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🚨 NEWS: NY Dems just passed a bill to shift up to $54 billion of retiree savings to private equity firms, amid a flood of campaign cash from Wall St.

NY’s teachers union backed the bill despite warnings from regulators & the union’s own national leaders. https://t.co/bbr2K4ryDx

— David Sirota (@davidsirota) June 3, 2022


There is plenty of corruption in the upper tiers of the national teachers unions. Fact. I don’t know how my Baby Sis stands it especially down here. She taught through the entire school year–no Covid, and will be back next year. She and my BIL are set $$ wise. She is that dedicated, and I take my hat off to her and others like her every day!! 🙂


Its that union corruption that gives the R’s plenty of cannon fodder and disappoints the membership at the same.


Teamsters local 783 members are ON STRIKE at Sherwin-Williams in Bowling Green KY pic.twitter.com/tDJfzftMSJ

— GLCLC (@GLCLCky) June 3, 2022

Bowling Green seems to have more going on with unionization. But it’s still a small percentage of the state.


do reporters ever feel mildly embarrassed about covering the republican “pretend to be interested in a deal until attention moves elsewhere” game

— Atrios (@Atrios) June 3, 2022

even if 3 of them are serious (narrator: they are not serious) all these reporters know this is in itself a game because they need 10+

— Atrios (@Atrios) June 3, 2022

a thing that puzzles me about this is that if you’re going to be the savvy DC cut-through-the-bullsh*t person then why does this savvy anti-BS meter suddenly desert you at the exact moment when there is actually serious BS to cut through

— Greg Sargent (@ThePlumLineGS) June 3, 2022


T and R and thanks x 3, Ms. Benny!! 🙂 Oh, spare me. Like this is supposed to be a shockeroo that Byedone is kissing Saudi azz?? Puh-leezzz! McKibben hit the nail smack on the head w/his tweet. We haven’t seen the end of the great petroleum ripoff/price gauging. Gas is heading for $10/gal. The oil boyz know the energy transition is underway. They will squeeze every nickel they can out of the rest of us. Germany is doubling down on renewables especially with the UK-Russkie spat! This country is too stupid and backwards to follow. 🙁


Our congresscritters flow to the donations go, when the big oil spigot dries up they’ll move on. If oil goes to $10 that will cause a crash of 29 proportion’s and things will get ugly real fast.



jcb, I don’t need to remind you of the RWing monsters who were gay throughout world history. The German Nazis were full of them. Maloney needs to be booted out of office, period. His opponent needs to seriously follow the 50-state-strategy, and raise coin through the innertubz. Dean led the way back in 2003. PBO (ugh) followed it to the WH. Bernie proved it, too. 🙂👍




That bitch thinks she’s the reincarnation of the Virgin Mary. The sooner she drops dead, the better! Always good to see you, LD. Hope you and JD are doing well. 👍☮️


I was thinking the opposite spectrum of Mary


Trump endorses Tim Michels in Wisconsin governor’s race, dealing blow to GOP frontrunner Rebecca Kleefisch

GQP heads must be exploading in Wi right now as Walker has the same cult like status in WI as Cult- 45 does with R’s
Kleefisch besides being a Walker disciple makes Palin look like a super genius.

Michaels inherated his daddy’s construction company and would be as bad or worse than Walker finishing what Walker started.

They both have something in common,inhereted daddy’s money/business