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I would like to give out multiple T and Rs to mags, jcb and Benny for helping LD man our progressive/liberal TPW fort!! 🙂 Many thanks, y’all!


My feeble contributions pale in comparison to those of jcitybone and Benny, but thank you orlbucfan!


Ditto that!


+++++++++++! And all the best to LD!



To most observers, Marianne Williamson’s quirky presidential candidacy is a footnote. She’s running at around 1 percent in the polls. Few Americans know who she is, even though she’s written a few best-sellers and has managed to qualify for the 20-person Democratic debate squad next week.

But that may change thanks to Williamson’s anti-vaxxer statement last week that policies requiring children to get life-saving vaccines is “Orwellian” and “draconian” and that the issue is “no different than the abortion debate.”

Now she’s headline news—at least in the context of the noxious, moronic, false, and dangerous anti-vaxxer conspiracy theory, which now has a Democratic presidential candidate backing it. (Donald Trump, of course, has backed it for years.)

Williamson seemed to walk back her comments in a tweet last Friday morning, saying, “I understand that many vaccines are important and save lives,” and, “I recognize that there are epidemics around the world that are stopped by vaccines.”

But Williamson also noted, “I also understand some of the skepticism that abounds today about drugs which are rushed to market by Big Pharma.”

In fact, if you read the tweet closely, and if you know about Williamson’s 30-year career in the New Age world, two things become clear: first, she hasn’t backed down at all, and second, she’s been anti-science, anti-medicine, and anti-rationality for decades.

Williamson didn’t disclaim her ludicrous abortion analogy. This, once again, is pure left-wing anti-vaxx conspiracy nonsense: that just as we should respect a woman’s choice to have an abortion, so we should respect parents’ choice not to vaccinate their kids.

That is bullshit on so many levels that it’s hard to find a shovel big enough to dig through it. For one thing, no one else gets sick because a woman has, or does not have, an abortion. Whereas around 400 people used to die each year from measles, which can now be prevented with a simple shot, and cases have now been reported in 20 states due to anti-vaxx insanity.

Moreover, there’s no herd immunity for reproductive healthcare. That really is an individual decision. But non-vaccination is a communal threat, because once immunity rates drop below a certain level, it’s impossible to stop the spread of the disease. That’s why even states that allow parents to endanger their own kids’ lives by not getting them their shots keep those kids out of public spaces.


She’s done? I wonder who will be the next to fall by the wayside.


glad she won’t be siphoning votes away, other than her hard-core supporters. But I do hope she stays in the debates for a while. Other than this, she supports most progressive positions. A bit of a Resistance type, but very, very anti-war.

I’m still 😡about all these contenders.


I posted a version of this pic yesterday in a different tweet. This one includes some theoretical ‘thought bubbles’.


Progressive challengers.


The comments were interesting. Many people blew right past his argument and rebutted with, “I am not voting for Bernie.”

He didn’t ask them to vote for Bernie.

We need more people willing to take this kind of risk to their own popularity, if we are to get any of this crowd back.


We also need Democrats to stop with their warmongering. Barbara Boxer is an awful person.

The Iranians are not good people! They are vicious. They’re a terrorist country.”

We’re expected to vote for awful people like that? Just because they’re on the blue team?


ikr. I had no idea we had so many hawks in our party until recently, with Venezuela and Iran.


A divorce that benefited the world


MacKenzie Bezos, the ex-wife of Jeff Bezos, recently signed the Giving Pledge, which is a commitment to donate at least half her wealth during her lifetime or upon her death. In the letter she wrote announcing the pledge, Bezos hinted that she intends to give away her entire $37 billion fortune, saying of her upcoming philanthropy, “I will keep at it until the safe is empty.”

If she does intend to give all or nearly all of it away, Bezos is putting herself in a rarified club. She is the 204th person to sign the Giving Pledge, but only a handful of these signatories have said they will go beyond donating half their wealth. Warren Buffett, Bill & Melinda Gates, and Mark Zuckerberg & Priscilla Chan are among them. What’s more, 90% of the world’s billionaires — including Jeff Bezos, the world’s richest man — still haven’t even signed the pledge.

First, we’ll need to stop applauding philanthropic announcements like the one MacKenzie Bezos has just made. Our societal expectation of billionaires should be that they commit to giving away nearly all their wealth and that shouldn’t require special praise. In fact, in a world where 1 in 10 people live in extreme poverty, our critical gaze should be cast on the vast majority of billionaires who are not making significant philanthropic pledges or donations.


My wife works in philanthropy, and she calls Bezos’ kind of giving “fauxlanthropy”. What invariably happens when really rich people give money is that they want it to be treated like an investment, and they want to micromanage it is used so that they don’t lose money. A very good current example of this is the Notre Dame church; French billionaires pledged nearly a billion dollars almost immediately (they got into a reverse bidding war to see who could be the most “giving”, but the only money the church has actually seen is from smaller donations — in fact, most of the money has been from the United States) but have not actually followed through because they have said they don’t trust how the church will spend the money. They want to control it. Microsoft is another example of how this works — Bill and Melinda control every penny of what they give, doing it through their foundation, where they invest in projects that often further their their own goals rather than humanity’s, contrary to their PR. Anand Girarhadras writes on this subject, and is very good.


It is so generous of them to give back what was stolen from the people through their choice of not paying the full amount of taxes they would owe if they hadn’t hidden their money as well as what was stolen through the many taxpayer-funded subsidies they have received.


I want to read this book. I hadn’t realized it was a concentrated effort back then. TPTB have put this policy on steroids in the modern age, through big ag and resource extraction, not to mention the housing crisis, in just about every country.


This makes me sick. Are we showing him how to be a more effective tyrant?


Full transcript: Sen. Bernie Sanders on “Face the Nation”

Some of her line of questioning is very irritating. But here’s a couple of quotes I liked:

BERNIE: I would say to Iran I would say to Saudi Arabia I would say to Israel I would say to the other countries in that region, “you know what, you have been at war in one way or another for decade after decade after decade. And by the wars have not only impacted your own people. They have impacted the United States to the tune of trillions of dollars and five thousand lost lives. We will play a role in bringing you together. And if you need economic aid, we will provide the economic aid. We will provide the resources, but we are not simply going to give more and more weaponry to Saudi Arabia, to Israel.” We’ve are going to try to bring people together for what I admit, Margaret, I admit it will not be easy, but that’s what the role of I think the US should be not simply to be part of the story of war efforts in the region.

MARGARET BRENNAN: Would you cut aid to Israel if–

SEN. SANDERS: I would sit down–

MARGARET BRENNAN: If they try to annex the West Bank as Netanyahu said?

SEN. SANDERS: I would sit down with- with Israel and say look you get- I don’t know what it is, maybe 3 billion a year or something, I don’t know what an exact number is, something–


SEN. SANDERS: –like three billion a year and say, “look you want military aid from the United States you’re going to have to treat the Palestinian people and that region with respect that we intend to work with you to do that.”

MARGARET BRENNAN: Senator, I’m told we are out of time. I appreciate you making time.

SEN. SANDERS: Margaret thank you very much. .. I was just getting warmed up!


This was so cool. Shame on her for acting like a limited strike was some Lego blocks game or something. Bernie scored on this one.


Trying to put myself in the shoes of someone who would wake up and think it was a good idea to kill people so that my company didn’t have to pay more in wages.

“Coca-Cola was accused of hiring hitmen from the AUC between 1990 and 2002 to kill at least 10 labor union leaders who were trying to organize Coca-Cola’s plants. U.K. oil company BP has also be taken to court for its funding of AUC, along with kidnapping and human rights abuses.

WATCH: Colombia: Inquiry Underway into Businesses That Funded Paramilitaries

Other companies suspected of financing terrorism, commonly referred to as the “para-economy,” include Colombia’s largest beverage company Postobon, cement company Cementos Argos, state oil company Ecopetrol and banana distributor Chiquita Brands International.”


via Cynthia McKinney


“It’s nothing personal — just business.”


speaking of third way…


I know you guys have probably all seen this by now, but just in case you haven’t… It’s worth reading the comments, too.


yeah. anyone contemplating public service through law, go for it. you couldn’t possibly be worse.

Is this what happens when we are gradually stripped of our critical thinking skills, our empathy and compassion?

Trump’s presidency is bringing to the forefront a whole population that I didn’t realize was there in such numbers.




I like this a lot:


Well, start throwing people in jail. Give them a cell next to Chelsea Manning.


Let Chelsea Manning FREE and give them Her cell !!!


Much better!


Moving into emergency mode on climate change

Feeling overwhelmed and helpless can paralyze us or force us into denial. I get that. As a former clinical psychologist, I know that many of us want to do something — anything — to stop the climate crisis, but don’t know how.

This week, The Climate Mobilization joined a number of climate justice, environmental groups, professors, activists and celebrities to call on Congress to declare #ClimateEmergency. We’ve launched a petition asking Congress to wake up and move into emergency mode.

If the United States rises to the challenge of confronting the climate emergency, we can still “cancel the apocalypse” and begin restoring a safe climate and healthy society. The first step is telling the truth. We need a national acknowledgement that we face a climate emergency.

Our petition launches ahead of the first Democratic National Committee (DNC) debates, in which we are asking candidates to acknowledge the emergency. Some already have, though their proposed policies don’t necessarily demonstrate that they have internalized the concept. Despite the incredible work done by groups such as Youth Climate Strike, the Sunrise Movement and others, the DNC has refused to hold a debate focused on climate change. They still don’t get it.

A few years ago, emergency climate mobilization was a marginal idea, and within five years’ time a vigorous climate mobilization movement exists. Words have the power to shift the paradigm, connect us, educate and provide momentum for the emergency response needed by Congress to reverse climate change and protect humanity. We urge everyone to join us.

(Margaret Klein Salamon, Ph.D., is the founder and executive director of The Climate Mobilization. Follow on Twitter @ClimatePsych and @MobilizeClimate.



I’d like for all of the environmental groups, all of us, to demand that the front runners defy the DNC and hold their own climate debate.


When asked for his interpretation of this story, the sole creator of the following said, “A moment of paradise rather than a life of darkness.”





The coming civil war in the Democratic Party won’t be pretty

It is OK, by the way, to be a party of and for the affluent, but at least don’t simultaneously pretend to be the party of the little guy.

Brace yourself; there is a civil war coming soon in the Democratic Party.
At the heart of today’s Democratic Party is an identity crisis and an ideological struggle. In recent election cycles, these were pushed underground for the sake of party unity.
\We heard the first rumblings of it during the 2016 election when Bernie Sanders gave Hillary Clinton a serious run for her money.
And now those differences threaten to come out in the open during the upcoming primary debates at an importunate moment when the party needs to unite to defeat President Trump.
But now is as good a time as any to solve the identity crisis in the party.For starters, is the Democratic Party a party of the rich or a party of the little guy? For many years, they’ve been the party of the rich playing a good game of pretending to be for the little guy.

And the Democratic establishment does it in insidious ways that are too clever by half: they are for the marginalized guy or gal in the race, gender, and sexuality issues because, hey, that doesn’t hurt their and their affluent constituents’ pocketbook much.

“The Democratic establishment wing is still either clueless or stubborn, but they want good ol’ Joe Biden to come to the rescue and Make Oligarchic America Great Again.”

More at:



That’s actually very refreshing for something out of Tennessee!


That’s what I thought when I saw the link.

She, Saritha Prabhu, says in the article-in which she makes many good points-that she left the Democratic party in 2016. So I looked her up. Turns out that she also writes for The Federalist, and this is her most recent article for them:

Why It Doesn’t Matter Who Wins Democrats’ 2020 Primary

Here’s a snippet:

Congress Doesn’t Do Anything But Grandstand

Our divided Congress ensures that Nothing. Gets. Done. No matter who wins a general election, corporate interests, our rabid bases, and their take-no-prisoners approach will not allow much action to be taken on the people’s business.

Ironically, there is both a good and bad side to this. The good part is that a divided Congress curbs the worst impulses of either party. To put it jokingly, Grandma won’t get pushed off a cliff (if the GOP had both Houses of Congress) and we won’t have illegal immigrants voting (if the Democrats have total control).

The sad, bad part, of course, is that sane, much-needed legislation that a plurality of the country wants doesn’t get enacted, such as an infrastructure bill, comprehensive immigration reform, health care cost reductions, moderate gun control, etc.

The one thing that’ll get passed, however, is support for new military adventures in ever-new theaters. Because of the roving AUMF (Authorization For Use of Military Force) and a highly efficient military-industrial complex, new wars will always be a fixture, fueled by both parties.

This all makes one think that our continent-sized country has increasingly become ungovernable from DC. Increasingly the right approach is demonstrated more in state politics, with more solution-orientedness and more bipartisan compromise


Again, she makes some good points, but who on the Dem side is pushing for “illegal immigrants” voting? (In a column from 2018 she mentions that she is an immigrant)


And another. Well at least he does seem to be targeting Biden


Former congressman Joe Sestak (D-Pa.) announced Sunday that he is running for president, joining 23 earlier entrants in the presidential race.

Sestak made the announcement in a video posted to his campaign website.

In his announcement video Sunday, Sestak touted his anti-establishment credentials, citing his 2010 Senate race and, in particular, Specter’s 1991 cross-examination of Anita Hill on the Senate Judiciary Committee.

“I disagreed that a Senator should be our party’s nominee who had humiliated Anita Hill, allowed to do so by members of our party as she testified about her sexual harassment by now-Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas,” Sestak said in the video.

Sestak also acknowledged that his entry into the White House race comes later than the other announced candidates. He said the reason for the delay was so that he could be with his daughter, Alexandra, after her brain cancer had returned.


What is wrong with the DNC? They have been slacking the last couple of weeks. There are still 25 states that don’t have a presidential candidate.

Aint Supposed to Die A Natural Death
Aint Supposed to Die A Natural Death

Lol. the better to stop Bernie from getting delegates in those states my dear.


Sestak is not a bad person…but this proves to me that he IS an idiot.


Harris keeps up the Biden criticism


Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) on Sunday expanded on her criticism of fellow 2020 White House hopeful Joe Biden’s remarks reminiscing about his working relationship with segregationist former colleagues.

“We cannot be ignorant of the history of race in this country and certainly anyone who is a leader should not be,” Harris said on CBS’s “Face the Nation,” referring to the former vice president noting that former Sen. James O. Eastland (D-Miss.) had called him “son” rather than “boy.”


The flawed art of compromise


While the former vice president could be accused of many things, a lack of enthusiasm for the ensuing negotiations certainly wouldn’t be one of them. Biden in fact entered into talks alongside Mitch McConnell with a zeal for compromise that amounted to preemptive legislative surrender. As journalist Bob Woodward notes in his 2012 book The Price of Politics, the then-vice president’s single-minded obsession with reaching a bipartisan agreement drew the ire of Democrats who felt he was offering McConnell far too much.

Unsurprisingly leading the charge was Bernie Sanders, who vowed to do everything in his power to defeat the eventual proposal as tabled. But even some conservative figures like Dianne Feinstein and Steny Hoyer registered their discomfort. This opposition was more than validated: the deal that emerged proved nothing short of a Democratic capitulation to huge portions of the Republican agenda. Not only that, but one of the Obama administration’s central legislative priorities — ending the infamous Bush-era tax cuts for the wealthy — was now dead on arrival.

This outcome was undeniably a political defeat for the administration and a material disaster for many ordinary Democratic voters. Yet Biden didn’t see it that way. In fact, a mere three months later he would tout the deal as a resounding success and a noble example of bipartisan compromise.

In later negotiations, Biden would again offer the GOP huge spending cuts in the hope of securing the holy grail of a “grand bargain.” This time, Republican intransigence ended up preventing a bipartisan entitlement-gutting — but it was not for lack of trying on the vice president’s part. “We’ve given up on revenues, we’ve given on dollar-for-dollar,” Biden reportedly said to McConnell. “All the major things we’re interested in we’ve given up. So basically you’ve pushed us to the limit.”

Given that Biden’s own vice presidency constitutes a case study in the lunacy of his renewed pitch for bipartisan compromise, we are left to ponder just what the hell he can be thinking. One explanation is simple naivete. Another, in many ways the simplest, is that Biden’s own politics have often seemed closer to those of a typical GOP house member than of a rank-and-file Democrat attempting to compromise across the aisle.

But the most plausible explanation, particularly given his history, career, and recent effusive words for various segregationist senators, is that to a politician like Joe Biden, the pursuit of compromise is ultimately an end in itself. When you see politics as a giant boys’ club rather than a site of struggle or contestation, finding common ground with those in the opposing camp fast becomes the ultimate mark of enlightened magnanimity, even (especially?) when it involves selling out your own side. It’s a worldview that can only be sustained if you don’t think there’s anything fundamentally unjust about the status quo, an outlook Biden has managed to maintain for going on five decades



Unfortunately, Biden’s “DC chumminess” has characterized his entire career. He has long declined to take morally necessary stands that might alienate powerful people, preferring to be friends with “everybody.” This is only possible, of course, because Biden has rarely had to encounter the people outside that “everybody” – the Iraqis blown to pieces thanks to his Iraq war vote, the children thrown in prison thanks to his crime bill.

The problem here is not Biden’s “bipartisanship”. Sometimes you have to work with people whose values you find repellent. Finding points of common interest is basic political political pragmatism (see, for example, the bipartisan Yemen resolution shepherded through the Senate by Bernie Sanders). The problem comes when you get so close to the powerful, and spend so long around them, that you cease to be disgusted by disgusting things. At this point, “friendliness” just means a lack of moral seriousness. To be chummy with banks is to be cruel to bankrupt debtors. To be chummy with Mike Pence is to be cruel to LGBT people. There come times when you have to take a stand, when you have to give your answer to that old labor question: Which Side Are You On?

Biden has made it clear that he doesn’t want to think in terms of sides. He tuts, “Folks, that’s not who we are” when he “gets criticized for saying anything nice about a Republican”. Appeals to unity are always dishonest, however, because they are always selective. Can you unify the fossil fuel companies whose profits depend on destruction with the people who will actually suffer the consequences? It always turns out that somebody is excluded from consideration. In Biden’s case, while he speaks lovingly about the patriotism of the rich, he’s nothing but contemptuous for indebted millennials:

“The younger generation now tells me how tough things are — give me a break. No, no, I have no empathy for it, give me a break.”

Ultimately, the Biden approach to politics is a bankrupt one. If you’re all smiles and flattery, you are not really committed to a set of progressive political values. As Biden himself recently said to a room full of wealthy people, “nothing would fundamentally change” if he was elected.

But we do not need leaders who want to be everybody’s friend, we need leaders who know who their friends are and in whose interest power needs to be exercised. You can’t be everybody’s chum.


From Cenk


If Joe Biden is not Mondale 2.0, he most certainly is Hillary Clinton 2.0. He just told a room full of wealthy donors, “No one’s standard of living will change, nothing would fundamentally change.” This is the exact same problem the Clinton campaign had. They also promised to preserve the status quo and provide no change. You could not find a more unpopular message in America.

I don’t know if Biden remembers the placards Obama had in 2008, they read “CHANGE.” The country just voted for a reality show clown because they were so desperate for change. Isn’t it amazing that this message still has not resonated with the establishment?

Both Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden don’t understand this problem because they spend all of their time with the donor class. Wages have barely increased in the past 40 years. And here is Joe Biden promising the richest people in the country that nothing will change. In other words, your wealth will continue to go up and wages for everyone else will stagnate indefinitely. This is what happens when you’re hooked on donor money. In fact, Biden went on to tell the well-to-do donors, “I need you very badly. I hope if I win this nomination, I won’t let you down. I promise you.”

That doesn’t sounds like the most electable person in the race, it sounds like the least electable. Why on God’s green earth would we make the same mistake we made last time? Just about the only way you can lose to Trump is if you run a campaign geared toward the rich and the establishment – just like last time!

Finally, is Joe Biden likeable? If you like bear hugs and whispered stories, then he has the trappings of likeability, but if you look at his substance, then you have a different story altogether.





Bolivian President Evo Morales declared Israel a “terrorist state,” Wednesday, because of the ongoing offensive in the Gaza Strip.

“Israel does not respect the principles or purposes of the United Nations charter nor the Universal Declaration of Human Rights,” Morales said, according to Página Siete.

Other South American countries, including Brazil, Chile, Ecuador and Peru, have recalled their ambassadors from Israel in protest over the fighting in Gaza.



Another Onion piece that hits awfully close to home!


The U.S. has the worst rate of maternal deaths in the developed world, and 60 percent are preventable. The death of Lauren Bloomstein, a neonatal nurse, in the hospital where she worked illustrates a profound disparity: the health care system focuses on babies but often ignores their mothers.



Slow this one down to .75 (under the YT Settings button) if you don’t speak French so you can read the captions.

Moral of the story: Technology is killing us?


For reasons going back to 2015/16, I generally have not liked Bee nor have I watcher her program often, but this one is on the nose. (Mainly because it is echoing what I have been saying. lol)


A little Sunday snack:



Great local interview in South Carolina.



I haven’t read this yet but I want to save it, and tweets get lost in my bookmarks.

It doesn’t surprise me. Now that psyops are legal here, I imagine the major networks and cable news may also have some kind of contract with our government.


Create a Moment. On the little drop down arrow at the top of the tweet, there is an option to create a moment and you can find that later in your main account Twitter page.

You can create a Moment folder and add things to those.


it’s a shame that the larger public has no idea any of this is going on. I would love to be proven wrong.


Love this graphic. I hope God is listening.




oh thank you bernie


he is canceling the entire 1.6 trillion student debt Firewall for me so I don’t know how he’s doing it




More info here. Wells Street transaction tax.


Sad when Ryan Grim knows less than half of Twitter. I thanked him for acknowledging that voting machines are a problem, but he was cheering on these new machines that are woo hoo paper ballots. Yeah, barcode paper ballots with remote access that are easily hacked.





Calling it a night. Leaving with a funny.

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