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Didnt know this until today:

Young Turks Network Sheds Senior Employees in Staff Shakeup

The Young Turks laid off at least five employees this week, a person familiar with the matter confirmed to TheWrap on Thursday. Among the departures were Nomiki Konst and Hannah Cranston — who had both been prominent on-air talents with the company.

In a statement, the company declined to confirm any specific numbers and instead lamented the “difficult decisions” required for growth.

TYT Network has continued to see tremendous growth in audience size and engagement, as well as business partnerships and sponsorships. From time to time we are faced with difficult decisions as we grow into our larger size, influence, and reach. We truly respect our colleagues as people and as professionals, which makes personnel changes difficult, even when necessary to move the company into the next phase of our evolution.

onst, who served as an investigative reporter for the left-leaning network since 2016, told colleagues in a terse email obtained by TheWrap that she was “moving on.” In a Facebook post, she elaborated.

“Thank you to those who trusted me to share their stories. These were special stories to cover at a significant time,” she wrote. “It’s been the greatest privilege working as a correspondent for The Young Turks.”

On the same day, Hannah Cranston, who served as host and executive producer of the Young Turk’s program “ThinkTank,” tweeted that she was also leaving.

“After nearly 4 amazing years,I am moving on from ThinkTank and The Young Turks,” said Cranston. “I can’t tell you all how much I have appreciated your support.”


Two pretty fair assessments of the debate.


Rep. Joe Crowley defended his standing as a longtime Democratic leader in his first and only primary debate Friday against insurgent primary challenger Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, as both tried to lay claim to the future of the party.

The two Queens Democrats espoused similar beliefs, but the debate laid out their differences in stark relief.

Crowley, 56, is of Irish descent, has held his seat in New York’s 14th Congressional district since the late 90’s and holds the the fourth highest ranking position in House Democratic leadership. It is an open secret that he has ambitions to be speaker, should his party retake the House.

But back home in Queens he is facing his first primary challenge in more than a decade from Ocasio-Cortez, a 28-year-old former organizer for the Bernie Sanders campaign whose Puerto Rican roots go back three generations in the Bronx.

The debate Friday, hosted by NY1’s Errol Louis, was largely civil, but showcased the competing faces of a party seeking to renew itself in opposition to President Donald Trump.


Friday night’s primary debate between 31-year elected official Rep. Joseph Crowley and 28-year-old progressive Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez was a contest between establishment and outsider, old guard and upstart, experience and progress, status quo and change. It marks only the third primary challenge Crowley has faced since moving from the state Assembly to Congress — and his first since 2004.
At times during the debate, his relative campaign inexperience showed, while Ocasio-Cortez presented as a well-studied newcomer with natural talent: delivering a summary of her agenda in a manner which was confident and sharp, if not effortless. The theme of her remarks was clear: “Not all Democrats are the same.”
Despite what she described as Crowley’s “adaptations” — meaning shifts leftward in response to her more-progressive campaign — there are real differences between the two, said Ocasio-Cortez, who is challenging Crowley for the seat representing the 14th district, which encompasses parts of Queens and the Bronx.
Unlike Crowley, Ocasio-Cortez said she has rejected all corporate money, and is the only candidate in the race who supports “improved and expanded Medicare for All, a federal jobs guarantee, tuition free public college and the abolition of ICE.”


Here is a different version of the debate.


Not the kind of headline Trump would want to see regarding his tariff policy!


The Des Moines Register is warning Iowa residents that newly announced tariffs from the Trump administration could cost farmers in the state as much as $624 million, blasting out the headline on the newspaper’s front page Saturday.

The newspaper, which reaches more than 140,000 Iowans in the state Trump won by just under 10 points, declares on its front page that the cost of Trump’s moves to punish China for intellectual property theft would begin to “add up” for Iowa farmers, according to a copy obtained by the Newseum.

“Perhaps Iowa farmers’ biggest fear is becoming a harsh reality,” the article declares.


I haven’t had time to view this yet it appears to be true.


The hell with Human Rights as far as Palestine and Yemen are concerned!




An example of Republican “Family Values” but it is OK as Sessions quotes the Bible.


Beto O’Rourke on this policy.



Bernie weighs in on the topic.


Happy birthday wi59! Or should I say wi60?


Saudi Arabia’s wealth is able to replace a conscience!


Yemeni pro-government forces have closed in on a rebel-held airport as they pressed ahead with a sweeping offensive on the key Red Sea port city of Hodeidah, despite warnings from aid agencies that the attack could jeopardise vital aid supplies to a country on the brink of famine.

The swift advance was an important early success for the Saudi-led coalition, which launched the operation in Hodeidah three days ago and says it can seize the city quickly enough to avoid interrupting flows of aid to millions facing starvation.

Coalition warplanes bombed Houthi rebel positions on Friday, while rebels said in an official statement that they fired a ballistic missile on fighters’ gathering, but gave no report of causalities.

The advance came after the UN security council rejected a move to demand an immediate end to the fighting around the strategic .

The 15-strong body failed to agree to a statement calling on forces led by Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates to implement a ceasefire, with the US and UK both voicing opposition to the text introduced by Sweden.

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