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HomeOpen Thread5/11 News Roundup & Open Thread – The DAPL Is Already Leaking, Sanders To Debate Kasich, Quist Gains Ground & More
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Don midwest
Don midwest

The Sadism of creeping Dictatorship

Juan Cole’s column today

Hazing (sadism) to scare off criticism


Agree, but not sure that this is the “first sign of descent.” Been descending for a while, now.

Luckily, Comey was very level headed about it. Deprive the bullies of their intent to humiliate and it’s not nearly as much fun.

Don midwest
Don midwest

Are some stories getting to main stream press?

The local newspaper, Columbus Dispatch, which owns well over 90% of newspapers in Central Ohio after they bought the weekly neighborhood newspapers that are mostly free,
the Dispatch was sold to a newspaper conglomerate.

David Cay Johnston wrote that the same group that owns the Rochester paper and took it down is now in control here. Like other buy outs, they started by reducing the staff of the news room and most of the content articles from the paper are from NY Times, WA Post, WSJ, etc.

The paper is delivered to our house and my wife complains and complains about how content free it is and threatens to cancel it. This has gone on for years and it is now worse.

This morning, I picked it up and scanned through the front section. (One of the changes is to make the paper physically smaller)

On the front page things got off to a start. Above the fold is an article on an on line school, ECOT, which owes the state $60 because of fraud in the counting of students. Also on the front page was the Comey firing. And a large piece with a photo of a pipeline company that is being charged by the state EPA about spills and other non compliance issues. And a policeman who stomped a suspect who was handcuffed and face down on the ground.

In the first section is: reporter in WV jailed for asking a question, Betsy DeVos getting negative treatment at college presentation, comparison to Nixon and Trump in the firing of people like Comey, the new president of S. Korea not to live in the mansion downtown, small article that immigrants are necessary for Ohio to prosper, warnings about more troops sent off to wars, Turkey pissed about support of YKP, etc.

I have been following parts of these stories for years but the average person, who gets their “news” from corporate media, could not connect the dots.

There are so many things going wrong, and Trump and the Republicans are trying to make things worse, so the dots are getting bigger from this one day, random sample of the local newspaper.