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I’ve figured out the real reason President Donald Trump refuses to wear a coronavirus mask: He realizes that we’d all recognize him as the masked robber who has been moving furtively behind the scenes during the pandemic to rig the rules against workaday folks in order to further enrich corporate elites.

With media attention riveted by COVID-19 body counts and political flare-ups over mask wearing, Trump & Co. have felt free to monkey-wrench labor laws, dynamite environmental regulations, jiggle open the locks on corporate profiteering, manipulate the tax code and generally burglarize our people’s commitment to the Common Good. It’s like Robin Hood and his Merry Band — only in reverse, stealing from the many to give more to the rich few.

They’ve even quietly filched the bulk of the government’s multitrillion-dollar pandemic recovery program, twisting it so severely that it is dramatically increasing wealth inequality. While you might have received a one-time $1,200 relief check from Washington, major corporations have actually been given the keys to the Federal Reserve’s money-printing machine, funneling a long-term giveaway of hundreds of billions of dollars to them.

Also, corporate interests are pocketing untold amounts from several little-reported grant programs and tax breaks discreetly created just for them. For example, mysteriously tucked into Trump’s first rescue package was a $135 billion tax giveaway, specifically designed for such hucksters as giant real estate developers. Like whom? Well, Trump himself and son-in-law Jared Kushner appear to qualify. Just lucky, I guess. Adding to the peculiarity, this handout has nothing to do with helping America recover economically from the pandemic. Rather, it provides retroactive tax breaks on deals developers cut long before this year’s COVID crash. By Jim Hightower

Don midwest
Don midwest

this DK/TOP article was linked on Naked capitalism

report from the ground on Covid 19

ends with truly bad news — especially now that in the last few decades, neo liberal economics has become the new religion

At some point we either beat COVID, or systems will fail.

I keep thinking about the report from the Bank of England. That the COVID19 economic downturn will be a “full collapse” worse than any they have on record. Since 1708. Or longer. They said it with so much certainty. When I wrote my last diary, I sort of … tried to put a positive spin on it.

I am sorry I did that. I should not have. I take back my positive spin.

This is really going to suck. I can’t see it any other way now.

I am probably gonna have some people call me and tell me they are upset that I say such things. I will point out my superpower — if I have one — is looking at technology and figuring out where it is going. COVID19 is a naturally occurring biological technology. I can see where this is going.

So. Here we are. Things are cracking.

If we don’t want it all to break, we need to Pass the Urine Test. Put on a damn mask.

The urine test is a poster at the start of article 1. if pisser has no pants piss on you. 2. if you have pants on less piss on you 3. if they have pants on the piss runs down their leg

Four first hand reports from Real World, Covid19 edition. They do not fit any narrative very well.

article worth reading



Guess she won’t be endorsing Shahid either