pushing


Well for better or worse, Warren has been the most vocal about impeachment. Bernie basically agrees with House Dem leadership that impeachment should not be pursued immediately—instead investigate.


Wapuke will never write positively about Bernie as long as Bezos owns it. T and R, LD!!

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