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LD: good morning. 🙂 Benny posted a diary linking a Bernie diary over at TOP on here yesterday. It has since disappeared. I can’t recall that cyber gremlin ever happening on here. ?????? BTW, T and R!!


Perhaps Benny pulled the post off. I know as the author you can delete a post on this site if you want to.


I did pull it off. Just so everyone understands, I made a Birdie call to bring attention to a TOP diary. After a certain amount of time, since the post was not intended to be of any other benefit, I delete it. I’ll be doing this from time to time. Thanks to those who participate.


Appreciate the explanation. Thanks! 🙂


Good to know Benny! I’ll be sure to jump faster next time.


I especially like the present Bernie gets at the end of the video!


“It’s safe to say that socialism is having a moment in American politics right now,” Trevor Noah said on Tuesday’s Daily Show. “And that’s freaking a lot of people out.” To figure out why, The Daily Show sent senior youth correspondent Jaboukie Young-White out into Manhattan and Washington, D.C., to first ask millennials about their thoughts on socialism and then chat with some people who have stronger opinions on the topic.

“Seriously, you can’t talk socialism in America without going to the OG, Sen. Bernie Sanders,” Young-White said, after cracking a joke about Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. He asked Sanders to define socialism and explain its appeal to the youths. “Could he be the oldest millennial in America?” he asked. Sanders said young people see the appeal in egalitarianism, thanks to the economic headwinds they are facing as a generation, and he held up Denmark and Sweden as examples to emulate.

Young-White then interviewed socialism critic Karol Markowitz, a columnist for the New York Post. She cited Soviet gulags. He went back to Sanders, who responded that the Soviet Union “was an authoritarian society with no democratic rights,” and “democratic socialists stood up and fought against that.” He isn’t trying to imitate the Soviets or Venezuela, he added, but he did make a gulag joke.

“Fact check: The examples of failed socialism that critics use are not socialist democracies but authoritarian states led by corrupt, ruthless, and paranoid dictators,” Young-White said. “But I do have one real problem with socialism: I like money.” So he asked Sanders, “Is socialism still for me if I’m a millennial millionaire?” You can watch the response below.



Obviously, Biden himself did not write the policy, but this does show how serious he and his campaign regard the issue. They obviously cobbled something together to quiet critics.


It’s political malpractice for any modern campaign to lift words, intentionally or not, for its policy plans or website.

That’s especially true if you’re the early Democratic frontrunner. And even more true if your 1988 presidential campaign ended in a plagiarism scandal.

But that’s exactly what happened on Tuesday, when Joe Biden’s campaign rolled out its climate plan — and admitted it forgot to give proper attribution.

Yes, this is a small thing. But it also should be alarming for Democrats.

How does something like this happen?

It’s the biggest mistake yet of Biden’s early 2020 campaign — a particular mistake he can’t afford to make.


Of course, anything pales compared to this buffoon


And now, President Trump, who has called global warming a “Chinese hoax” and pulled the United States out of the Paris climate agreement, appears similarly unmoved by an appeal from British royalty.

The president left a 90-minute meeting this week with Charles, Prince of Wales, unconvinced that the climate is warming, which it is, according to overwhelming scientific consensus. The Earth’s average surface temperature in 2018 was the fourth-highest since 1880, when record-keeping began. That means that the past five years have been the warmest in recorded history.

But the president has other beliefs.

“I believe that there’s a change in weather, and I think it changes both ways,” he said in a wide-ranging interview with Piers Morgan on “Good Morning Britain” that aired Wednesday morning. “Don’t forget it used to be called global warming. That wasn’t working. Then it was called climate change. Now it’s actually called extreme weather, because with extreme weather, you can’t miss.”


Tell that to Flint residents


However, despite his warm words, it became clear that he gave no indication to Charles that he’s prepared to do anything about the climate crisis.

“I did say, ‘Well, the United States right now has among the cleanest climates there are based on all statistics,’” he told Morgan. “And it’s even getting better because I agree with that we want the best water, the cleanest water. It’s crystal clean, has to be crystal-clean clear.”


“the United States right now has among the cleanest climates

Even for Trump that was bad.



Almost immediately after releasing a climate plan Tuesday that green groups slammed as woefully inadequate in part due to its embrace of industry-backed proposals such as “carbon capture,” presumptive 2020 Democratic frontrunner Joe Biden faced accusations of plagiarizing language from a number of sources, including a coalition consisting of major fossil fuel companies.

Josh Nelson, vice president of the progressive organization CREDO Mobile, was the first to highlight possible instances of plagiarism in Biden’s plan, noting on Twitter that the section “about carbon capture and sequestration includes language that is remarkably similar to items published previously by the Blue Green Alliance and the Carbon Capture Coalition”—two organizations backed by major fossil fuel companies and labor unions.

“Membership of the Carbon Capture Coalition, where some of Biden’s language seems to have originated, includes Shell, Peabody Energy, Arch Coal, and Cloud Peak Energy,” wrote Nelson, who tweeted side-by-side screenshots of language from the Carbon Capture Coalition and Biden’s plan.


Well this does make him stand out from the primary crowd.


Joe Biden’s campaign confirmed that he still supports a controversial ban prohibiting the use of federal funds for certain abortion services.

Campaign aides told NBC News that the 2020 presidential hopeful still supports the Hyde Amendment, which has prevented government health programs like Medicaid from paying for abortions except in cases of rape, incest or to save the life of the woman.

Biden’s campaign did say that the former Vice President would be open to repealing the amendment if abortion access currently protected under Roe v. Wade was threatened.

The support appears to differ from what Biden told an American Civil Liberties Union volunteer when asked about the Hyde Amendment last month.

“It can’t stay,” he said.

Don midwest
Don midwest

Well he may be going for the Roman Catholic vote who some argued responsible for Kerry’s loss in 2004 to W Bush. Kerry denied communion and other acts by the RC church.

Today I posted a comment about CCP influence in all areas of Australia and finally getting a push back from the government. The author of the book, Silent Invasion, got a lot of his information from Chinese Australians who didn’t want Australia to end up like mainland China.

As things go on, Biden’s positions are worse and worse, when he is bold enough to actually say something. As someone, Matt Stoller or Matt Taibi said, a presidential candidate must challenge Obama’s legacy.


Stoller, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Taibbi agrees.

Don midwest
Don midwest

I followed the link to this article on The Hill. In the top 5 articles was an article by the conservative legal professor and legal scholar Jonathan Turley. Reading the article brings up the past: I followed him for many years on twitter and he posts a lot. Realizing that left and right are too rough a category, in any case, he goes much farther to support Republicans. In this article he describes missteps by Democrats in the messy efforts to control Trump and possible impeachment.

Not recommending this article, just linking it.

He claims that his is the most important legal blog.

Democrats are addicted to losing gambles against President Trump

Note: I am having trouble posting links through the site. Had to do this several times.


I used to read him a lot, too. He’s good on many Constitutional issues.

Don midwest
Don midwest



Biden has always been a strong debater, but he hasn’t faced anyone since Ryan seven years ago, and hasn’t debated another Democrat in more than a decade. The first Democratic showdowns, in Miami at the end of June—over two nights with 10 candidates each— will be the biggest moment in the 2020 race so far, and Biden, as the front-runner, clearly has the most to lose. Biden’s team has kept him mostly out of sight since he launched his campaign at the end of April. Staying out of the way means he has less chance of making a comment that could be twisted into a news-cycle-defining scandal. That’s the upside. The downside, beyond having to fend off snide tweets about his skimpy schedule and articles questioning whether he’s too old to keep up, is that he’s getting almost no practice taking voter questions at town halls or in open exchanges with reporters. Now if he stumbles or screws up, it’ll be a prime-time event, with the rest of the field and an internet full of pundits ready to pounce. (On Tuesday, Biden released his long-promised climate plan and was immediately attacked both for not going far enough in his proposals and, in an echo of the 1987 scandal, for failing to include citations for certain passages.)

What’s striking in talking with people close to Biden over the past few weeks is how unsettled they think this race still is, despite all the polls that make the nomination seem like his to lose. These people are not doing the obligatory not taking anything for granted, but acknowledging anxiety about how fragile Biden’s lead really might be in a field this big and in a campaign this volatile. Still, the debates give them confidence. The 2012 Ryan debate and Biden’s 2008 debate with Sarah Palin, in which he was seen as dispatching her with respect and humor while clearly outmaneuvering her, were different from what he’ll soon face. They were both one-on-one contests against a Republican opponent, and they both featured Biden as a candidate on a national ticket.


wow. Outmaneuvering Sarah Palin is a real accomplishment!


Ryan is no Einstein either.



We’ve seen this story before. Donald Trump offered voters something different. He spoke to their anger, and told them about his plans to “Make America Great Again”. In response, Hillary Clinton ran a campaign perpetually on the back foot – triangulating to avoid standing for anything too controversial, and presenting herself as the safe anti-Trump. If the Democrats had listened more carefully, they might have heard millions of Americans saying they weren’t too pleased with the last several decades of US politics. Clinton’s reply? Choose me. I’ve been in politics for 30 years.

The appeal was dull enough to lose even a supposedly “unlose-able” election against the gaffe-prone Trump, a disaster compounded by our undemocratic electoral college.

There’s little to stop this from happening again. Donald Trump has been a disaster in many ways, but – despite the best effort of his trade wars – the economy isn’t in the tank. He’s attacked the most vulnerable Americans, but his government is a far cry from the “fascism” some thought was on the horizon – yes, it’s rightwing and bad for working people, but mostly in the same way Republican administrations normally are. Simply pointing to the Trump administration and saying “this is not normal” won’t be enough to rally people into the voting booth.

Incumbent presidents have an enormous advantage. Four of the last five US presidents won second terms. We can’t assume that just any empty suit could take on Trump. And an empty suit is essentially what Biden would be.

Don midwest
Don midwest

What is the extent of Chinese influence in US politics and US economy?

No, I am not of the Russia, Russia, Russia crowd. There were many more sources of influence than Russia in Trump’s victory.

This story comes from Australia where Communist Party influence has gone on for some time and the government has reacted with new laws on Influence by a Foreign Power or by a corporation in the government.

Clive Hamilton is a Professor of Public Ethics and has written extensively about the environment: Defiant Earth: The Future of Humans in the Anthropocene in 2017, and way back in 2010 (seems like way back because so much has happened since then) his book is on wikipedia

Requiem for a Species: Why We Resist the Truth about Climate Change is a 2010 non-fiction book by Australian academic Clive Hamilton which explores climate change denial and its implications. It argues that climate change will bring about large-scale, harmful consequences for habitability for life on Earth including humans, which it is too late to prevent.[1][2] Hamilton explores why politicians, corporations and the public deny or refuse to act on this reality. He invokes a variety of explanations, including wishful thinking, ideology, consumer culture and active lobbying by the fossil fuel industry.[3] The book builds on the author’s fifteen-year prior history of writing about these subjects, with previous books including Growth Fetish and Scorcher: The Dirty Politics of Climate Change.

I learned about his work through Bruno Latour as he has been one of the major influences in his work. Clive Hamilton took a very strong stand in his book last year “Silent Invasion: Chinese Influence in Australia.” Bruno’s tweet was something like: Clive took on the earth before now he is taking on the Chinese.

I am linking a video that is hopeful in the turn against communist Chinese influence in Australia including rejecting Huawii equipment in their 5G network. A couple of months ago Clive was in DC and said that this may be the only issue, Chinese influence in the US, that there is agreement between the political parties. China wants to divide up the 5 Eyes countries. There were Chinese scientists working in Australia, even on military issues, who were officers in their Army.

Note: twice when viewing this youtube interview it was interrupted by commercial announcement. There are more and more commercials at the start of youtube, but I have never had one break in like a TV commercial.

In summary, through commerce and neo liberal economics the CCP is active around the world and I expect this issue to become more and more important here in the USA

Is the Global Tide Turning Against China? | Clive Hamilton

The CCP’s tactics have been exposed! Clive Hamilton, author of Silent Invasion: China’s Influence in Australia, sits down with us to discuss how governments around the world are tackling China’s attempts to undermine democracy. Featuring US China trade war, President Donald Trump, Huawei, New Zealand and Canada, and what the future holds.

A 20 min video

CCP influence in all levels of Australia



A majority of Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s 2020 campaign staff has said it wants union representation.

Nonmanagement campaign employees authorized the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 2320 to represent them in negotiations with campaign leadership, according to Steven Soule, the local’s business manager.

“We look to move to the table to come to a bargaining agreement that provides pay and benefits and working conditions that are the best in the nation,” Soule said.

If the effort is recognized, Warren’s campaign could be the third presidential campaign in history to unionize. Sen. Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign employees became the first to secure a union contract when they did so last month.

Also last month, Democratic contender Julian Castro’s staff of several dozen unanimously joined the Campaign Workers Guild. The Castro campaign’s union contract is still in the works, according to Sawyer Hackett, the campaign’s national press secretary.

Don midwest
Don midwest

emptywheel aka Marcy Wheeler continues to give in depth analysis of Nat Security and Muller report. I don’t have her in a twitter feed because she tweets too much but I do have her on a tab.

Here is a tweet from today

Don midwest
Don midwest

Chernobyl & Trump

What the Horror of “Chernobyl” Reveals About the Deceit of the Trump Era

Even Nancy Pelosi cannot hold back the tide against trump and continue to hold fast to the “middle ground” along with Biden. Guess what: there is NO Middle Ground.

My wife and I have been following Chernobyl and just finished listening to a book on tape. Bad step, bad step, rinse and repeat. Cover up. Deny the exposure of 600,000 who worked to contain the mess, etc. Atomic Scientists, the PhD in physics, chemistry, engineering who were a few decades well respected. Science & politics in a repressive state and where are we going?

The theme of lies — the destruction of truth by a regime devoted to self-preservation — pervades “Chernobyl” in a way that is wildly relevant to America in the age of birtherism, Sarah Sanders, and “very fine people” who are neo-Nazis. The corollary is unmistakable. At one point, an engineer who is partly culpable for the nuclear accident tells an investigator that her search for honesty, and his desire to avoid a firing squad, are futile. “You think the right question will get you the truth?” he says. “There is no truth. Ask the bosses whatever you want. You will get the lie, and I will get the bullet.”

“Chernobyl” can be considered the best political film of our times because it illuminates a core problem of the Trump era: the nonstop jackhammer of falsehoods that are drowning out what’s true. The risk is that Americans who are inundated with moral rubbish from the White House and Fox News may lose possession of the will to care about the difference between right and wrong, as happened in the Soviet Union. When everything becomes grey and sluggish, there is no battle worth fighting.


A little off-topic here. I’ve been following the scientific/ecological articles about Chernobyl which discuss what has happened to the area with human bipids not allowed back in (with few exceptions) over the last 30 years. Plants, animals, insects, etc. have come back. Not sure of the adaptation to radiation involved, but the reads are still fascinating and well worth the time.



He closes by explaining that Jewish history gives Jews a special role to play in fighting intolerance and injustice.

“As history reminds us time and time again, the antidote to hatred, division and resentment is to bring people together around a shared vision of equality and prosperity, of creating societies that work for all and not just a few. I am absolutely convinced that the future will belong not to those who practice bigotry and hatred but to those of us who believe in peace and justice and are willing to fight for those values.

Based on our history, no one should be more active in that struggle than the Jewish people.”

These strike me as the most explicit references Sanders has made to his Jewishness, to Jewish exceptionalism, to the price his family paid to anti-Semitism, and how that history informs the struggle against the persecution of the Palestinians by Israel and against Netanyahu.

Remember that in 2016, Sanders shocked the Democratic establishment by daring to say Netanyahu is not always right, debating Hillary Clinton before the New York primary (yes, weak beer, but…). Once again, Sanders is leading the discussion inside the Democratic mainstream/progressive world. Yes, the grass roots are giving him the freedom to make these daring statements. But he is leading the way in mainstream forums.

Don midwest
Don midwest

Bernie had to be more careful in 2016.

Bernie the birdie is now spreading his wings!

Don midwest
Don midwest

There was a good taste in my mouth about Tom Daschle until I read this 2015 article in The Intercept about he got rich off DC contacts and now continues as part of the effort to block single payer.

So, when this story came up on WA Post today, my thought was, of course he says this

Tom Daschle: Listen to Pelosi, Democrats. Now’s not the time to impeach Trump.

He was head of the Senate during Clinton impeachment

We’re a year-and-a-half away from the next election. Given the virtual certainty that, even if the House impeaches, the Senate won’t convict, a more prudent course of action is called for on the part of congressional Democrats.

The House should continue to use all its constitutional and legislative powers to conduct aggressive oversight, including a comprehensive review of everything in Mueller’s report, the president’s tax returns and financial records — Americans deserve a clear and complete accounting of these findings before they are called upon to vote next year.

And Democrats should approach 2020 understanding that Trump has something like a 50-50 chance of winning reelection, rather than acting like impeachment is just an acceleration of the inevitable. Pelosi says impeachment has a “silver lining” for Trump, because she understands that if he’s impeached but not convicted, “he believes he would be exonerated,” and Democrats would be demoralized. We can’t afford the confusion such an outcome would create. At stake is the fabric of our republic: our democratic institutions and the rule of law.

If you read this article and some others recently posted on the web, you will never think well of him. Another tool of establishment democrats, i.e., the oligarchy



Do these “Democrats” have a crystal ball that the rest of us lack? Trick the Dick resigned before he was impeached. tRump is so corrupt he makes Trick look pure (UGH!). If the House starts impeachment, no telling how long Turtle McCrook can control the Senate. We The People will be following the story in yuge numbers. Is that what Pelosi and the Turd Wayers are really scared of?


Sponsored by The American Dream:


Your animated videos are just excellent.


Thanks, but they are not “mine.” I just find them during my search for tutorials on how to make them and am still only in the first stages of being able to do so.

When I find something relevant to our times and/or issues, I try to share them . . . along with occasionally some that are just fun.

Don midwest
Don midwest

Gotta control environmental terrorists!


This is a big step at the federal level

The Pipes Act
Current federal law protecting oil and gas pipelines from sabotage is already strong. Anyone who damages or destroys a pipeline or pipeline facility — or conspires to do so — faces up to 20 years of incarceration. If the sabotage causes a death, then the saboteur could face life in prison or even the death penalty.

The Trump administration is seeking to widen the law’s scope even further. Under the proposed Protecting Our Infrastructure of Pipelines and Enhancing Safety Act of 2019, known as the Pipes Act, anyone found “vandalizing, tampering with, impeding the operation of, disrupting the operation of, or inhibiting the operation of” an interstate oil or gas pipeline could also face a 20-year prison term, as could anyone who conspired to do so. And the proposal would add pipeline construction sites to the list of facilities covered by the law.

In effect, simply standing in the way of construction workers could mean staring down two decades in prison.

The Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration, which proposed the legislation, denies that chilling speech is the intention. “This proposal is not meant in any way to inhibit lawful protesters from exercising their first amendment rights, and PHMSA is committed to working with Congress to make sure that this is clear in any final legislation,” agency spokesperson Darius Kirkwood told The Intercept. “PHMSA supports broadening statutes to deter individuals from activities that can cause serious harm.”


I am certainly not a fan of Trump but this tweet is a sign of things to come.


I certainly hope that establishment Dems don’t respond by trying to paint large rallies in a bad light like they (est Dems) did to Bernie in 2015/16. Because that would backfire in Trump’s case. His meaner supporters would probably just double down in a very mocking way. (Bernie supporters are too nice, for the most part, to do ‘mean’ very well, imo)



When you’ve lost NBC News……………….






Sen. Bernie Sanders, who’s long accused Walmart of paying its employees “starvation wages,” urged the company’s top executives on Wednesday to “do the right thing” and pay workers a minimum wage of $15 an hour at the retail giant’s annual shareholders meeting.

“The issue we’re dealing with here today is pretty simple,” the Vermont senator said at the meeting in Rogers, Ark. He noted that Walmart “is the largest private employer in America” and its owners, the Waltons, are the richest family in the country, worth approximately $175 billion.

“Despite the incredible wealth of its owner, Walmart pays many of its employees starvation wages, wages that are so low than many of these employees are forced to rely on government programs like food stamps, Medicaid and public housing in order to survive,” Sanders said, adding “the American people are sick and tired of subsidizing the greed of some of the largest and most profitable corporations in the country.”

The 2020 presidential candidate said those same people “are also outraged by the grotesque level of income and wealth inequality in America, as demonstrated by the CEO of Walmart making 1000 times more than the average employee.”

Walmart CEO Doug McMillon, who made $24 million in 2018, was in attendance, but his reaction could not be seen on a livestream of the shareholder meeting.

Afterwards, Sanders brushed off questions about criticism that the appearance was a veiled campaign stop.

“Check my record. I’ve been doing this stuff for my whole life,” Sanders told NBC.


yes. and why shouldn’t it be part of his campaign? Doing what he’s always done, and people get to see it.

Wonder if Biden would get the same question if he did something similar.


Be/c we know it would be a campaign stunt, unlike Bernie who would have done this if he was in contention or not.



Publicly shaming billionaires and CEOs for underpaying workers is a signature Sanders move. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos and Sears chief executive Eddie Lampert are frequent targets. Sanders’s appearance at Walmart’s annual shindig in Arkansas will give him a chance to call out the worst offender in his book: the Walton family, who own about half of Walmart’s shares.

Sanders has long focused on Walmart, the nation’s largest private employer, as the perfect example of how the US economy is rigged in favor of billionaires and corporate interests.

Wait is that Walmart CEO Doug McMillon cheering on Bernie’s speech? 🤣🤣🤣


Or calling out?



Cenk has put out a call for the TYT campers to come to Iowa for an event there. I’m curious what’s he up in Des Moines.


Bernie keeps this up and the 2020 elections will make the 1964 LBJ rout look like pre-k. 🙂




We’re afraid of what you are planning to get done with the “opposition” Joe


Former vice president Joe Biden hit back Tuesday against two of his chief rivals on the left, Senators Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders, for recent criticism they’ve leveled at him for saying he would try to work with congressional Republicans if he wins the White House.

Warren and Sanders lobbed thinly veiled critiques at Biden’s moderate pitch during the state convention in California this past weekend. “Some say that if we just calm down, the Republicans will come to their senses. But our country is in a crisis. The time for small ideas is over,” Warren said in her speech, which was widely interpreted as a jab at Biden.

Biden referred to Warren, of Massachusetts, and Sanders, of Vermont, as “your next door neighbors who are running, both south and west,” who say “I’m being naïve.”

“Well guess what, Republicans aren’t my enemy. They’re my opposition. And if we treat everyone like an enemy, how in God’s name are we going to get anything done in America?”



If Biden is averaging under (close to) $200 per contribution and has more than (close to) 300,000 contributions that would mean he has taken in around $60 million so far, which I find very hard to believe


Hours before he headlines two campaign fundraising events in Boston on Wednesday, former Vice President Joe Biden pushed back against criticism by some of his top rivals for the Democratic presidential nomination for holding “high dollar functions” hosted by “corporate lobbyists.”

Biden, the clear front-runner right now in the Democratic nomination race, told Fox News “this idea of Biden’s the big donor guy, come on.”

“The stuff about Biden with the big contributors,” Biden told Fox News. “My lord, this idea of Biden’s the big donor guy, come on. I’ve eschewed any relationship with any PACs.”

And touting his grassroots contributions, Biden appeared to reveal for the first time the number of individual donors to his campaign, saying “we’ve had over 300,000 individual contributors. Average contribution of these is under $200.”


I find it easier to believe that he’s taken in $60 million so far than I do that he’s had 300,000 individual contributions.


A Bernie Sanders Narrative for Seniors

Here’s a narrative I would recommend if I were on Bernie’s staff: As a democratic socialist, I have always believed in a future that we could approach step by step through political and social change. That’s the America I once lived in, too. It wasn’t perfect, not even close. We had poverty, inequality, racism and sexism, military adventurism, and domination by the rich and monopolistic corporations. Yet we also had steady progress against all these things, made possible by a relatively open political system—in other words, by democracy. But for several decades that progress has stalled, and many of these problems have actually become worse again. The system has shut down, and it will take radical means to open it up again so our country can resume moving forward. For those of us in my generation who have seen all of this in our own lives, the era of reform and progress and then the era of blockage, this is our final opportunity to leave our legacy to the young. It is an opportunity to recover the idealism that once, in the days of people like Martin Luther King and Bobby Kennedy, seemed almost mainstream but now demands a revolution. We know what America was like before it became a plutocracy, and we can come together again to return to the path of democracy. This is not about returning to the past, but returning to a possibility we knew when we were young that the future could be ours to win. One way or another, we will leave a legacy to our children and their children’s children. Let it be this legacy of democratic possibility.

Then talk about Social Security and health care, and the need for a politics that can actually put these issues on the table and make the needs of the majority the driving force for change.



Really good.




I signed.




It’s sort of a vehicle to ask you for a donation, but I signed. Solidarity.



James Risen


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