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Don midwest
Don midwest

Pentagon classifies fiction
The Iraq War short story classified as a state secret
Major General’s alternate history “How All This Ends: It’s Fourth and Long” is ‘national security’ risk

In a reflective piece of fiction set after the War in Iraq concludes, then-Major General David A. Fastabend outlines a strategy for victory: He said the United States needed bold, decisive moves, a focus on local reconciliation and, perhaps most controversially, a willingness to cut deals with insurgent organizations.

Written in 2007 and set in 2009, it would become a piece of alternative history, a what-could-have-been. And after word of it was spread by Thomas E. Ricks’ book, The Gamble: General Petraeus and the American Military Adventure in Iraq, 2006-2008, its existence was first denied and then its text classified.


The M in MICC has been doing that sort of censorship for a long time. I wouldn’t read neither book but that’s just MO.


Of course, we cut deals with “insurgents” all the time. But reconciliation would be awesome.

It seems that every day, more proof emerges that we have become the oppressor we love to pretend that we fight in the movies. Psyops, banning books….

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