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By Razing Khan al-Ahmar, Israel Will Bulldoze Illusions of Peace Process

Israel finally built an access road to the West Bank village of Khan al-Ahmar last week, after half a century of delays. But the only vehicles allowed along it are the bulldozers scheduled to sweep away its 200 inhabitants’ homes.

If one community has come to symbolise the demise of the two-state solution, it is Khan al-Ahmar.

It was for that reason that a posse of European diplomats left their air-conditioned offices late last week to trudge through the hot, dusty hills outside Jerusalem and witness for themselves the preparations for the village’s destruction. That included the Israeli police viciously beating residents and supporters as they tried to block the advance of heavy machinery.

Britain, France, Germany, Italy and Spain have submitted a formal protest. Their denunciations echoed those of more than 70 Democratic lawmakers in Washington in May – a rare example of US politicians showing solidarity with Palestinians.

It would be gratifying to believe that Western governments care about the inhabitants of Khan al-Ahmar – or the thousands of other Palestinians who are being incrementally cleansed by Israel from nearby lands but whose plight has drawn far less attention.

After all, the razing of Khan al-Ahmar and the forcible transfer of its population are war crimes.

But in truth Western politicians are more concerned about propping up the illusion of a peace process that expired many years ago than the long-running abuse of Palestinians under Israeli occupation



Funny guy, serious topic:

Unlike the media, I do want to get into this topic—partially because it’s hugely important and partially because I enjoy doing things that piss off corporate propaganda networks. But first, I think it will behoove us to go through a brief history of the world:

1. Animal evolved into man.
2. Man realized he could eat animal.
3. Man caught and cooked animal.
4. Man began housing animal before eating it so that he could have dinner waiting around whenever he wanted it—“fast food” before cars existed.
5. Man realized he liked the way animal tasted when lightly fried and sprinkled on top of salads, pasta, soups, chocolate, anything.
6. To keep up with demand, man began housing animal in smaller and smaller cages until man had millions of animals on top of each other living their entire lives in the most disgusting, immoral, vomit-inducing manner.
7. Man called anyone who pointed out how awful this is a “pussy.”
8. This was insulting to all animals and all women, and therefore only made man look like a damn idiot.
9. At that point we realized evolution doesn’t always go in a direct line. Sometimes, it forks off into “what the fuck” land.

But I don’t want to make this column about how animal agriculture is the largest cause of greenhouse gas emissions (or No. 2, depending on whom you ask).

It requires the use of more than 190 billion gallons of water daily. Yes, that’s per day.
Or how it requires the use of more than 190 billion gallons of water daily. Yes, that’s per day.

Or how it takes up 55 percent of our fresh water, compared with the only 5 percent used in households.

Or the fact that according to the Georgetown Environmental Law Review, “Ocean dead zones. Fisheries depletion. Species extinction. Deforestation. World hunger. Food safety. Heart disease. Obesity. Diabetes. There is one issue at the heart of all these problems … our demand for and reliance on animal products.”

Or how it creates lagoons filled with millions of tons of feces that in North Carolina the Legislature made sure could legally be sprayed into the air, coating nearby townspeople.

Had to add this one:

These hens have less room than the surface of an iPad to live their entire lives (which I guess makes them similar to humans, since we now live our entire existence on the surface of an iPad.) Point is, next time you’re looking for a good horror movie—something to really make you piss your pants—grab some popcorn, put your arm around your lover and watch undercover videos of factory farming. (Either that or watch Chuck Schumer give a speech and try to force fake compassion from his dead eyes.)

Don midwest
Don midwest

we are the people who could have done major efforts 30 years ago on the climate, but we put it off

now it is probably unstoppable

Bruno Latour argues that The New Climate Regime has been the most important political actor for the last 30 years.

Liberals have not done enough, hence they are illiberal.

3 tweets from this morning from Bruno


Illliberalism is what liberalism becomes when facing the new state of the Earth & yet deciding to do nothing about it. A psychological state of denial that explains the conservative revolution.

5h5 hours ago

The migration question that is engulfing Europe politics is clearly an auto-immune disease (pace Sloterdijk) given the disproportion between the small numbers & the reaction. Migration is a proxy for the dire state of the earth.

‏ 5h5 hours ago

The idea that liberalism will come back after a swing in the other direction is a pipe dream if the present conservative revolution is really a symptom of the denial of the new climatic regime. Both sides ignore what is twisting politics in new ways.

Directly related to this is an article by Kate Arnoff which was first published May 10, 2017 which she tweeted today.

One of the biggest problems with the neoliberal wings of the Democratic Party and the environmental movement is pretty simple: They both could kill us all.

For some time, the two tendencies have run parallel to one another. During the Reagan years, just before Bill Clinton began pushing for welfare reform and expanding the war on drugs, Fred Krupp, CEO of the Environmental Defense Fund, set out to chart his own “third way” for big greens. The “Third Stage,” as he called it, would swap the “relentlessly negative” tone of “polluter-pays” environmentalism for market-based approaches and partnerships with major corporations — fossil fuel companies included.

The strategy caught on, earning him the ears of both Bush administrations and Clinton. Green organizations’ staff in DC ballooned to help lobby and curry favor with politicians. All of a sudden, big business wasn’t the enemy anymore — they were the solution.

When Democrats and mainstream environmentalists tacked rightward in an effort to capture the center, they each lost touch not just with working people, but with the ability to imagine solutions of the scale needed to curb the greatest threat to human existence ever known, climate change. To avert the latter and fight the Trumpian right, each need to shake their enduring faith in the power of free markets.

Rather than Clinton-style market-friendly technocracy, we need an environmentalism that includes redistribution. It’s our only hope for digging out of this mess.

No Third Way for the Planet
An environmentalism that can actually save the planet must do battle with corporations. Mainstream environmental groups have done the opposite.


Sen. Chris Murphy is apparently helping Jahana Hayes in her primary battle against Mary Glassman in CT’s 5th district (mine).

This race is to replace U.S. Rep. Elizabeth Esty, who recently said she would not run for re-elction over a controversy involving her chief of staff.

(Dem Rep. Elizabeth Esty protected a male staffer who threatened to kill a female co-worker)

Drawn to her background as a teacher and woman of color, U. S. Sen. Chris Murphy has boosted the campaign of political newcomer Jahana Hayes, introducing her to influential donors, experienced staff and a good dose of his own advice.

“Part of the reason why I encouraged Jahana to run for Congress is because we don’t have a single nonwhite member of the New England congressional delegation,” Murphy said in an interview Saturday. “I think we are really missing something.”

Support from Murphy, a Democrat with national recognition, a statewide base and deep campaign coffers, is no small thing in the race for the 5th District, a seat he held from 2007 to 2012. Hayes, the 2016 Teacher of the Year from Waterbury, is challenging the endorsed Democratic candidate, Mary Glassman, in a primary for the seat in August.

You may recall that Glassman got the Democratic party endorsement at their convention in May in a close vote in which three votes, that ended up deciding it, switched to Glassman at the last minute in what many people perceived to be a pretty shady move.

Hayes initially had more delegates but after a frantic round of vote-switching through two rounds of balloting, Glassman won by six votes.

So Murphy helping Jahana Hayes is a pretty big deal actually, and I was happy to read about this today!

Hayes has spoken to voters “who have said ‘We are very fond of Chris Murphy and he said we should meet you,’” she said. People who have “good relationships” with Murphy have also hosted fundraisers for her.

Hayes has a fundraiser coming up at an art gallery in Kent. For those of you who don’t know, Kent is a very chi-chi town that includes many prep schools and lots and lots of $$$. Kissinger has a ‘compound’ there for example.

Working Families Party Endorses Jahana Hayes in the 5th District

The Connecticut Working Families Party is strongly backing former National Teacher of the Year Jahana Hayes’ run for Congress in Connecticut’s open 5th District.

Hayes, who has been candid about her struggles growing up in public housing, “can relate to all the people of the 5th District,’’ said Lindsay Farrell, state director of the Wofrking Families party. “Jahana understands that the brightness of our future depends on our priorities now, and she knows that means we must invest in Connecticut’s greatest resource—our people.”

Should be interesting.


Ladies & gentleman, the Washington Post:

I don’t know Kavanaugh the judge. But Kavanaugh the carpool dad is one great guy.

Coach K also is a mentor to student-athletes who love basketball. But his players are sixth-grade girls.

He coaches a 6th grade girls basketball team, and he led them to the trophy! Well then, on to the nomination!!



I totally agree.


He seems to be getting push back from those in the ‘change the dems’ camp of progressives and I sense its irritating him. I think he sincerely believes its the wrong path, but I think his language is not helping his cause, hes trying to demean those who have a different view, not to mention the fact all historical evidence points to him being wrong anyway.

I really like him overall but I think hes becoming stuck and lashing out at those not stuck with him, I dont think thats healthy for what hes trying to achieve or even his show in general. I agree with his premise, but not his manner of presenting it.


he doesn’t look as healthy and content as he has when i’ve seen him in the past. i do really like him.


Honestly I think this is making him sick.

I mean he sees Bernie, BNC, Justice Dems, Our Revolution and even DSA all pushing through the party and I dont think hes begrudging victories so much as seeing it as the same old trap, progressive get absorbed and ignored. So he sees everyone charging headlong into a direction he doesnt think can succeed and I think its making him sick, he seems that passionate of a person.

Though I do feel bad for him i also think hes stuck and not seeing it through, I mean all the historical evidence says 3rd parties never get anywhere but parties have changed internally many times, so odds favor changing a party. When the Repubs took the place of the Whigs the Whigs were completely collapsed and though the Dems are collapsing they still have way too much power.

To me its a win win becasue I think the dems have been most weaken by being exposed and what has exposed them is pushing internally and forcing them to show their true colors. With that in mind I think to turn the Dems into the Whigs the best way is to push through them so they either break or they break themselves in going beyond the pale for self preservation.

This is the best choice path, though it could very well fail, but its still the best first shot and thats the other thing he needs to come to terms with, that at this point now that everyone is pretty much all in, all he can do by being against it is increase its chance of failure. He needs to accept he can be wrong and all these people pushing in one direction might be on to something and even if not they are on his side, misguided or not.

This is the moment all the ‘new party’ progressives need to decide if they want to push against those who have committed to this path through the party and showing success no less, risking their own interests at this point just to be ‘right’, since there are too many entities committed to change now.


Thank you for your thoughtful comments on what for me is a very difficult subject. I tend to find myself looking at the Democratic party more from a DSA viewpoint, so mostly from the outside, but not completely and, using Jamarl’s analogy, very much feel like a battered spouse. But still I’m hanging on by a thread with the hope that Bernie’s longterm strategy will continue to show some results.

I will say, though, that if the party tries to push Kamala Harris, or some other ex-cop, or one of the ex-CIA, ex-military intelligence people they seem very fond of these days, on the country in 2020 I will most probably say see ya, wouldn’t want to be ya, and wish my young relatives good luck.

Right now I’m the battered spouse with pen in hand hovering over the signature line on the divorce papers.


Well said! Will look into if there is a DSA here. I haven’t taken the leap yet, but inching closer every day. (Called elections to see what king of unaffiliated there is….)


There are still a LOT of people who remember the attached screenshot. The party was SO damaged by its All-In-For-Hillary-No-Matter-What strategy in 2016. She starved the state party coffers and she and her operatives behaved anything but ‘Democratic’. And people will never forget that.

Shaun King AP.jpg

Yeah, if I leave I’ll be happy to have TRUE progressives inside, still. And I think most of them respect those of us who’ve already left–in my town, many joined the local OR–not sure if there is a local DSA.

But many who joined the OR are turning out to be defenders of establishment candidates, too, so it’s a weird mish mash. And i do not have much patience for defending Hill (I agree with 80%!) from someone that fooled me into thinking he was a real Berner.


Good one.


Kavanaugh the judge is the dangerous part that worries millions of Americans


I just saw someone on twitter point out:

I can’t think of a worse day for @realDonaldTrump to arrive in England. The entire nation will be depressed and hung-over. And then Trump arrives. #EnglandvCroatia #TrumpUKVisit

Woooof, it’s true. English people in general will NOT be in the mood for Trump’s antics.

Theresa May nervously awaits Donald Trump’s UK arrival

The protests have already begun, police leave has been cancelled, while the prime minister and her foreign secretary are nervously preparing for any potential mishaps, gaffes or insults: Donald Trump is finally arriving in the UK.

Omigod, “nursery-food tastes”:

On Thursday evening at a black-tie business leaders’ dinner at Blenheim Palace, the birthplace of Winston Churchill, Trump will be greeted by military bands and piped out at the end by the Royal Regiment of Scotland.

The next day, following a joint counter-terrorism demonstration by UK and US special forces and talks with May at Chequers, Trump and his wife, Melania, will have tea with the Queen at Windsor Castle, this time serenaded by the band of the Coldstream Guards.

Even the various menus announced in advance are heavily tailored to Trump’s nursery-food tastes, featuring unthreatening dishes such as beef, and hearty puddings of ice cream or lemon meringue pie.


Uh oh

Sanders-backed DNC plan sparks superdelegate revolt

even as the DNC’s Rules and Bylaws Committee moved forward with the proposal Wednesday, superdelegates outside of Washington were beginning to organize opposition ahead of the August vote by the full DNC in Chicago.

“If we don’t have a vote, then what good are we?” said William Owen, a superdelegate and DNC member from Tennessee who has been contacting fellow DNC members ahead of the Chicago gathering, especially in the South. “In Chicago, this will not be rubber stamped.”

Bob Mulholland, a superdelegate and DNC member from California who has been in talks with superdelegates in the West, said, “The more DNC members realize that this so-called reform is to throw them off the floor … I think there will be a lot of complaints in Chicago.”

Invoking unrest at the 1968 Democratic National Convention in Chicago, Mulholland said, “Unfortunately, while the Republicans are winning elections and taking over the Supreme Court, we’ll be in Chicago looking like 1968.”

Ok Mulholland, how about this? How about, hear me out, how about you and your crew don’t make a fuss then?

During the committee meeting Wednesday, Don Fowler, a former DNC chairman and outspoken critic of the rules change, asked, “For what? Why? … Why vote if you can’t affect the outcome?”

Eliminating superdelegate votes on the first ballot, Fowler said, would only increase the likelihood of a convention going to a second ballot, where superdelegates would have their votes restored — potentially weighing in against the top vote-getter on the first ballot.

He described that scenario as a “great horror” that “this party would have a very difficult time surviving.”

Fowler abstained from the committee vote Wednesday but said he will vote against the measure in Chicago.

Oh, the drama! Where’s my fainting couch.



i really like Douche. Thanks to all you twitter types! :O)


LOL “great horror” There’s a few crazy holdouts and Mulholland is a piece of work. The article admits they have no chance. ? Bernie’s side won.

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