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la58 most politically active, progressive 16-year-olds, participating in the democratic process might involve volunteering for a campaign or joining a high school young Democrats club. Tahseen Chowdhury has a different idea.

Though he isn’t old enough to vote, the junior at Manhattan’s Stuyvesant High School launched his campaign last month for New York state senate. Chowdhury will be challenging Sen. Jose Peralta (D) in Queens’ District 13 in September 2018.


This was in the comments.

I am writing this in response to a story here on Thinkprogress concerning a brave young man, a teenager, who is standing up to the corrupt Democrat leaders in his party and he is wanting to take a stand against it.


OK both links disappeared, Fake News?


Here is a link I found, does this work for everyone else? Perhaps the linking field the problem for you la58?

Here’s Chowdhury’s web page (he certainly look older than 16!):


What is the Independent Democratic Conference (IDC) and why should I care?

What is the problem?

When you open up the list of State Senators in New York, you’ll notice there’s a Democratic majority. Then you ask yourself, why are progressive policies so hard to pass? Here’s why. The Republicans effectively have a majority in the State Senate, even though more Democrats have been elected to that office.

How does that work?

While the Republicans are working together, caucusing with each other, and cosponsoring legislation, there are eight rogue Democrats who call themselves the IDC. The IDC votes along Republican party lines even though they were elected as Democrats, against what their constituents elected them as.

Peralta, the person Chowdhury is challenging, is part of that IDC.

Also from Chowdhury’s website:

•The IDC and the Republicans are proposing legislation that increases their salary by $30k while the communities suffer.
•IDC members receive Committee Chair positions after joining as a gift from the Republicans. Currently, the process is under investigation.


And this link works for me for your other post from the Medium: