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Don midwest
Don midwest

Kissinger in the news

The truly outstanding book “Kissinger’s Shadow” laid out a case that he has been on the same path his entire career and has successfully changed to work within the political system to carry out his destruction

His name came up when Hillary came out full support of him and we learned that he vacations somewhere, an island perhaps, somewhere with a shore, and they have done this for many years

There was a web site with I think the title Hillary Clinton Speeches which was not an official web site. It had a file with all the people who had said good things about her. The republican tab, the first one, featured Henry Kissinger. I went looking for that file of establishment figures from all over the map saying that she was wonderful.

Barrett Brown is out of prison and writing a book review of a book on Kissinger by a prof at HARVARD. A stitch. He is under court orders for now but he continues to write
I Do Not Care to Finish Reading This Mediocre Kissinger Biography By Niall Ferguson

the link came up in twitter a couple of days ago and just now realized that it was published in March while he was still in prison.

Another link came to day on twitter and this one was today


Just using the person and crimes of this one person, Kissinger, one could get a clear eyed view of our country and its Exceptionalism


Thanks for all of your information. But I wanted to point out that a URL is missing for the last link, the one for Kissinger’s disastrous record.

Don midwest
Don midwest

the link error corrected, I hope

The article title from The Intercept might have had some strange stuff with it, like a hyperlink, that messed things up. As I do sometimes, I copied the title to WORD and took out extra stuff and changed font.

I probably should have copied title to WORDPAD to strip out extra beyond the text


Thanks that worked. The book should be interesting.


Thanks, Don. Niall Ferguson is awful. Basically, torture and austerity were way worth it when we installed neolibcons in the southern hemisphere kinda guy. PBS had a series with him Friedmansplaining the world economy. I was yelling at the screen, it was a while ago, when I still watched things like that.


I would not surprise me if they are pushed out as this would be a reason for the owner to redevelop the real estate into something more “profitable” for them. This would not be the first time that something like this has happened -very sad indeed


Oh yeah, i love it how they toss around “highest good use” of the property all the time, like it’s almost spiritual.


In a perverted way I guess it is “spiritual” to them =$$$$$$$$$$$$$

Don midwest
Don midwest

David Sirota and the role of journalists and the need to go beyond Trump the person and focus on the issues. Journalists role is to tell the truth, follow the facts, not be subject to propaganda.

Good interview.

From nakedcapitalism.com
David Sirota: The Role of Journalism in the Age of Trump

There is also text of the interview.

Excellent interview for those of us still in The Enlightenment.

Follow the facts.

Facts speak for themselves.


Where do they speak from? location

What time are they in when they speak?

What language do they speak?

Are facts from God?

How does one challenge a fact?

Are facts produced by man, or are they transcendent reports from nature?

It is Sunday and my religion these last couple of years seems to be Bruno Latour. A month ago or so I read his first book Laboratory Life and learned that in my process work in software engineering and organizational design I was actually doing rhetoric.

Here is some information on that book.

Laboratory Life:
The Construction of Scientific Facts

B. Latour & S. Woolgar
Introduction by Jonas Salk

From the publisher’s website, Princeton Univ Press

This highly original work presents laboratory science in a deliberately skeptical way: as an anthropological approach to the culture of the scientist. Drawing on recent work in literary criticism, the authors study how the social world of the laboratory produces papers and other “texts,”‘ and how the scientific vision of reality becomes that set of statements considered, for the time being, too expensive to change. The book is based on field work done by Bruno Latour in Roger Guillemin’s laboratory at the Salk Institute and provides an important link between the sociology of modern sciences and laboratory studies in the history of science.


“The pioneering ‘laboratory study’ in the sociology of scientific knowledge. . . . The first and, deservedly, the most influential book-length account of day-to-day work in a single laboratory setting.”–ISIS

“Laboratory Life succeeds and will continue to succeed, and to win friends and allies, because it contains good, persuasive ideas, such as the analyses of modalities and of splitting. These ideas have been generated by excellent social scientists. All the rest is so much window undressing.”–H. M. Collins, Isis

“Eight years after Laboratory Life first came out, it is still one of my favourite books on the social studies of science. . . . [F]or those in the business of reflecting on the nature of science who have not yet read Laboratory Life, here is a good opportunity to catch up and do so.”–Ditta Bartels, Metascience

Don midwest
Don midwest

More on facts

Latour points out that facts are outside of both space and time

that is a truly remarkable accomplishment!

He makes the point many places that holding the globe in our hands is a view from nowhere. We live in a thin skin on earth. Down a kilometer and up a few kilometers. That is why he calls us earthbound.

In other places he notes that moderns know neither what time they are in and especially no sense of the space they are in. Space – a Euclidean space of three dimensions, an infinite space, with a fourth dimension of time?

Koyre’s outstanding book of the 1950’s “From the closed world to the infinite universe” describes this change to the scientific universe, scientific world.

But with Gaia and the Anthropocene, the reverse is happening. From the infinite to the earth. Return to the earth. No longer a transcendent god or a transcendent science, we are earthbounds.

Politics is extremely important to build a collective of humans and non humans. That is what Bruno has written about for decades.

With this comment I have jumped from the 1979 book “Laboratory Life” to his 2017 book “Facing Gaia” due out in August in an English version. The event was the Gifford lectures on Natural Theology.

Enough for now, or maybe too much…..

Don midwest
Don midwest

put in wrong place.

deleted my comment

didn’t know this feature existed


Bernie inviserates R’s for keeping the Senate ACHA bill a Secret:

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders said on CBS News’ “Face the Nation” Sunday that as the House GOP-passed health care bill is debated behind closed doors in the Senate, Democrats should do “everything they can” to oppose the legislation in “any way” they can.

“Throwing 23 million people off of health insurance is beyond belief. Now, in the Senate what you have is you have I believe it is 10 Republicans working behind closed doors to address 1/6th of the American economy,” Sanders said.

“The average Republican doesn’t even know what’s in that legislation,” he said. “My understanding is that it will be brought forth just immediately before we have to vote on it. This is completely unacceptable.”

Sanders called the current bill the “worst piece of legislation” against working class people that he can remember in his political life in the Congress, and that the reason Republicans don’t want to bring debate out into the public is because it was a “disastrous bill.”

Meanwhile, Sanders said that while Americans are in a “very contentious and difficult political moment in our country’s history,” he has “very grave concerns about the Trump agenda.”

Sanders told CBS News’ John Dickerson that while he feels that the “vast majority of the American people have strong disagreements” with Republicans approach to health care, “you don’t have to be violent about it.”

“Let’s disagree openly and honestly. But violence is not acceptable,” he added.



Thanks, mags!

” That vision has delivered the longest stretch of peace and prosperity that the West has ever known….” Peace and prosperity for whom?


I used to have digby bookmarked so found “Hullabaloo” and read this:


Fits right into McConnell and the Senate Repukes sneaking around behind closed doors to further deny us healthcare. Digby’s anger illustrates exactly what’s going to happen when more Americans face dying in the streets. I bookmarked her column again, needless to say! T and R to the usual suspects!! Thanks, magsview! 🙂

Don midwest
Don midwest

Soils Conference in UK

Our local progressive radio had a show recently about soils. A critical issue. Here is the bio of but one speaker at the conference


What have the earthworms ever done for us?

Earthworms are the most abundant animal, by biomass, in most soils and benefit manged environments by providing several ecosystem functions and services. Therefore, strategies to increase earthworm abundance and activity in degraded agricultural soils should be identified, and encouraged. The addition of organic matter provides energy for earthworm populations, increases their abundance, and may encourage earthworms to re-arrange the structure of soils to the benefit of plant root establishment, among other ecosystem services. However, there is a financial cost that farmers must bear to provide earthworms with the energy to deliver this service and while the cost is relatively predictable, the magnitude of the service provided year-on-year is not. Innovative farmers and early adopters of new technology are often happy to take short term financial risks to increase earthworm abundance and improve the health of soils in order to reap rewards in the long term. However, others (particularly those who do not own the land they farm) are unwilling or unable. This presentation will explore the role of scientific uncertainty in the willingness of farmers to adopt new research that promotes long term sustainable soil management.
Tom is a Lecturer in Environmental Chemistry the University of Reading http://www.reading.ac.uk/ges/aboutus/staff/t-sizmur.aspx

and one for the US


“The Long-Time Requirements of the Nation”: US Soil Surveys and the Political Ecology of White Supremacy

Soil surveys are one of the most powerful synoptic tools of modern statecraft, yet they have received little critical scrutiny. This paper examines the 1899 founding of the US cooperative soil survey in the context of “post-frontier” anxieties about the reproduction of the white nation, and argues that it was not merely an effort to make territory legible, but also to produce particular kinds of life – both cultural and agricultural. Over the next several decades soil surveying grew increasingly central to the execution of state power and arguably formed the basemap for New Deal conservation and planning efforts. Examining the role of soil surveys in this era reveals the ways that even the New Deal’s decentralized and democratizing soil conservation projects reproduced white supremacy.
Levi is a Visiting Assistant Professor at Georgia Southern University https://georgiasouthern.academia.edu/LeviVanSant

and this guy may have been the one I heard on the radio


Soils and leftist struggles

Knowledge of and about soils can contribute to leftist political projects in unexpected ways by exposing otherwise understated processes or clarifying otherwise opaque ones, such as heavy metal contamination pathways and the importance of ecological context. There are many ways of describing, defining, or knowing soils, but if one understands soils as irreducible to the social, then even capitalism-friendly technocratic approaches enable an understanding useful to leftist projects with respect to determining what soils are, what processes characterise them, and how they relate to us. Examples from urban food production are discussed to illustrate some potential political repercussions of soils knowledge production.
Salvadore is an Associate Professor at the Deparment of Geography, SUNY New Paltz https://faculty.newpaltz.edu/saed/

There are many more listed here with their areas of work, including cities
Soil Care Network — Speakers

This is the workshop announcement which has the speakers above“Rediscovering soils” workshop

Soils are reclaiming their place as the foundation of survival for humans and other than humans on a fragile earth. Relegated to the margins for decades by advances in agro-technologies, today soils are being attended to by farmers, environmentalists, and scientists alike. Diverse groups are reclaiming the importance of ‘dirt’ as the lynchpin of biotic and abiotic processes on which a variety of life depends. Soils are increasingly hailed as key to addressing current challenges to human and ecological flourishing, including agricultural productivity, anti-microbial resistance, climate change and availability and regulation of foundational processes such as clean water and air.

This ‘rediscovery’ of soils calls for a rethinking of conceptual and practical frameworks for knowing and acting in a more-than-human world that goes beyond scientific realms and traditional spaces of soil practices. As a result, scholars are giving renewed attention to soils and their fascinating characteristics: omnipresent but invisible; ancient yet constantly re-made; globally significant yet heterogeneous; mundane yet unknowable; indispensable but de-valued; deeply inter-related with human labour but simultaneously independent of it; kept locally but with global effects.

The workshop “Rediscovering soils: knowledge and care in the worlds of soil” engages with burgeoning scholarly attentions to soils, bridging across disciplinary, theoretical, and empirical boundaries. Bluntly put, none of us can, or should, go at this challenge alone. The current popular attention to soils and the intellectual soil renaissance provide an opportunity to re-address the distribution of expertise and responsibility, and find productive, scientifically robust, intellectually stimulating, and politically relevant ways of acting together. It is vital to build on the intellectual and practical legacy of scholarship in participative and inter-disciplinary ways to maximise the relevance and impact of research on soils in the social sciences, the humanities and natural sciences.

In this spirit, this two-and-a-half-day workshop will bring together a diverse community of established and early career scholars investigating soils from a variety of theoretical and empirical positions. Organised by researchers working across the social sciences and the humanities, this workshop sets soils on the agenda of the social sciences and the humanities, but does so by reaching across the social sciences/natural sciences divide. At the heart of this effort is a desire to establish a constructive, critical, empirically-grounded exchange about soil and scientific practice.

Now I will fess up – I found this because Bruno Latour is one of the keynote speakers


Oh My!……Iran steps it up a notch!


Is the MIC salivating yet? Going forward with the killings, keep stirring it up. USA! USA! USA!


I think that soon things might get out of hand!


Oh Lord. Underneath my amiable banter and going through my chores, I’m feeling indescribably angry and helpless.



Here is the justification for what it is worth.


for what it is worth. wow. self-defense. that is RICH.


How You Can Be Absolutely Certain That Mainstream Media Lies About Everything

Caitlin is talking about the underlying, everyday lies that form the foundation of our “news,” even more than the outright propaganda.

The most damning indictment of the mainstream media is the status quo itself. While the vacuous talking heads on TV tell you which politicians you should vote for or which ones you should have voted for, US policy marches on unchanged regardless of who is in office, with neoliberal domestic policies creating greater and greater wealth inequality while choking Americans to death and incarcerating those who get lost in the shuffle in the largest prison population in the history of civilization, and neoconservative foreign policies pouring unfathomable amounts of money and resources into shoring up an unrivaled empire which stomps into the dust any government which dares oppose it. While they assure you that the greatest threats you should concern yourself with are Islamic terrorists, Russian hackers, the opposing political party and the president’s latest tweet, our species is hurtling toward extinction via climate chaos if these insane escalations between two nuclear superpowers don’t get us killed first. …

If the mainstream media were not lying about everything, the world would look completely different from the way it looks today. People would be using the real, non-imaginary power of their votes to make informed, reality-based choices in their own healthy self-interest to create a government that helps them instead of helping the predatory billionaire owners of multinational corporations and banks. Resources would go toward helping the public instead of going toward corporate welfare, tax breaks for government-buying plutocrats, and the military-industrial complex. America would have the best healthcare system instead of the worst. Both government and citizenry would be using the true information given to them by the media to create a more enjoyable nation to live in.


I wrote a Master’s theses on psycholinguistics. I’m all too familiar with how propaganda has worked throughout the ages. 🙁 Hope you all are enjoying FD. See my digby link? Man, she went ballistic in that column. Agreed with her 1000%.


Another article from Caitlin that is certainly worth reading. Thanks for the link.


Could this be considered as “Fake News”?


I guess it makes a difference depending on the color of your skin.

To early to know the details but it was near a mosque and the driver was white.


There is a difference of opinion in what happened.


This is the Sky News version of the occurrence.

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