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Nancy Pelosi’s renewed attacks on AOC aren’t just disrespectful, they’re dangerous

To begin with, Pelosi’s disparaging remarks about the Squad seemed like they were probably strategic. Now, however, the sustained attacks feel increasingly personal. “When these comments first started, I kind of thought that she was keeping the progressive flank at more of an arm’s distance in order to protect more moderate members, which I understood,” Ocasio-Cortez told the Washington Post on Wednesday. “But the persistent singling out … it got to a point where it was just outright disrespectful … the explicit singling out of newly elected women of color.”

AOC expanded on her comments on Thursday, telling CNN she “absolutely” doesn’t think Pelosi is racist. “It’s really just pointing out the pattern, right? We’re not talking about just progressives, it’s signaling out four individuals. And knowing the media environment that we’re operating in, knowing the amount of death threats that we get … I think it’s just worth asking why.”

As Ocasio-Cortez notes, Pelosi’s attacks aren’t taking place in a bubble; they’re taking place in a media environment where the rightwing have put a target on the Squad’s back. On Tuesday night, for example, Fox host Tucker Carlson launched a racist attack against Omar that could arguably be seen as an incitement to violence against the congresswoman. “[Omar] has undisguised contempt for the United States and for its people,” Carlson told his three million viewers. “That should worry you, and not just because Omar is now a sitting member of Congress. Ilhan Omar is living proof that the way we practice immigration has become dangerous to this country. A system designed to strengthen America is instead undermining it.”

America is becoming an increasingly hostile place for women and for people of color. Pelosi’s constant public attacks against the four newly-elected women of color aren’t just disrespectful, they’re dangerous. Whether she means to or not, her repeated insinuations that the Squad are rabble-rousing upstarts who are undermining the Democratic party helps bolster the right’s vitriolic narratives about the congresswomen. As America grows increasingly brazen in its bigotry, Pelosi should be aggressively standing up for her freshman colleagues, not trying to tear them down. So why isn’t she?

Well, to put it bluntly, I think it’s because she’s terrified of what her progressive colleagues represent. The Squad doesn’t just consist of four people, as Pelosi condescendingly told the Times; it represents the face of a new America. It represents a challenge to the traditional power structure. That doesn’t just scare bigots like Tucker Carlson, it scares the neo-liberal establishment. It scares people who would never call themselves racist (they’d have voted for Obama for a third time if they could have!) but who clearly have a problem with young women of color speaking their mind. It scares people who champion more “diversity” – as long as that diversity keeps its mouth shut or sticks to the party line.

In a press conference on Thursday, Pelosi brushed away questions about her feud with the squad, grandly stating that “Diversity is our strength. Unity is our power.” Is it really? Because I don’t see any diversity or unity from where I’m looking. I just see a lot of old-fashioned hubris.



Showing her senility. She’s wrecking her legacy in the eyes of history. T and R, LD!!


Completing my morning of one liners, I’ll say this: Pelosi is a Nazgûl.


Here’s an eye-opener:


Article is from 2016, but still valid.

Don midwest
Don midwest

Support for Nancy and keeping AOC and others down

About that AOC problem . . .

Jenifer Rubin in WAPO makes no secret of her column in the first linrs

There is a moment when the boss or the parent or chaperones realizes, “We’re in charge! The inmates/employees/children don’t get to make the rules around here.” And, by the way, “Clean up your language — show some respect!

Don midwest
Don midwest

a magazine and a movement

Good Trouble Mag .org


The publication and activism from visual artists who started it, but builds on many other sources and movements like a film about conditions in US detention center


GOOD TROUBLE celebrates the culture of resistance, publishing stories from the intersection of arts and culture with politics and protest.

GOOD TROUBLE is a digital publication about the movements standing up and fighting for a better world. It looks through the lens of arts and culture at the stories of individuals and groups around the world pushing for equality, liberty, justice and climate sustainability. It celebrates resistance with all its beauty, humour and contradictions, because life is messy and serious business can be fun.

GOOD TROUBLE is a cultural hub sharing interviews, stories, photos, features, art, documentaries, music and DIY projects – original, commissioned, edited and open to submissions. The site will also connect people to resources, communities, further information and established campaigning organisations.

GOOD TROUBLE is about exploring, connecting, and using the power of stories to help build networks and amplify voices. It will be a process of discovery, experimentation, learning and probably a few mistakes along the way. If recent years have been defined by clickbait, echo chambers, propaganda and the collapse of truth, then maybe the future needs to be about being smaller, direct, DIY and authentic.
As the good Congressman and veteran civil rights leader John Lewis put it, it’s time for us all to make some ‘good trouble’. Let’s CELEBRATE the culture of resistance.

Here one page, an interview but if you scroll down you can see the photos of destruction of the earth.


Don midwest
Don midwest

Are banks sources for risk of entire global economy?

The HBO series Chernobyl wasn’t about the dangers of nuclear power but rather the ability of societies at large to lie, obfuscate, conceal and pass off individual responsibility to create huge “mistakes”. The collapse of the Soviet Union was due to this cascade of lies, that its economic and social system was literally built on sand and the “meltdown” was just a plain admission by Gorbachev and others that Stalinism and the perversions he created was all a lie.

Luckily, this can’t happen in the West. Can it? We’ve never seen a whole swathe of society lie, defraud, or pass off individual responsibility to create a “big short” have we?

A system that may well be as perverted as communism is the rocky “foundation” of capitalism itself – the financial sector. And the near capitulation of one of its many tentacles this past week, Deutsche Bank, has echoes of Bear Stearns demise twelve years ago.

the article goes on

Robert Gottliebsen has a very good take on DB here at The Oz:

What happened to Deutsche Bank is yet another example of the inability of large companies and government organisations to admit huge errors.

Despite what is taught at management schools around the world, in most countries, especially outside the US and including Australia, when executives see a disaster that will cost them their job they do not confess. Instead they hold back, often looking for another job.

In the case of Deutsche Bank, concealment virtually destroyed the bank and Germany’s hopes of being a global financial player to rival London and New York.

The culture of concealment starts in middle management but often goes to the top.

Deutsche Bank Highlights a Society at Risk

Don midwest
Don midwest

financial derivatives could take down the global economy

from the web

A derivative is a contract between two or more parties whose value is based on an agreed-upon underlying financial asset (like a security) or set of assets (like an index). Common underlying instruments include bonds, commodities, currencies, interest rates, market indexes, and stocks.

well, what is the dollars involved

According to the most recent data from the Bank for International Settlements (BIS), the total notional amounts outstanding for contracts in the derivatives market is an estimated $542.4 trillion. But the gross market value of all contracts to be significantly less: approximately $12.7 trillion.Jun 6, 2018

reason for this comment is an article yesterday

Following Deutsche Bank’s News, Every Major Wall Street Bank Closed in the Red Yesterday

Deutsche Bank is widely known to be a major derivatives counterparty – meaning its fate could have a spillover effect on other major banks which have taken the opposite sides of its derivatives trades. Notably, every major Wall Street bank closed in the red yesterday with two, Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs, outpacing the herd in losses. Morgan Stanley closed down 1.63 percent while Goldman Sachs declined 1.03 percent. Other big names were down less than 1 percent with JPMorgan Chase losing 0.55 percent; Citigroup shedding 0.38 percent and Bank of America giving up 0.21 percent. One of the big U.S. insurers that is known to be exposed to bank derivatives, Prudential Financial, saw its share price decline by 0.85 percent yesterday.


It damn near took down the most powerful economy in the world in 2008, if it happens again no bail out will save it this time,as world finance’s are so intermingled now it just wont be the US that crashes– It will be a domino effect.


Good luck Meeks. Will Pelosi call out the aide attacking AOC?


The Democrats’ D.C. brawl is turning into a Queens street fight.

Rep. Greg Meeks warned fellow Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to back off on her racially tinged feud with Democratic leaders — or face a battle for her own political life.

“If they want to come after members of the Black Caucus, it’s two ways,” Meeks, who is also the Queens Democratic party boss, told The Hill.

Establishment-backed black and Latino lawmakers are siding with Pelosi in the spat. They warned AOC against trying to “play the race card” against Democratic leaders like Pelosi.

One top Democratic aide trashed Ocasio-Cortez for only being a “woman of color when it’s convenient.”

“Her group is funded only by elitist white liberals. She’s a puppet,” the top Democratic aide said.


“She’s a puppet”? That sounds like the sort of thing you’d read on Breitbart. Seriously.

My brainwashed brother said this to me a few months ago (he reads that awful right-wing media):

“Ocasio Cortez was (part of) a casting call of thousands of people..and she’s basically a puppet actor”

That anonymous Dem aide literally just spouted a right wing conspiracy theory. I sure wish people would call out crap like that.


Posting this for the charts at 1:33 and 2:18. The video also talks about videos being demonetized and people being unsubscribed from channels. Jimmy Dore has been talking about this for quite some time now.

In the future, it is only going to get harder for our voices to be heard unless we can get progressives in power to start breaking up the information monopolies.


Kamala has Nancy’s back


Sen. Kamala D. Harris defended House Speaker Nancy Pelosi in an interview that aired Friday, saying she has found her fellow California Democrat to be “very respectful of women of color,” an assessment at odds with comments earlier this week by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.).

During an appearance on the New York-based radio show “The Breakfast Club,” Harris was asked about Ocasio-Cortez’s assertion in a Washington Post interview that Pelosi had been “just outright disrespectful” with “the explicit singling out of newly elected women of color.”

“That’s not my experience with Nancy Pelosi,” said Harris, a Democratic presidential primary hopeful. “And I’ve known her and worked with her for years. I’ve known her to be very respectful of women of color and very supportive of them.”

Don midwest
Don midwest

wow, another dem going for Trump support!

gotta have Trump support for the magic of bipartisanship

(end of snark: goal is to defeat repubs, not work with them. )

Don midwest
Don midwest

Trump comes to Pelosi’s defense, calls Ocasio-Cortez criticism ‘a disgrace

go for it Nancy!!!

with support from Trump, what can go wrong!!!

what else can you do to get Trump support beside wall support!!!!!

well, there is defense budget support!!!!!!!!!!!!

President Donald Trump on Friday came to Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s defense, saying freshman progressives such as Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ilhan Omar are being “disrespectful” for insinuating she’s singling them out because they’re “women of color.”

The clash of wills between House Democratic leaders and the caucus’ progressive wing emerged two weeks ago over a border funding package that rankled House progressives, who claimed the bill did not do enough to protect migrants.


Without naming names: The Ugly point their fingers at the Exceptional so they can be dismantled and absorbed into the collective.




When I was a teenager, many moons ago, I attached a dynamo to my bicycle tire that ran my bike light.

But, tbh, the friction made it harder to ride my bike so I often moved it off my tire.

Am reading up on it now-looks like they now attach the dynamo to the hub of the bike wheel.

A dynamo is an energy-generating hub built into the front wheel of a bicycle that typically powers lights. Dynamos can also power USB ports and all manner of fun things, if you’re interested.

Early dynamos were tire-driven, resembling small bottles mounted to a bicycle’s fork and turned by the tire or rim as it moved past. Between World War I and II, English bicycle component manufacturer Sturmey Archer first popularized the Dynohub, moving the generator inside the hub of the front wheel. This alleviated inefficiencies of the tire-driven bottle dynamo, like premature tire wear, drag, and erratic engagement in wet conditions. Tire-driven bottle dynamos are still manufactured today, though most modern models are hub-based.


Yep had one of those gadgets 🙂




Don midwest
Don midwest

yep the establishment





Coming from one of the Hilbots biggest enemies. PERFECT!


They just tweeted that they would announce 65k donations this eve at 7pm.

I hope everybody has seen the video of Mike denouncing Biden to his face at the 2008 debate. Biden is speechless, because there’s really nothing he can say.


Nancy Pelosi Scolds Progressives for Mean Tweets About Corporate Democrats




They Live!


correct, a “B’ Movie from the 80s



Yeah, like they would listen to us on who to nominate. LMAO.



Note to Biden:



President Trump: “The wall is being built. The wall is being built. We had a couple of very good decisions. We had one bad decision. It’s very tough. Again Paul Ryan let us down. Paul Ryan was a terrible Speaker frankly. He was a baby. He didn’t know what the hell he was doing.”


You know, I used to keep my mouth shut about climate change because I didn’t want to depress people. But there’s no time for that any more, and I like this guy’s suggestion.


Ecuador tribe wins legal battle over the Amazon

BOGOTA (Thomson Reuters Foundation) – A court in Ecuador has upheld a ruling that prevents the government from selling land in the Amazon rainforest to oil companies, a move activists called a historic win for the Waorani indigenous tribe living there.

This victory is for my ancestors. It’s for our forest and future generations. And it’s for the whole world,” said Nemonte Nenquimo, president of the Waorani Pastaza Organization on Friday.

The ruling could set a precedent for other tribes opposed to drilling, campaigners said.

This week’s ruling protects half a million acres of land in the Amazon forest on which the Waorani have lived for centuries from being earmarked for oil drilling, campaigners said.

The head of Amazon Frontlines Mitch Anderson said the win “shows once again that the fate of the Amazon rainforest, and consequently our climate, hinges on whether or not indigenous people can continue to protect their rainforest territories and cultures”.

There is some vague language regarding the ‘consultation process’ that worries me (Trudeau in Canada got away with claiming to consult with the First Nations tribes in Canada then totally ignoring their wishes) but still good news!



For the economics wonks here (or pass it along to someone who is):

How to Pay for It All: An Option the Candidates Missed

The Democratic Party has clearly swung to the progressive left, with candidates in the first round of presidential debates coming up with one program after another to help the poor, the disadvantaged and the struggling middle class. Proposals ranged from a Universal Basic Income to Medicare for All to a Green New Deal to student debt forgiveness and free college tuition. The problem, as Stuart Varney observed on FOX Business, was that no one had a viable way to pay for it all without raising taxes or taking from other programs, a hard sell to voters. If robbing Peter to pay Paul is the only alternative, the proposals will go the way of Trump’s trillion dollar infrastructure bill for lack of funding.

Fortunately there is another alternative, one that no one seems to be talking about – at least no one on the presidential candidates’ stage. In Japan, it is a hot topic; and in China, it is evidently taken for granted: the government can generate the money it needs simply by creating it on the books of its own banks. Leaders in China and Japan recognize that stimulating the economy is not a zero-sum game in which funds are just shuffled from one pot to another. To grow the economy and increase GDP, demand (money) must go up along with supply. New money needs to be added to the system; and that is what China and Japan have been doing, very successfully.


Lots here I didn’t know, e.g., it cleared up my confusion on what Medicare Advantage is. It also explains just why people opt in for MediGap insurance and how the Republicans (with the help of Democrats) are chipping away at Medicare.


This is a brilliant explanation of stuff I only thought I knew. OMG Lots to think about.


Some beautiful progressive smiles right here.


An evening open thread has been posted.

Feel free to join in.

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