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When U.S. Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand headed to Flint on Friday, it became another appearance in a continuous stream of national attention from presidential candidates.

The beleaguered city has become a must-see destination for politicians, candidates and elected officials as they develop messages about the environment, water quality and urban policy.

Nearly all of the Democratic candidates for president have addressed Flint in some fashion, either through congressional speeches, social media mentions or actual visits to the city that has become the poster child for government failure.

Flint’s residents and officials, however, want to make sure that the city’s public health crisis, caused by lead contamination in the city’s water system, isn’t merely a convenient backdrop for ambitious politicians.

Don midwest
Don midwest


Meanwhile, Pramila Jayapal quietly works for her constituents. She is slowly gaining respect, admiration and power. T and R, LD!! Mr. orl really likes AOC; said she could be POTUS one day. 🙂

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