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Reminds me to do the hard work of questioning my own intense reactions. Hard to even be aware of what’s going on inside, so I very much admire this.

That said, it looks like he may support Warren.


another reason for honey 🍯 not vinegar. although most feeling this won’t question themselves.


It’s worth it to look more closely at the people who are “Dems” and who also “viscerally want [Bernie] to lose”.

Some of these people are buying into the line that “socialism” will lose to Trump, so the Dem’s have to nominate a “centrist.” That line of fear is easy to overcome as soon as they realize that the Trump campaign will brand ANY Dem candidate as a “socialist.”

Another group is the identity-politics people, mostly women, mostly professional women, who can’t overcome their resentment at Bernie for supposedly “making Hillary lose” the last election. I have spoken to some of them and they can’t explain why Hillary lost even though she won the popular vote. The truth is that Hillary’s campaign was out-maneuvered by the Trump people. That was a problem with her consultants, it wasn’t down to Bernie. These identity-politics people are never going to vote for 4 more years of Trump, so if Bernie is the nominee they either stay home or vote Dem. Until Bernie is the nominee they are supporting a woman because she is a woman and ANYBODY can see–including a lot of professional women–that that’s not enough for a political decision.

The last group of “viscerals” is IMO the most dangerous–the wealthy Dem’s. They are weighing whether their wealth is more protected under a second Trump term or under a Bernie term. But they don’t want their “soul” to be composed of nothing-but-money. Their candidate was Biden until Kamala began the process of taking him out on Thursday. These people, mostly male, grew up and secured their wealth under the tenets of neoliberalism. They weren’t Republicans, who simply campaigned on pro-business platforms. Instead, they have a history of allegiance to the Dem party, supported by a belief that doing business, getting wealthy, and upholding the forward march of the (American) society toward “the greater good” were all tied together in the same package. “The greater good” meant that something vaguely called “everybody” would prosper under a Dem regime. Bernie’s moral objections to neoloberalism are bending these people over a barrel and they’re used to being coddled by politicians, not to moral thumbscrews.

None of these groups out of reach to Bernie’s platform. Even the wealthy Dems know that Bernie’s footing is in the real world and not in neoliberal ideology. If Bernie is the Dem candidate and they desert him to vote for Trump, then they have to look at themselves as shits, rather than as the vanguard of the world’s progress towards “the good.”

Thanks to Benny for today’s OT!


It’s amazing how much he has changed



There was no Spring here in So. Michigan. Went from cold last week to the mid-80s (high humidity here makes it worse).


Same weather wise in my area of WI


Bernie’s rally in NH on Twitch now streaming (12:50 pm est). Twitch followers now 73,727. = )



Over 3,000 were watching (although the Trumpers were not really….they were just there to get lessons from Chat).

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