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Bernie Sanders Should Embrace the Demand to Defund the Police

This week Bernie Sanders, now out of the running for the Democratic Party presidential nominee, expressed some skepticism about the demand to defund the police in an interview in the New Yorker. That demand has become a rallying cry for the protests against racist police brutality that have arisen in the wake of the killings of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor. But while Sanders echoed some of the core concepts animating the demand — like reassigning mental health and addiction services to non-police agencies — he didn’t explicitly lend it his approval.

Sanders didn’t outright say we shouldn’t defund the police, though he did say police officers should be well-paid. Instead, he expressed disagreement with the idea that police departments should be abolished, which he seemed to conflate with defunding. The interviewer also conflated them in his question, asking, “A lot of people in the progressive movement now are calling for defunding or abolishing the police. Do you —” to which Sanders responded, “Do I think we should not have police departments in America? No, I don’t. There’s no city in the world that does not have police departments.”

One of Sanders’s political strengths is his ability to pinpoint demands that are ambitious enough to raise ordinary people’s expectations and transform the way they think about the relationship between politics and their daily lives, but not so much that they seem impossible and fail to resonate. Sanders has always carefully walked a tightrope of trying to expand people’s imaginations without losing credibility or popular confidence.

That orientation toward reforms is precisely why he should publicly embrace the demand to defund the police.


Hey LD! 🙂 The FRighties are working their usual psycho-linguistical malfeasance on that phrase. It needs to be rewritten.


Yes it’s easy to demagogue and is causing needless division on our side.


Disagree. Why should we allow bad-faith attacks dictate the language we use? Defund the Police is perfectly clear, people like the interviewer need to become educated as to what the demand means.

Not happy with Bernie’s answer to the question.


Wrong spot


‘Their greed is gonna kill us’: Indian Country fights against more fracking

few winters ago, Sam Sage started getting strange phone calls.

Families living in rural areas south-west of Counselor, New Mexico, were telling him they saw sickly bull snakes and near-death rattlers above ground during the snowy, winter months of the south. Sage, the administrator at the Counselor Chapter House, a Navajo local government center, was incredulous.

“In February? There’s no snakes in February,” he said.

Sage had a theory for what was happening: underground vibrations from hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, forced the snakes from their dens and on to the surface.

Over the years, he’s noticed other changes. Vegetation died off and the climate became drier. People living in homes with dirt floors told him they had felt vibrations from the ground late at night, from 2 to 4am.

The Navajo and Puebloan lands of north-western New Mexico where Counselor is located are no stranger to drilling. The first oil well in the area was reportedly drilled in 1911 with natural gas following soon after.

Today, the US Bureau of Land Management is considering a plan, known as the Mancos-Gallup Amendment, which could lease land in the region for some 3,000 new wells – many of which would be for fracking oil and gas. The plan would expand drilling into some of northern New Mexico’s last available public lands, threatening the desecration of sacred Native artefacts near Chaco Canyon while bringing in a swath of new public health risks to a place that’s already reeling from one of the worst Covid-19 outbreaks in the world.


George Floyd’s brother, Philanese Floyd, went before a congressional committee on police brutality and delivered an emotional opening statement advocating for reform. Former Bernie Sanders National Press Secretary Briahna Joy Gray joined the CBSN special, “Red & Blue: State of Our Union,” to discuss police reform and what next steps look like to enact such changes.


The speech is worth watching, it was quite good.


Bernie Sanders Is Not Done Fighting

The senator on the protests, his phone calls with Joe Biden, and when to compromise.

(sorry for repeats!)


Jamil Smith spoke with Killer Mike of Run the Jewels about their new album ‘RTJ4,’ the national Black Lives Matter protests and his speech at an Atlanta press conference, and why he supported Bernie Sanders for President.


Killer Mike is right up there with Ms. Nina on my “Respect” list.




They have no problem doing everything for the 1%.



Lowkey drops names and facts with ease.

He may use more percentages than Bernie.

35:30 is an especially articulate take on systemic racism