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HomeBernie Sanders6/6 The PS is Coming to the Toddlin’ town, Your Questions for Bernie!
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I really, really wish I was able to make it this year but just couldn’t make it work with my schedule at the moment. I will however be providing a lot of livestreams, video clips and other coverage.

As for Bernie questions… I’ll get back to you before Thursday!After seeing so many rallies, interviews, other appearances, etc.. its hard to think of something original! 🙂


Here’s my question, Benny. Thanks! :

Ajit Pai, who Trump selected as Chair of the FCC, is determined to remove the protections of Title II from what is currently a free and open internet. If he succeeds, it means the FCC will have given “gatekeeper” privileges to Big Cable and Big Telecoms over what is currently free flowing peer to peer movement of data, free of interference, censorship or preferential treatment. Many people are posting comments at the FCC comment page that is critical of this attack on net neutrality. What else can be done to stop this dangerous threat to the democratic free flow of information?