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Semi-nude protesters: G7 leaders ‘all mouth, no trousers’

Likenesses of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson along with his fellow leaders of the G7 were seen out and about on the streets of St Ives, without clothing on the bottom half on Sunday (June 13), highlighting what activists say is an “all mouth, no trousers” approach to climate change.



An interesting read if you are interested in genetics.

Another piece of evidence for how inter-connected all creatures on Earth are.

Two Arctic Fish Are Breaking the Rules of Genetics

To survive in the frigid ocean waters around the Arctic and Antarctica, marine life evolved many defenses against the lethal cold. One common adaptation is the ability to make antifreezing proteins (AFPs) that prevent ice crystals from growing in blood, tissues, and cells.

It isn’t surprising, then, that herrings and smelts, two groups of fish that commonly roam the northernmost reaches of the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, both make AFPs. But it is very surprising, even weird, that both fish do so with the same AFP gene—particularly because their ancestors diverged more than 250 million years ago and the gene is absent from all the other fish species related to them.

A March 2021 paper in Trends in Genetics holds the unorthodox explanation: The gene became part of the smelt genome through a direct horizontal transfer from a herring.

The herring gene made its way into the smelt genome outside the normal sexual channels.

Nor are the smelt unique. Recent studies of a range of animals—other fish, reptiles, birds, and mammals—point to a similar conclusion: The lateral inheritance of DNA, once thought to be exclusive to microbes, occurs on branches throughout the tree of life.

How often am I actually taking up a piece of DNA from my environment and I don’t know it?” Schaack asks. “Maybe a lot; maybe more than I realize.” Such transfers could go unnoticed unless they happened in germ cells.

The unsettling possibility is that horizontal DNA transfers could happen all the time.

Even though transfers into somatic cells are evolutionary dead ends, they could affect the health and fitness of individuals, Adelson notes.



Netanyahu angrily vows to his supporters, ‘I will lead you in a daily battle.’

Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel’s longest-serving leader, spent what might be his last minutes in power by defending his record, promising to remain in politics as leader of the opposition, and denouncing his nominated successor, Naftali Bennett.

At a parliamentary debate ahead of a vote of confidence in Mr. Bennett’s government, Mr. Netanyahu gave what felt like a valedictory speech, listing what he perceived to be his accomplishments in office.

“I say today: Do not let your spirits fall,” Mr. Netanyahu said. “I will lead you in a daily battle against this bad and dangerous left-wing government, and bring it down. And with the help of God. this will happen faster than you think.”



Biden aims to counter China’s global infrastructure project with new G7 initiative

While officials at the summit saw the infrastructure as an area of agreement during the summit, leaders aired serious differences over how best to approach China during a session on Saturday, according to a senior administration official.

The disagreements, aired during a session that at one point became so sensitive that all internet was shut off to the room, pitted European nations against the United States, Britain and Canada, who urged stronger action against China for its authoritarian practices, including forced labor practices in western Xinjiang province.



T and R, Ms. Benny!! 🐋🌴☮️😊👍


Oh wow, Eric Adams’ campaign is denying the authenticity of that video I posted yesterday about how one good teacher could effectively teach 300-400 high school students math online.

NYC mayoral candidate Eric Adams takes heat for old video suggesting one teacher can handle 400 students in virtual class

Evan Thies, spokesperson for Adams’s campaign, disputed the validity of the video, which appeared to have been recorded at a mayoral forum in February with the Citizen Budget Commission during which Adams discussed his support for year-round education.

“It’s disappointing and dangerous that an outright lie purposely spread to mislead voters in the last ten days of the election by a rival campaign is now a story in the Daily News,” Thies said.

While the video appears to be authentic, the 19-second clip released by Skidmore had audible glitches and its veracity was originally questioned by the Daily News.

Adams himself waved away the charges as “nonsense” and claimed he has led the fight to get New York City public school students back to in-person classes.


So either Adams and his campaign are the ones “outright” lying, or Matt Skidmore (working hard to elect Yang on twitter) edited the video in some kind of very deceptive way.


I’m not sure this absolves Adams:


Neither Yang nor Adams are worth voting for, and I don’t even live there!