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T and R to the usual suspects!! 🙂 Thanks Benny. The Sanders campaign has organizing calls scheduled. One is today. I accidentally erased it off my phone but check the campaign site.




A slew of Democratic presidential contenders are scheduled to talk Friday to the nation’s largest association of Latino officials, but there’s one notable absence: Joe Biden.

Biden’s decision to skip the Miami forum has unleashed new criticism that the former vice president and front-runner is taking a pivotal constituency for granted in a primary where the Latino vote could swing the outcome in several key early contests.

The approach is indicative of a campaign that’s employing general election messaging to win the Democratic nomination — and refraining from overt appeals to the racial and ethnic groups that make up the diverse Democratic coalition and who could be difference makers in the general. Latinos are on pace to be the largest nonwhite eligible voting bloc — 32 million — in 2020.

Leo Murrieta, Nevada director of Make the Road Action, said it’s “disheartening” that eight months away from the Nevada caucuses — in which Latinos will make up nearly 1 in 5 voters — Biden’s campaign has not sat down with grassroots organizations or spent more time on the ground.

“The fact that he leaves us out of speeches is a really sorely missed opportunity,” Murrieta said. “And it’s unacceptable.”

“That’s the wrong formula,” Murrieta added. “But I’ll tell you what formula that is — that’s the Democratic establishment, political white elites’ playbook to how to win elections.”


Univison favorability poll of Latinos. Bernie beats Biden, Out of the group Biden has the most unfavourability factor



So why do the powerful call these policy ideas “fringe,” or “radical,” or “socialist”?

Money. Many of these initiatives would cost them—requiring either higher taxes on the rich (many could be achieved by repealing the giant Trump tax cut for the wealthy and corporations)—or regulations that might cut into their corporate profits.

So you can bet that as these proposals become even more popular, the powerful are going to intensify their attacks.

But just remember: the “center” is not halfway between what most Americans want and what big corporations, Wall Street, and the super-wealthy want.

The “center” is what the vast majority of Americans want.

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