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Thanks, humhrey!


Interesting pattern of the Clintons whenever they try to get away from the shade. Bold font is the key sentence about the pattern.

Haitians to Protest Hillary Clinton’s Speech at New York City College

On June 8, Hillary Clinton is scheduled to serve as the Class of 2017 commencement speaker at Medgar Evers College in Brooklyn, New York, where she will also be awarded an honorary degree. The announcement has incited protests from several members of the Haitian community who plan to protest the speech and are pushing the college’s president, Rudy Crew, to rescind the invitation.

“Every time the Clintons get in a bind, they run to the black community to whitewash their tarnished image,” said Komokoda, the Haitian group protesting the speech, in a statement. “After Bill Clinton was impeached for lying under oath in the Monica Lewinsky affair, he brought in Jesse Jackson and a host of black preachers to lead prayers with him at the White House. To divert attention from her ‘deleted emails’ debacle, Hillary had Bill DeBlasio’s wife, Chirlane McCray, bring her to Brownsville, one of the most impoverished neighborhoods in Brooklyn, for a photo op with little black children. When newspaper editorials and cartoons were blasting her for her unending lies and demanding investigations and prosecutions, former New York City mayor David Dinkins brought her out for a keynote speech at his Dinkins Leadership & Public Policy Forum at Columbia University. Today, for her resurrection from a shameful defeat by the last person most reasonable people felt could ever be president of the United States, the dirty work falls to Rudy Crew.”

The Clintons’ role in Haiti has incited immense criticism and has tarnished their relationship with the Haitian community. In 2010, Haiti suffered a massive earthquake. Several NGOs and the United Nations flocked to Haiti to help relief efforts, but their intervention came with several costs. In 2011, UN Peacekeepers caused a massive cholera outbreak that killed at least 9,500 people and sickened 800,000 others. During this time, Bill Clinton served as the United Nations Special Envoy to Haiti while Hillary Clinton served as secretary of state. While the Clinton Foundation has staunchly defended their role in Haiti, their involvement in the country has been far from successful. “Many of the most notable investments the Clintons helped launch, such as the new Marriott in the capital, have primarily benefited wealthy foreigners and the island’s ruling elite, who needed little help to begin with,” wrote Jonathan Katz for Politico in 2015.

Some of this has been reported by Peter Schwizer, a St Ronnie conservative-biased author in the book Clinton Cash but as we also know some of his reporting appeared a bit exploitative/hit job on Clinton.


Thank you , Komokodo,

For saying the truth that we choose not speak.


I talked to a very interesting young Haitian man at the March for Science. He is working on a Masters level degree in drafting/engineering. He is a proud 1st generation Haitian-American. His parents are from Port-Au-Prince. He said that before the earthquake, Haiti was digging out of its long time economic hole. The earthquake halted it. He was emphatic that his country is not the poverty mudhole the MSM is fond of depicting. A solid middle class exists there even though they have had their share of nightmares like Duvalier. He’s very proud to be middle class, and wants nothing to do with the rich. I agreed with him. 🙂


Bernie donned a gown while speaking to graduating seniors at Johnson State College in Vermont earlier today. He looks very professorial.

Bernie mentioned that he had children who attended the college and daughter who is in charge of the woodworking program. But his speech is not light-hearted; it is more a call to action. The speech is about 24 minutes and is posted below.

The audience was psyched. Bernie begins speaking about 43:20 mark.

Do not turn your back on the struggles going on that are going on in this country today or around the world. And I say to you, if there was ever a time in history for a generation to be bold and think big and to stand up and fight back, now is that time.

This is your country: fight for it.


Oh, Grandpa Bernie, you’re my honorary Grandpa! And happy Mothers day to Jane, too.


Here’s a perspective about importing Canadian drugs into the US. Some points to consider.

As someone who spent several years as Canada’s health minister, I know that allowing Americans to purchase prescription drugs from Canada could have terrible consequences for the citizens of both countries.

Under Sanders’s plan, Canada would simply serve as an intermediate transshipment point for unapproved drugs heading to the United States. Canadian authorities do not inspect every shipment of products headed for the U.S. marketplace to ensure that packages don’t contain adulterated, counterfeit or illegal drugs. Canada does not have the resources to undertake such comprehensive searches, and the Canadian and U.S. governments are not currently set up to facilitate such a program. Canada’s health-inspection regime is designed to ensure the safety of medications for Canadians, not for other countries.

Absent a major policy shift here in Canada, if bulk Canada-U.S. drug shipments were to become a reality, Americans could receive uncertified, uninspected, third-party drugs. Canada inspects drugs for its own citizens; Canadian authorities wouldn’t have the ability or resources to inspect medicines destined for the United States.

What’s more, there’s an opioid epidemic in the United States, and the situation isn’t much better in Canada; British Columbia recently declared a public health emergency to combat the opioid crisis. Because Canada isn’t inspecting all trans-shipped goods bound for the United States, there are dire concerns that international opioid smugglers could disguise their narcotics as prescription drug packages. The amount of fentanyl, much of it from China, reaching Canadian ports has skyrocketed recently. Canadian officials have seized fentanyl packages fraudulently labeled as containing zero grams of the deadly synthetic opioid.

I wouldn’t mind if Bernie responded back to see what we’re missing in the discussion of his bill. I see the merits of his bill, but just curious.


Yes. We could inspect, but with whatever corpse was put in charge doing the regulating, it wouldn’t be much better.

Maybe we could pay Canada to inspect for us! 😉 if only.


Desperate Americans are buying drugs through other countries LIKE CHINA cos they need and can afford the cheaper drugs. They aren’t worried about inspections. The US Healthcare System is a criminal racket that just gets worse. WAPO has never supported the Bernster, and they won’t start now.


I also wouldn’t put it past the health minister having strong ties to the previous State department, but I thought it was a perspective to consider and converse on.