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Good breakdown of what needs to happen in order to win 2020:

A breakdown of the 13 keys:

13 Keys to the White House Indicate a Republican Win in 2020

The site PredictIt link that is used in some of the 13 keys determinations.

Note: PredictIt is a very interesting site. Take a moment to check it out. Some current bets:

Biden polling higher after the first debate: No 71, Yes 29
Which party wins the presidency in 2020: Dems 55, Reps 46
Iowa caucuses: Biden 27, Bernie 22
NH primary: Bernie 31, Biden 26
Donald Trump tweets between 6/19 to 6/26: Over 100 5, less than 100 92


Bill Maher blew it w/me on his last show. He said to support Oprah Winfrey. Yep, you read it right. I admired his take on climate change, but he hardly talks about it now. T and R, pb4!! 🙂


I saw that episode. He was not advocating that Oprah run. He was just pointing out that she hits all the check marks, particularly the one called “celebrity.” His point was along the line of how since Reagan, voters have become entranced with celebrity status over policy.

Maher angers me often, but he has stated that he is a Bernie supporter.


He voted for Bernie in the 2016 CA Primary. Donated $1M to his campaign, and had to go through hoops to do it. Since then, it’s been $hrill lost, and u-know-what won. I became a listener cos of the way he addressed climate change. Seen his live show twice. He’s not addressing cc anymore when it’s imperative now.


He may not be hammering it now, but he did have Inslee on a short time back to talk about climate change (within the last two months).

I watched Maher for years, then got mad at him for something and quit watching him for years. I check in on him occasionally now.


My problem with Maher is his islamophobia and giving radical racists a platform


oh and his condescending towards youth


lol at the bernie conversation in this vid… and the Hillary is inevitable talk


Ah, Fate.


I just love these shorts you’ve been posting WindDancer! I speak a little French so, luckily for me, I was able to understand most of it. So creative!


Thanks! Other than having to go through a ton of them to find ones that I think are apropos to share here, I enjoy the break from straight news. They help me clear my mind, so I can tackle the world again. I try to mix it up between ones that are plain fun, have beautiful graphics and/or have a succinct message.

I am not finding language to be a barrier when the story line is well thought out.


“They help me clear my mind” – it’s true!

Changes my perspective a bit and I look at things slightly differently.


Thanks for today’s OT, pb4!

This is a bit off topic, but. . . does anyone have a good way to watch the two dem debates online? Good meaning not too many hoops to jump thru to get the stream, and a reliable stream.

We cut the cable long ago, so it’s livestream or nothing for us!

It’s teeming rain up here, and cool. Great for the garden, as long as the sun comes back.

Happy Tuesday to TPWer’s.


More info here: How to watch the first 2020 Democratic presidential debate

Free online stream: NBCNews.com, NBC News apps, Telemundo, NBC News’ Facebook, Twitter and YouTube


Many thanks, WD13!


Word is that climate change will be discussed. It better be.


One report I saw said something like 80% of Floridians want it included. It would be fun if the topics all focused on climate change, Iran/wars and health care. That should keep Biden pretty silent and wake people up to what a fraud he is.


Those are my top three issues right there!


With all the rain we’ve been getting, more today, this spring our yard turned into a jungle! Spent most of Sunday dealing with it. Wore a face mask this time though as I breathed in so much pollen a few weeks ago trimming forsythia that my lung irritation developed into bronchitis!

Our oaks have been dropping a lot of leaves, very troubling, so I looked up possible causes:

Another cause behind early leaf drop can be pests or fungal leaf diseases. Fungal infections tend to appear after a wet growing season. Oak wilt is a common cause for leaf drop in oaks. It will first turn leaves yellow, then brown before dropping from the top of the canopy.

Overwatered trees’ leaves can yellow and drop if a tree’s roots are being suffocated by water.

Have never noticed this phenomenon before (and I’ve lived here for over 25 yrs).


If you know of someone who is receiving SNAP benefits, you may want to pass this along to them. The program is currently scheduled to end in April 2020, but anyone who signs up before then will still get a full year of service. It is unknown at this time, if the program will be further extended.

At this time, it is limited to 21 states. At the link below a person can find out if they are in a covered area. The speeds are max 10 Mbps at $10/mo. Unless a person is trying to stream on two or more computers, this speed is more than sufficient, particularly as access is limited by whatever server you are connected to anyway.

Access from AT&T


Agree, Bustos has to go. A lot depends on how Cabán does in Queens today; with AOC, the conservadems got sandbagged, but they have gone full negative in Queens and they are pushing the FEAR button hard in last minute ads.

Meanwhile, here in Oregon the Repubs are holding the government hostage, and just like Brown did nothing useful when the militia took over the Malheur reserve, the dems are just giving up. Just like Nadler, Schiff, Pelosi, Hoyer, Schumer and the other “Don’t worry, we’ll hold them to account soon” leaders do.

The fish rots from the head down.



I don’t know if you have seen this, but RootsAction.org put out a list of Democratic representatives needing to be primaried by actual progressive challengers:

This includes vetting information on the respective corpo-dems as well as information on any challengers.

You will find several you named on the list, plus Oregon’s own moderate Kurt Schrader (OR-5).

A complementary list of Dem presidential primary aspirants to shun was published at: https://medium.com/@westonpagano/a-guide-to-the-2020-democratic-candidates-you-should-not-vote-for-c1c6e4c9c26


Schrader comes from a pretty conservative part of the state, though. Not as bad as eastern Oregon, but he could be difficult to primary, and if beaten then the new Dem could lose to a Republican.

I’d love to see him go, though. Years of Blue Dogging.


It’s been gradually rotting since Raygun.


If I had my druthers first of all I would like to see all the leadership people in both the House and the Senate primaried. ( I know fat chance of that happening 🤔).

Next every last member of the Blue Dog Caucus needs to be thrown out of office.

This would be a benefit to President Sanders.


Like Morning Consult for weeks (including today’s) this poll shows a pretty static race with Biden/Bernie/Warren a clear 1/2/3. Bernie voters are the most loyal. Bernie and Biden both best Trump by 10.


A new national poll finds the Democratic field coming into focus as the candidates prepare for this week’s first debates. Joe Biden continues to hold his announcement bounce, and has gained a point since May – now holding 34% of the vote, followed by Senator Bernie Sanders who moved up 2 points to 27%. Senator Elizabeth Warren has broken away from the rest of those running, into 3rd place – improving from 10% of the vote up to 14%. Senator Kamala Harris comes in fourth with 7%, Mayor Pete Buttigieg is in fifth with 6%, and Senator Cory Booker follows in sixth with 3% of the vote. All other candidates poll at 1% or lower. The data was collected June 21-24, and has a margin of error of +/-4.5% for the Democratic primary.

Biden and Sanders voters are the most loyal with 50% to 55% saying they are set on their candidates. Comparatively, 33% of Warren, 18% of Harris and 17% of Buttigieg voters say they will stick with their current choices, this suggests that about 30% of the Democratic electorate are spoken for and another 30% leaning toward the top two candidates as of now leaves a narrow lane for another candidate to grab a plurality of the vote.”

In head to head match-ups, Trump trails all his Democratic opponents with Biden and Sanders holding 10 point leads 55% to 45%, Warren leading by 6, and Buttigieg and Harris leading by 4.



Buttagag is done. The latest racial shooting seals it. He is too inexperienced. As are others.



Buttigieg’s sparse record took a major hit this past weekend, as tensions boiled over in South Bend after the recent killing of a black man by a white police officer. A town hall Buttigieg convened descended into recriminations, suggesting that as mayor, he had done far too little for poor black residents in the city. One woman yelled: “We don’t trust you!” These are people who have lived under Buttigieg as a chief executive. Between them and his donors, we may be able to understand how Buttigieg would govern, even as he refuses to clearly tell us.

In this week’s debate, Buttigieg could allay our concerns. He could tell us that a Tony James, a Joe Green, or anyone like them will have no role in his administration. He could prove that he is not merely a younger version of Joe Biden by making clear that he is ready to counter the interests of the wealthy donor class—indeed, that he might even change their standard of living.

But Buttigieg’s strategic opacity caters to Democratic big-money donors, who prioritize the absence of political consensus behind policy proposals that directly contradict their interests. Until such time as he makes specific commitments, activists and voters should not be fooled by his polished persona and fresh biography. Wealthy funders don’t throw their support behind candidates blindly.



As presidential candidates have campaigned off of Trump administration immigration policies, last week Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) reportedly used his email list not to ask for donations but rather warn voters in cities targeted for proposed Immigration and Customers Enforcement (ICE) raids.

The top-tier 2020 candidate sent an email with the subject line “ICE raids targetting 10 cities start Sunday. Know Your rights,” using its campaign list, according to Vox.

The Saturday morning email also reportedly included graphics in English and Spanish with a list of immigrant rights.




Lock the SOBs up


While Mr. Biden has said in recent days that he and Mr. Eastland “didn’t agree on much of anything,” it is clear that on a number of important criminal justice issues, they did. As early as 1977, Mr. Biden, with Mr. Eastland’s support, pushed for mandatory minimum sentences that would limit judges’ discretion in sentencing. But perhaps even more consequential was Mr. Biden’s relationship with Mr. Thurmond, who became his co-author on a string of bills that effectively rewrote the nation’s criminal justice laws with an eye toward putting more criminals behind bars.

In 1989, with the violent crime rate continuing to rise as it had since the 1970s, Mr. Biden lamented that the Republican president, George H. W. Bush, was not doing enough to put “violent thugs” in prison. In 1993, he warned of “predators on our streets.” And in a 1994 Senate floor speech, he likened himself to another Republican president: “Every time Richard Nixon, when he was running in 1972, would say, ‘Law and order,’ the Democratic match or response was, ‘Law and order with justice’ — whatever that meant. And I would say, ‘Lock the S.O.B.s up.’”


!!!!! Let us see your TAX RETURNS Joe.!!!!!!


Former Vice President Joe Biden has reportedly pocketed millions in income since exiting the Obama administration, The Washington Post reported Tuesday.

Biden, who often remarks from the 2020 presidential campaign trail that he was once the poorest member of the U.S. Senate, has reportedly taken in millions of dollars since leaving the vice presidency, largely from book deals and speaking fees.

The Post reported that public documents revealed Biden’s speaking fees sometimes cost as much as $200,000.

Contracts obtained by the Post show that Biden’s sponsors provided VIP hotel suites, town cars and drivers, chartered flights and travel reimbursements for some of his appearances across the country in the run up to his presidential campaign announcement. According to the Post, some of those appearances totaled at least $10,000 per event.

At each of his engagements across the country, hosts reportedly served Biden the same meal — angel hair pomodoro, a caprese salad and raspberry sorbet with biscotti for dessert, the Post reports.


This has been updated recently: Joe Biden Net Worth

The site says he is worth $1.5 million. I am sure that if he planned to do anything about income inequality, the MSM would be yelling about him being a millionaire, right?


Also from the article.

After leaving the vice presidency, Biden has resided in a house in McLean, Va., that comes with a “substantial monthly rent,” according to his campaign. Real estate site Zillow estimates the monthly rent to be nearly $20,000, the Post reports. He also bought a $2.7 million vacation home in Rehoboth Beach, Del.

Biden also signed a book deal that was reportedly worth $8 million, which covered two books by the former vice president and one by his wife, Jill Biden, and he’s created several foundations and organizations, including the Biden Foundation and the Biden Institute at the University of Delaware.

Which is more accurate?


The book money has not been received yet so will not be factored in (and book contracts can be canceled). Also net worth takes into consideration what is owed on the vacation house as well as its cost.

Bernie’s vacation house was iirc $600,000 and people were in flames.

I cannot find the quoted material in the link I provided.


This article is kind of interesting, detailing Biden’s tendency to live well above his income:

Joe Biden Is Running for President in 2020. Here’s What We Know About ‘Middle Class’ Joe’s Money, Including Speaking Fees and His $2.7 Million Beach House

Note that the article is from April of this year. As I noted above the Celebrity Net Worth article listed him as currently having a net worth of $1.5 million. The new article uses the old (as of April old) net worth number of $900,000. That is quite a jump in two months. As he had already taken an advance on book sales to buy the new beach house in 2017, so the increase wasn’t from there.

I didn’t realize the middle class had it so well. 7,000 square feet? I wonder if Joe helps with the vacuuming.

Today, Jill and Joe Biden’s main home is a 7,000-square-foot custom home built on a private lake in Greenville, Delaware, outside of Wilmington.

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