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Awaiting more analysis, but I thought this would happen. Biden will release policies that seem to point in the right direction, but if elected will he fight for them?


Democratic White House hopeful Joe Biden released his climate policy proposal early Tuesday, targeting net-zero emissions and 100 percent clean energy economy by 2050.

The “Biden Plan for a Clean Energy Revolution & Environmental Justice” carries a price tag of $1.7 trillion for the federal government in its first 10 years, which the former vice president’s campaign says will be paid by undoing the tax cuts enacted by President Trump and congressional Republicans.

Investments from state and local governments as well as private companies would push the total to $5 trillion.

“Science tells us that how we act or fail to act in the next 12 years will determine the very livability of our planet,” Biden said in a statement. “That’s why I’m calling for a Clean Energy Revolution to confront this crisis and do what America does best – solve big problems with big ideas.”

The platform leaves the question of an enforcement mechanism to Congress.

Although the commitments in the plan released early Tuesday are not as aggressive as the goals laid out in the Green New Deal, Biden’s campaign did praise the progressive policy as a “crucial framework for meeting the climate challenges.”

Biden’s climate platform is similar in size and scope to former Rep. Beto O’Rourke’s (D-Texas) but falls short of the only other fully fleshed-out climate change platform in the 2020 presidential race, from Washington Gov. Jay Inslee (D).




Does his plan outline how much of what must be $3.3 trillion ($5 trillion minus $1.7 trillion) of ‘public-private’ money it’s relying on coming from private companies vs. state and local governments? I need more information.

Not liking Biden’s name for his plan, “Clean Energy Revolution” either. Just a little bit obvious.


I can’t see videos here, can you? does the clip mention Flint?


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