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T and R x 4, jcb!! Thanks for doing the yeoman’s work and opening our Nest for the long Holiday Weekend. 🙂 I haven’t felt rah-rah patriotic for years. For what? A bunch of craporate stupid oligarchs who fund the MICC, and polluting energy sources. The only positive is the James Webb ST’s pic show on 7/12. 🙂 Early in storm season down here. Only positive is we are not in a drought cycle.


Was doing some browsing through old BNRs having a good time reminiscing in comments and came across something about Brock, which led me down a long rabbit hole. Apparently in the emails found on Clintons server he had sent emails about impeaching Thomas..


David Brock, the former conservative author-turned-liberal-media-activist, once defended Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas in The Real Anita Hill. Now it appears Brock, who disavowed his book’s premise back in 2001, is trying to destroy Thomas.

Last night a new batch of emails kept on Hillary Clinton’s private server when she served as secretary of state was released. Among the thousands of emails was a missive written by Brock titled “Memo on Impeaching Clarence Thomas.” The e-mail lists situations where Brock argues evidence was suppressed and a witness was intimidated (by Brock himself) in connection with the nomination hearings for Thomas. From Politico:

The memo also detailed differences between [Lillian] McEwen’s 2010 accounts and Thomas’ testimony in terms of workplace behavior, including incidents in which Thomas remarked on the size of a woman’s breasts or her bra size, as well as making the case for suppression of evidence and intimidating witnesses.

“A fourth woman with knowledge of Thomas’s behavior, Kaye Savage, was first named in a 1994 book Strange Justice by Jill Abramson and Jane Mayer. Savage was a close colleague of Thomas’s and Hill’s in the Reagan Administration. Savage was interviewed by Judiciary Committee staff after she contacted the committee, and a staffer made notes, but she was never called to testify. Her story did not become public until Abramson and Mayer obtained the staff notes and interviewed Savage, who told the authors of visiting Thomas’s apartment during the time Hill was working for Thomas and observing stacks of pornographic magazines and all of the walls of the apartment papered with centerfolds of large-breasted nude women,” Brock wrote.

Yet progressives are lambasted for suggesting the same these days.. by brockites.

Ps, read the Killer Mike article again here…



Many voters are tired of Republicans and Democrats who vote for the same wars, support the same drones that often times kill innocent people, and look the other way when it comes to income inequality. These people will be searching for alternatives to political dynasties and vapid, carefully crafted promises in 2016. They might eventually be searching for the same candidate endorsed by Killer Mike and Americans filling arenas and venues throughout the nation: Senator Bernie Sanders.

In the establishment created absence of candidate sanders, trump instead filled this void.


LD: this is a very bad mindset pattern in our species. It always claws its way to the top. You and JD need to do a quickscan of world history back to the original Dark Ages.


Never been into rap, but there are exceptions. Killer Mike is one of them.



As our experiment in Democracy is heading for for its demise i doubt it will last even in its current form by 2026 the nations 250th birthday. I was fresh out of HS in 1976(Bi centennial) and the country has regessed in so many ways since then. Oh sure we’ve many technological advances in the last 50 years that have benefited us. But in terms of the human condition we are steadily regressing with every decision the USSC makes.Politically it seems that a lot of Americans are way OK with theocratic/Corprate/Fascist govt to replace our current one. What else would you call a party that hell bent on gaining permanent power and full control of the govt,make restrictions to its voters along with the blessings of the highest court in the land?

Should Cult-45 or DeSatan win the presidency in 24, gain full control of all branches of Govt it will be interesting what the new governing body of the US will be called? Politburo is already taken. The first Galatic Empire is out since were not really a space travel species. One thing that may very well happen is that Progressives may have to look at full R controlled Govt and watch SCI-FI become reality.

Senator Padme Amidala utters “so this is how liberty dies, with thunderous applause,” as the intergalactic senate votes unlimited powers to the chief executive. Were dangerously close to this being a reality in the US by 2026′ You can bet that the turtle would expunge that 60 vote threshold for this.

On other websites many plan on flying their flags upside-down this weekend in protest.(they must live in a more liberal area) I thought about it but in a strong Cult -45 town it would lead to damage to my home more than likely. The Mrs. worked hard on her flower garden and i wouldn’t put it past some these crazys to pull out the flowers or worse. Sorry for the pessimism today but needed to vent a little but been a rough week, as the family dog crossed to the rainbow Bridge due to a stroke a few days ago and then the Mrs had out patient surgery so i’ll be taking care of her for a few days nothing serious just recovery pain and will be a little gimpy for a few days. So no, No big plans to celebrate, no fireworks just a day off to reflect on what we once had and are losing step by step.


My fellow Foturist, I have a CVD copy of Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home. I will play it in your honor. 🙂


In call with Biden, Gov. J.B. Pritzker asks for increased federal funding to help states where abortion remains legal

Gov. J.B. Pritzker on Friday urged President Joe Biden to boost federal funding to Illinois and other states where abortion remains legal and to support doctors across the country who provide telehealth services as more states begin restricting access to reproductive health services.

The requests came during a White House call between Biden and Democratic governors one week after the conservative majority of the U.S. Supreme Court overturned the landmark decision in Roe v. Wade that protected access to abortion services for nearly half a century.

A day after R. Kelly’s New York sentencing, judge rules disgraced singer’s Chicago indictment will remain intact

In Illinois, lawmakers are preparing to return to Springfield, possibly as soon as next week, for a special legislative session aimed at strengthening the state’s already formidable protections for abortion access.

Pritzker, who has made abortion a central issue of his reelection bid against ultraconservative Republican state Sen. Darren Bailey of Xenia, also called for a federal reproductive health care “strike force” to review federal rules with an eye toward improving access.

Pritzker did not speak during the portion of the call that was carried on a public livestream, but the governor’s office provided a summary of his remarks.

In a statement after the call, Pritzker spokeswoman Jordan Abudayyeh said the governor “is gratified that President Biden embraced his suggestions, particularly moving forward with a concrete strike force that includes Democratic governors and federal leaders to protect access to safe, legal abortion and reproductive care.”

In his remarks to Pritzker and eight other Democratic governors, Biden said his administration, through the Justice Department and the Food and Drug Administration, will take steps to ensure that people are able to travel across state lines to receive services and will be able to receive abortion medications by mail.

But he also acknowledged limits on his ability to protect access to abortion services given the current composition of Congress, where Democrats hold a slim majority in the House and rely on Vice President Kamala Harris as the deciding vote in an evenly divided Senate.

Biden has called for ending the Senate filibuster to approve a federal law enshrining the protections afforded by Roe, but that move lacks enough support to be carried out. Like Pritzker, he connected the future of abortion access to the outcome of the November election.

“The choice is clear: Either elect federal senators and representatives who will codify Roe, or Republicans who will elect the House and Senate will try to ban abortions nationwide. Nationwide,” Biden said. “This is going to go one way or the other after November.”

Illinois uses state money to pay for abortions for Medicaid patients under a law signed by Pritzker’s predecessor, Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner, because federal law prohibits federal funds from being used.

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Pritzker, in the call with Biden, asked for additional federal funding for clinic upkeep, medical transportation and other expenses that are allowed under federal law. The governor noted that Illinois may soon be the main place to access abortion services for residents in a wide swath of the Midwest and South.

He joined other governors, including New York’s Kathy Hochul, who also is on the ballot this year, in calling for federal facilities on federal land, such as Veterans Affairs hospitals or military bases, to be made available for abortion providers in states where the procedure is banned.

Hochul called the New York legislature into session Thursday, and lawmakers were expected to take the first step toward amending the state’s constitution to protect abortion rights, a process that couldn’t be completed until the 2024 election.

It’s too late for Illinois lawmakers to put a constitutional amendment before voters this fall, so the Democratic-controlled legislature is expected to take more immediate steps when it reconvenes in Springfield this month.

Near the top of the list is expanding the ranks of medical professionals who are able to perform abortions in Illinois.

President Joe Biden hosts a virtual meeting with Democratic governors on the issue of abortion rights on July 1, 2022. (Haiyun Jiang/The New York Times)
Pritzker’s recent trip to New Hampshire added fuel to speculation about a potential presidential bid. The governor, who called for the special session, has positioned himself as a national leader on abortion rights.

In 2019, he signed a measure that enshrined into law abortions as a “fundamental right” for women. The governor last year signed into law a measure that repealed a requirement for abortion providers to notify the parents of minors seeking to terminate a pregnancy.

The measures passed along party lines and Democrats have made clear they will try to leverage the abortion issue going into the November election. Earlier this week, one of the top-ranking House Republicans, Rep. Avery Bourne of Morrisonville, argued that Pritzker and the Democratic legislative majority should move on.

“We’ve got a really broken state government and the fact that this is all they want to focus on shows me this is all they’re going to talk about going into November,” said Bourne, who was the lieutenant governor candidate in Richard Irvin’s unsuccessful bid for governor.

Bailey has said he’d “work to remove taxpayer-funded abortion and restore parental notification” and work with the legislature, civic groups, and nonprofits to support women during and after their pregnancy” and make adoption an easy option. Bailey has said he’s against abortion except in conditions where the life of the mother is in jeopardy.

Pritzker is doing what Biden should be doing: ask for support. Pritzker is likely to win this fall, but he’s taking no chances. Instead, he knows the GOP is making this a red button issue, and Pritzker is trying to turn this into a pink ribbon one. It’s a smart move.


If Gov. Pritzker throws his hat into the POTUS ring, supports M4A, strengthening SS and public schools, declares climate catastrophe a major international emergency of the highest order and rallies our people to fight it, he will not only get my vote; I will also volunteer to work for his campaign down here in Dumbsville!


He’s not MFA I’m pretty certain, but I think he would support executive actions to codify Roe, take cannabis off schedule 1, and expanding medicaid to women who are poor and need to terminate a pregnancy.


The drought-parched West wants to take Mississippi River water? Fat chance! Or is it?

Leave it to the Westerners to come up with solutions to their problems by causing problems for others.

Las Vegas resident Bill Nichols’ June 22 suggestion of diverting Mississippi River water to the Southwest to help solve the Southwest’s drought problem is nothing more than a plan to steal, under federal-government oversight at taxpayers’ expense, water that belongs to the Midwest.

Bill doesn’t say what the Midwesterners who are deprived of this diverted water will do for their water needs. If Bill wants Mississippi River water, let him move to somewhere along the Mississippi. Or install desalinators along the 1,360 miles of Pacific Ocean mainland coastline. There are desalinators that use sun-distillation instead of electricity to produce fresh water, only needing external power for the pumps.

Another sin for Sin City. Think outside the drought, Bill.

Rod Rom, Butler, Missouri

Midwesterners won’t allow West to take Mississippi River water
Regarding the letter by Bill Nichols. Don’t you feel any obligation to educate your readers about how things work? Why was this letter even published? Water rights are a contentious and highly defined area of law

There is no way the states bordering the Mississippi River would allow for the diversion of water to the Colorado River.

Were I Californian, I’d be looking into desalination a lot more, especially in the face of rising sea levels.

Richard Layman, Salt Lake City

A pipeline to the West isn’t such a bad idea
The forest fires in the West continue to burn out of control and increase in scale each year. The water supply situation has dramatically decreased in the western region, increasing the difficulty of fighting the fires as well as supplying water to farms, municipalities, and industry. Nature alone cannot fix this situation. California and other western states are experiencing more and more droughts and reduced winter snows further reducing the needed water.

One possible solution would be to build a pipeline from the Missouri River somewhere between Chamberlain and Yankton, South Dakota, to Poudre Pass Lake in Colorado. Sending water from the Missouri River westward to the beginning of the Colorado River would help parts of the Southwest region meet their increased water needs. The pipeline could also reduce the flooding both along the Missouri and the Mississippi Rver basins that occur quite frequently.

Regulations for when the water could be sent would need to be set up to ensure the plains states are not deprived of their water needs. Every drop sent westward would benefit the regional needs for this precious commodity. The project would also add jobs to the economy.

Paul Marx, West Windsor, New Jersey

Moving water West could help the Mississippi River basin, too
For years I have been promoting the diversion of excess water from the Mississippi River basin. A number of benefits would ensue:

Ocean levels are rising with the Mississippi dumping millions of gallons into the gulf every day; diversion would reduce that amount.
The Mississippi basin faces annual flooding that is catastrophic to millions, including farms.
We have the means to tunnel through mountains where necessary.
Providing water to the southwest could provide a positive impact on climate change
You might note from my name that I am of Dutch heritage and the Dutch know how to manage their limited land resources as well as the real danger of flooding.

The water resources are there; they exist in excess where they are not needed. Perhaps the media can provide focus on a real-life solution that is a win/win for all stakeholders.

WI 64
just my 2 cents- Its worth a look see would have to be well regulated so the Mighty Mississippi doesnt drop water levels to the point it effects local commerce in any way. Whom is going to pay for the aqueducts -about 1800 miles worth. Agressive water restrictions out west would have to go into effect, No green lawns or golf courses anymore to name a couple. Its the price that needs to be paid for the denial of climate change by many states west of the Mississippi. You also have to consider that the Cali valley is a major source of fresh food the the US. With the amount of fresh water that gets dumnped into the Mississippi due to Hurricanes or the storms that happen every year in the midwest its worth a look see. Its the type of project that the US would roll up its sleves and get done- Also Desailination plants need a strong look as well Iseral does use them. With todays political enviroment- good luck. I do know one thing mother nature will force the hand of mankind to put up or become extinct.


I have always wondered about the stupidity of growing water thirsty crops like almonds in a desert (So. CA). Whose greedy dimwitted idea was that? Oh well, what’s done is done. 🙁


Maybe figure a way to replentish the mid wests aquafier which is getting tapped out as well. This country better focusing on its immediate enviromental problems instead of constantly throwing money at the MIC and other craprate welfare that gets recycled to some craprate Exec’s super yahct or 5th summer home


+27. Hope you and yours are having a good holiday, FWIW, my fellow Futurist Progressive friend! 🙂


Its going pretty much as my eariler post,Not even do the usual cookout. One of my sons stopped by and in conversation him and his wife were thinking about a baby, Since RvW was done thier now giving it more thought as shes a type 1 diabetic, which can add complications to a pregnancy according to he DR. They’re concerned about access to an abortion should somethng go wrong,so its a wait and see what they decide.


The GQP might strip search and do a BCS but not in a million years check this


One more