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Don midwest
Don midwest

so much going on

remember when cops and security forces across the country shut down Occupy Wall Street?

earlier this morning Iowa City was one of the top twitter feeds

several days of protests, a few little things happened, no curfew

then last night, police attacked protesters

Amy Goodman pointed out that Covid 19 is a respiratory disease and we don’t know the effect of tear gas

hunch: politicians, police departments, or just common movement leading to the show of force by militarized police

not clear how it will come out – could be good, bad, or somewhere in between

bruno latour, following carl schmidt

notes that war is an existential condition, your very existence is at stake

for the US, the proxy wars since WWII, were police actions

and as someone noted today, Full Spectrum Dominance did not work overseas, so now brought home

thus, it may be that the protests now are a war

a war against the American people because they are under attack

Don midwest
Don midwest

we are under attack

this is a war

before it only looked like a police action that could be addressed with normal means like an election

now it is clear that both parties will not address the issues that have been festering for years

the military on the street have clarified what has happened

like Trump has clarified

that the oligarchs have no intention of sharing earth with us

not only is it a war with Gaia, but a war with the oligarchs


i pray that covid doesn’t ravage our ranks.

Don midwest
Don midwest

disagreements in Bernie’s former staff and supporters

I think that Bernie is the most important politician in the US in the last 40 years

He was up against a corrupt, wealthy system

It would have been a miracle if he won

“we” not him, have shaped the political landscape

but, the problems are too big and too entangled

a new cosmology is needed to face Gaia

Bernie was on that path but the new cosmology has not been constructed

In the mean time, people close to the action are attempting to understand what happened

And, what is going on right now

And what will happen tomorrow, next week, and so forth

Too many bets are off


T and R, jcb!! Thanks for holding down the Nest so the Dynamic Duo can get some much, much needed r & r! 🙂



Don midwest
Don midwest

role of presidents is to pretty up what is going on

Establishment narrative managers on both sides of America’s imaginary partisan divide have been saturating the mass media with gushing praise for the two former presidents and their wonderful words of healing and unity, and indeed, the words are quite nice. They will change exactly nothing, but they sound nice.

And that is exactly what a US president’s real job is. Not to end police brutality and systemic racism, not to make changes which benefit the American people, and certainly not to make the world a less violent and murderous place, but to say pretty words which lull the public into a pleasant propaganda-induced coma while the sociopathic oligarchs who really run things rob them blind


bush, obama, ….

Whenever I point out the many, many evil establishment agendas that have been advanced by the current US president, I always get Trump supporters asking me “Well if he’s serving the establishment, how come establishment media and politicians attack him so hysterically, huh?”

This is why. At first glance it might seem strange to see Democrats and their aligned media shrieking about Trump with such an unprecedented degree of vitriol, but they aren’t doing this because Trump resists the establishment in any meaningful way on domestic or foreign policy; he provides no significant resistance to toxic establishment agendas at all. The reason there’s been such shrill, hysterical rhetoric about this president from establishment narrative managers is because unlike his predecessors, Trump puts an ugly face on the empire.

The Establishment Only Dislikes Trump Because He Puts An Ugly Face On The Empire


this is exactly what scares me about a Biden administration. Tech billionaires and neoliberals joining forces to create a mind numbing facade that we can all relax into. when we try to wake, though, its loving arms will have already locked us in for a long, long time.


Or worse, the reaction leading four years hence to another challenger even more dangerous than President Trump.

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