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Don midwest
Don midwest

Naked Capitalism blog is considerably wider than finance.

This article of a phone call between Julian Assange and Yanis Varoufakis. Interesting points about the global economy. Also, interesting comments. The whole show could crash.

Julian Assange Just Called. To Talk About the Pandemic’s Effect on Capitalism & Politics!

Yves Smith is the founder of the blog

Posted on June 16, 2020 by Yves Smith
Yves here. This sort of high-level take, here on where capitalism is going, is a Varoufakis strength. And the fact that Assange would want to have this sort of conversation says, remarkably, that he has not been broken despite the concerted efforts to crush him.


I have nothing but the utmost respect for Yves Smith. She is on the warpath against Private Equity. They are the worse of the $$ crooks to her.

Don midwest
Don midwest

also from Naked Capitalism. Union demise crushed potential Black middle class growth

Yves here. The point of unions was to provide workers with better pay and workplace protections and thus also reduce the power imbalance between labor and capital. Needless to say, the side effects included lowering the status gap between managers and professionals versus union members. That facilitated social mobility, since in manufacturing towns, the children of both groups would go to the same schools and play together, which made it normal for blue collar kids to think about going to college, just like their friends from better-off families.

This leveling process particularly aided blacks, since union rules impeded them being fired, when blacks would normally be more exposed to dismissal. Having steady employment in well-paid jobs enabled them to buy homes and cars, accumulate savings, and help their kids move up socially and economically if the children were so inclined.

As we have written, the prospect of reduced inequality and social mobility has gone out the window. If you are born in the bottom 40%, you are almost guaranteed to stay there. This hits blacks and other people of color hard.

How the Disappearance of Union Jobs Obliterated an Emergent Black Middle Class

Don midwest
Don midwest

A warning from South Korea: the ‘fantasy’ of returning to normal life |
Vigilance and nimbleness over coronavirus outbreaks are critical in restarting economies

with our president and VP saying that reduce testing will reduce pandemic in the US, wait, did they really say that??????

cases rising in too many states and places around the world and the military solution won’t work


So with that logic, if the cops don’t test for DUI’S when its obvious that stat will go down to right? Less Drunk drivers on the road then right.