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Don midwest
Don midwest

Live ON the Earth


Live FROM the earth

article on Vietnam

Two decades later, Vietnam has become one of the most comfortable countries in Asia. A place where millions of Westerners would love to live.

Its quality of life is growing continually. Its socialist model and central planning are clearly successful. Vietnam feels like China, some twenty years ago. There are tremendous promenades in the cities of Hue and Danang, there is the construction of modern public transportation networks, as well as sports facilities. All this is in stark contrast to the extreme capitalist gloom of countries like Indonesia, even Thailand. Vietnamese people count on constantly improving sanitation, medical care, education and cultural life. With a relatively small budget, the country is often on par with much richer nations in Asia and the world.

the neo liberal and anti communist attempts to “fix” it failed

A massive attempt by the United States and Europe to derail the socialist system, using Western-sponsored NGO’s and individuals inside the country, was identified and decisively defeated. Pro-Communist and pro-Chinese factions inside the government and the Party have overpowered those who were trying to derail Vietnam, pushing it towards the West.

According to the Southeast Asian Globe report, published on 1 October 2018:

Vietnam performed the best of 151 countries in a study that assessed quality of life versus environmental sustainability.

excellent, short article

they conquered Covid 19

The Tremendous but “Secret” Success of Socialist Vietnam

the contrast of living ON earth vs living FROM earth is being used by Bruno Latour to describe what is involved in facing Gaia. He says that there is no guarantee that earthbounds (a term for us humans) will make the necessary changes. He uses the term Terrestrial to make politics an essential part or the return to earth, to The Critical Zone, the onion skin a few kilometers down and up into the atmosphere, the zone where all life has always been. We are inside the critical zone. There is no outside.

Don midwest
Don midwest

how are they doing on Covid 19?

from the article

At the end of May 2020, when this essay was being written, the Socialist Republic of Vietnam with 95.5 million inhabitants, has registered only 327 infections and zero deaths, according to data provided by Johns Hopkins University.

I just looked it up. HUGE increase!! Can’t even do statistics when going from 0 (the number zero) to 1! They now have 1 death!!! Look at that huge increase!!! and the number of infections are now at 373 for the entire country!!

Heck in the good old USA, Florida itself had more infections than many countries in the world, and the US continued to lead in the number of cases per day and in deaths. GO FOR IT USA!


Not worth commenting on if you are a long time disgusted Yank.😡


T and R, Ms. Benny!!😊🕊 Man, the orange maggot and cabal are doing their idiotic greedball best to get Byedone elected!


The world is undergoing a transformation, and it’s taking us in a direction that none of us can predict, because we can only see what we can see. Maybe relax as much as you can and try to enjoy this weird and exhilarating tumble from the unseen into the seen, from unconsciousness into consciousness.





No Democratic presidential nominee has ever assembled a more progressive campaign website than Joe Biden. Blue America’s presumptive standard-bearer has endorsed an expansion of collective-bargaining rights that drastically increases labor’s leverage over capital. He’s called for waging war on exclusionary zoning, and making Section 8 housing assistance an entitlement program that would be available to all Americans whose material circumstances qualify them for aid — policies that meaningfully reduce housing segregation and slash child poverty by more than a third. Biden has proposed making public college free for most Americans, tripling federal funding for low-income school districts, raising the federal minimum wage, and making Washington, D.C., a state.

But a campaign website promise is worth about as much as a verbal IOU from a miserly amnesiac. America’s veto-point laden legislative system, polarized politics, and right-leaning Senate map all make passing laws exceptionally difficult. Even when a single political party manages to secure control of the presidency and both houses of Congress, it typically struggles to pass more than one piece of big-ticket legislation. Biden can tell the AFL-CIO that he wants to legalize secondary boycotts or put workers on corporate boards or devolve all political power to workers’ councils — once in power, all he needs to do to renege on such promises is point to Joe Manchin and throw up his hands. Which is to say, expressing support for a policy means little, absent a commitment to prioritize its passage once in office.

For this reason, the most encouraging aspect of Biden’s new climate plan is that it is also his plan for economic recovery.

During the 2020 primary, Biden called for spending $1.7 trillion on renewables, energy-efficient infrastructure, and research and development on a wide range of “moon shot” green technologies, among other projects. His plan also aimed to achieve net-zero greenhouse emissions by 2050 through the establishment of an “enforcement mechanism” (ostensibly, some kind of carbon tax) that would ratchet up until CO2 emissions fell to a level consistent with that goal. This was an order of magnitude more ambitious than any policy Democrats had entertained four years earlier, but still exponentially less ambitious than a rational and humane response to the climate crisis would require.

But that was the primary. Now that Biden’s secured the nomination, he’s walking back that proposal — and pivoting to the left.

On Tuesday, the presumptive Democratic nominee unveiled a new climate policy, informed by the work of the Biden-Sanders unity task force. Now, instead of investing $1.7 trillion over ten years, Biden calls for getting $2 trillion out the door in just four. As for zero-emissions targets, 2050 is so January 2020; today, Biden wants America to run on 100 percent clean electricity by 2035.

The new policy would spread $2 trillion across a wide range of initiatives, including revamping the nation’s infrastructure, upgrading and weatherizing millions of buildings, providing every major U.S. city with “high-quality, zero-emissions” public transit, constructing 1.5 million ecofriendly affordable-housing units, subsidizing the growth of America’s electric-car industry, and creating a climate conservation corps to clean up abandoned gas wells and other ecological blights. This is not the Green New Deal (GND) as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez conceived it; her version included Medicare for All and a federal jobs guarantee. But it is remarkably close to the narrower version of the GND outlined by the progressive think tank Data for Progress in September 2018.

All this would mean little in the absence of indications that Biden views his climate policy as a governing priority, rather than a mere campaign ploy. But there are two reasons to believe that he sees it as the former. First, there is the policy’s timing. We aren’t in the heat of a primary in which Biden is jockeying for the support of progressive interest groups. We’re in the general election. And, as recent polling from the New York Times demonstrates, from a purely political perspective, Biden has no real need to shore up his left flank. Former supporters of Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren are nearly unanimous in their backing of the Democratic nominee over Trump. Meanwhile, due to the president’s bungling of the pandemic, Biden has opened up a nearly double-digit lead in national polls. To the extent that Biden regards this lead as insufficient, he has about as much incentive to water down his policy program in the hopes of flipping disaffected Republicans as he does in shrinking the distance between his platform and Bernie Sanders’s. It is true that many aspects of Biden’s new policy enjoy broad popularity. But the number of U.S. voters who pay close enough attention to climate policy to discern the distinctions between Biden’s new plan and his old one — and who were unwilling to support a Democratic nominee with a $1.7 trillion climate plan, but will support one with a $2 trillion plan — is almost certainly miniscule. There just isn’t much reason for Biden to adopt this policy if he doesn’t genuinely wish to enact it.

Secondly, and more important, Biden’s vow to spend $2 trillion in four years doesn’t just represent a more substantively ambitious response to the climate crisis — it also establishes massive green investment as the cornerstone of his vision for economic recovery. The aim of rapidly dispensing these funds is as much Kenyesian as ecological: The point is to replace depressed private-sector demand for capital and labor with public investment in a sustainable future.


Yeah, but there are a lot of progressives like me who aren’t buying the Byedone TINA noize.


There’s still the corporate Dems to deal with though.


Former Vice President Joe Biden opened the door to throwing his support behind nixing the 60-vote legislative filibuster, an idea that has reemerged as Democrats appear within striking distance of the Senate majority.

Biden, in comments reported by The Washington Post and The New York Times, indicated that his decision would depend on whether Republicans would be willing to cut deals or would try to block Democratic proposals.

“I think it’s gonna depend on how obstreperous they become,” he said, referring to Republicans.

Biden added that he had “not supported the elimination of the filibuster … but I think you have to just take a look at it.”

Spokespeople for Biden didn’t immediately respond to a question about the remarks.

Senate Democrats are under growing pressure from progressives, outside groups and some within their own caucus to eliminate the 60-vote legislative filibuster if they win back the majority in November.


you know why i hate this. we have n leverage when the tide turns.

duking it out on the floor is great for democracy. if it’s right, the public will rally.


Give me a break. The FRight GOPukes in the Senate are “obstreperous” according to Joe? Gag me with a spoon.




The Trump White House is publicly advocating a massive tax cut for wealthy U.S. investors while simultaneously urging Congress to pare back the expanded unemployment benefits currently serving as a financial lifeline for more than 30 million—and counting—jobless Americans.

In an interview on Fox Business Monday, White House economic adviser Larry Kudlow said President Donald Trump wants included in the next Covid-19 stimulus package “a payroll tax holiday”—which critics warn is a stealth attack on Social Security—and a reduction in the capital gains tax.

A levy on profits from the sale of assets, the capital gains tax disproportionately affects the wealthy and most of the benefits of any cut would largely be enjoyed by rich investors.

Slashing the capital gains tax is a longtime goal of congressional Republicans and Trump, who last year considered but ultimately abandoned a legally dubious plan to lower the tax with an executive order.

While stressing that formal talks with Congress on the next stimulus package have not yet begun, Kudlow said the administration is also pushing for “reforms” to the $600-per-week boost in unemployment insurance (UI) payments, which he characterized as excessively generous “disincentives” to work.

The benefits are set to expire at the end of the month without action from Congress.

“So the White House position is that we have to cut the incomes of 30 million people who lost their jobs or who lost hours, while also giving a giant tax cut to the biggest corporations and the richest people in the world,” tweeted Michael Linden, executive director of the Groundwork Collaborative, a progressive think tank.

“Regarding the ‘capital gains holiday,’ remember this key stat: 82% of all capital gains tax is paid by the richest 1%,” Linden added. “A capital gains tax holiday is a pure giveaway to the rich.”